The People's Chemist

If you have bad knees, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is the last thing you should ever be doing! But, what happens if you love it!? Some people let their limitations… read more »

Prescription drug commercials (AKA “ads of doom”) are always the same: a mini-saga highlighting a victim of disease…followed by DRUGS being positioned as the only possible hero. Drugs purported to… read more »

The People’s Chemist answers what is the best options in skin care and suntan oil. In this video he talks about Kukui Oil: a $5 a month option that can… read more »

The People’s Chemist talks fat loss tips!

For 3 weeks my wife, Lea-Ann, and I were on high alert for the home birth of our third child. I tiptoed on eggshells the entire time. Every time my… read more »

Learn more about hawthorn and how to ward off unruly blood clots by clicking here.

Pictures showing a very pregnant Lea-Ann Ellison lifting what looked like a significant amount of weight just a couple of weeks before her due date caused the stir. Lea-Ann Ellison… read more »

Following doctor’s orders has become synonymous with danger. In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I documented that every year, FDA- approved drugs kill twice as many people as the total… read more »

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