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Historical ad reads: “Heroin. For non-addictive relief from the cough.” Since the early 1900’s the drug industry has been saying whatever-the-hell they want in order to get us hooked on… read more »

The two-time Emmy® Award-winning, critically acclaimed and nationally syndicated “The Dr. Oz Show” has begun its fourth season. What are you hoping to see?

Dan Brown, Rocket Scientist: “Fat ladies in the audience getting aroused and slippin’ out of their chairs when he tells them, ‘Big Pharma discovered a gene that causes you to eat too fucking much.'”

Mary Smith, Nice Old Lady: “Dr. Drew snorting antidepressants. Maybe the audience can guess how long it will take for him to go into a violent, suicidal frenzy. The winner takes home all the cash he got paid by Glaxo to promote SSRI’s.”

Marcy White, Stripper: “Dr. Oz eating food prepared by “Paula ‘I have Diabeedus’ Dean” and watching him become diabetic before the next commercial break.”

It started last night at Corkbar, an over priced, non-organic wine bar that has great food, in tiny portions. Sipping away the dollars and hours, my wife and I made… read more »

If you post a picture of shoes on my Facebook wall, you’re annoying. If you’re behind me at a red light and honk the instant it turns green, you’re also… read more »

The vitamin industry cannot be taken seriously. The well-known Vitamin D Council proves this. Their ability to shove falsified science down the throats of unsuspecting consumers makes even the most… read more »

Thumbing the remote looking for UFC, I came across something appalling – more so than watching grown men bash each other’s skulls in. It almost made me gnaw into my… read more »

In a recent article for Early to Rise, popular science writer Loren Cordain, Ph.D (false Paleolithic Diet promoter) once again asserts that, “In the 1950s, when scientists were first unraveling… read more »

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