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Looking for an energy drink that won’t kill you? Use the recommendation mentioned in this video!

I’ll only eat it “if I’m sleeping with the cook.” I avoid most restaurants as well as food that comes out of a box or window. Hence, my wife cooks… read more »

Chemist highlights best natural sunscreen he found in a local hippie shop.

Stop poisoning your kids with over-the-counter cough syrup! The People’s Chemist highlights safe and effective cough syrup alternative.

The People’s Chemist highlights best water filter when you need one… otherwise, spring water and reverse osmosis are best.

Most every drug sold today has a safer, natural-based predecessor. That single fact inspired me to write Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. And ever since, readers have been enjoying inexpensive, natural medicine… read more »

I’m sick of seeing the same damn poison on the shelf of every gym I go to… As a private pilot, I travel a lot. And no matter where I… read more »

Nothing ages you faster than sugar, nothing! If you want to slow the aging process, you have to curb your sugar consumption to 10 pounds per year (most of you… read more »

Historical ad reads: “Heroin. For non-addictive relief from the cough.” Since the early 1900’s the drug industry has been saying whatever-the-hell they want in order to get us hooked on… read more »

I just had a great idea, which doesn’t happen often. The last time it did, I was leaving a bar after a couple shots of tequila. True story… Walking out,… read more »

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