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I Kept This a Secret for 10 Years

Bill from Vegas emailed me to say, “I purchased The AM PM Fat Loss Discovery. Been faithful to the program for 14 days (exercising 5 days per week). Eating 3 balanced meals per day and have not lost even a fraction of a pound. The plan may work for some, but does not seem to work for me. Please process my refund.”

Bill, give me a fucking break…

First of all, the AM-PM Fat Loss program says NOTHING about “balanced meals.” Nor does it say to exercise “5 days per week.” If you’d read the book that came with the program, you’d see that I never said to do that.

But that’s not why I’m writing this email…

Thousands of people have successfully used my AM-PM Fat Loss program to lose weight, reverse diabetes and to live young! (See They read the book and did what it said to do!

Do you have a need to be “special,” Bill?

Look, for me it’s not about the money. Handing out a few hundred dollars for a refund wouldn’t crush me monetarily. I never went into business solely for the money.

If I did, I’d be a pro-vaccine, pro-statin chemist…embezzling millions from clueless consumers by pushing risky meds onto everyone…like the drug industry and doctors do daily.

It’d be an instant ride to the “top.” I wouldn’t be telling CNN and Dr. Oz to fuck off. I’d be giving pharmaceutical fellatio all the way to the bank.

Fuck that. I’m not that person.

In fact, I wasn’t always profitable in my business. After quitting my high-paying job as a bench chemist for Big Pharma, I couldn’t even afford a shirt and tie from Walmart!

I haven’t told this to anyone in 10 years…

After I quit Pharma, to cover basic expenses, I was hired as a freelance writer. My work exposed how the U.S. government colluded with Big Pharma to hook everyone on meds. My client wanted a professional pic of me wearing a nice shirt and tie. I didn’t own either of those.

I could have dug up a million excuses not to follow through on their request.

Instead, I went to Walmart and found a shirt-and-tie package that cost $10. That was almost 20% of my day’s income. Plus, I needed to pay Walmart Photography to take my picture.

I simply couldn’t afford it. I decided to “borrow” the shirt and tie.

I tore into the package. Hid the plastic. Put the shirt on, tucked it in, and slapped on the tie. Walked straight to the photo booth, while bypassing the cashier. Acted as if I was sporting my own custom suit.

“Say cheese,” the photographer said.

Within minutes, I had my professional photos on a disk, ready to go.

I promptly went back to the shelf to return my borrowed “suit.” I retrieved the plastic wrap. Stripped everything off. Put my t-shirt back on.

And bam — security caught me red-handed, stealing $10 worth of merchandise.

I froze in humiliation.

Never say die.

Using my gift of gab, I explained the situation. Since I’d never left the store with the package, we all agreed that technically, it wasn’t theft.

They had mercy on me. I was escorted out a free man.

On that day, I vowed to use my background as a chemist to produce effective, safe products that have measurable results. I started The People’s Chemist. I was determined to grow the business, while NEVER compromising quality or safety. This way, I could help as many people on the planet as possible (even if a few of them turned out to be morons).

It was never just about the money.

That night, I was up until 4 in the morning writing. Eventually the AM-PM Fat Loss Discovery was born (see

Still, that’s not why I’m writing this email.

I’ve never stopped writing. Among a sea of deceitful, brown-nosing, misinformed frauds known as Big Pharma — and pretty much the entire supplement industry — I’ve always kept it real. I’ve always focused on delivering measurable results.

Admittedly, I swear too much, am offensive, and sometimes bring not-very-funny jokes. My straightforward commentary distinguishes me from those who publish pious fluffery, stuffy biobabble, and politically correct garbage.

I took the harder, solo road — cause I knew my work would someday trump fraudulent pharmaceuticals and vitamin flim-flam.

Still though, the cretinous masses continue to remain hooked on picture-perfect narratives that insist on “quick fixes.”

What the fuck did Bill from Vegas expect to happen in 14 days? Did he become obese in 14 days?

His complaint is all too reflective of the public’s attitude of laziness and entitlement. Most people expect their body (a complex machine consisting of approximately 100 trillion cells) to magically heal itself by popping a pill. Or worse, they expect to suddenly look good naked by following BS catch phrase diets like “balanced meals,” “clean eating,” “gluten-free,” or “Paleo.” They live and die by this BS gospel.

From once being a nation that led the world in science, medicine, and disease prevention, America has descended into a pit of instant gratification, pill-worship, and wishful thinking when it comes to medicine.

These are the same idiots who eat “Paleo cookies.” They’d eat gluten-free gluten if it existed. They wear Blue Blocker sunglasses in a ridiculous attempt to optimize their sleep. They choke down synthetic vitamin D pills as though they were Pez candies. They bitch about their thyroid, begging their doctor for more meds. They have their stomachs sliced out of their bodies, so they can “lose weight.” They refuse to stop eating so fucking much.

…Then they demand refunds because a 90-day program — requiring a brain cell, an ability to read, and a willingness to learn and follow 6 habits to truly master their hormones — doesn’t work in 14 days.

Bill, fuck your refund. THAT’S what I wanted to say in this email!

Would you rather lose the dead weight? Or get your money back and spend it on a month’s worth of Unicorn Frappuccinos?

Even if God himself offered you the perfect weight loss program, you’d probably still find something to complain about!

I suspect Bill doesn’t want to hear the truth. The truth is that doesn’t fail. Only people do. (If the program failed even ONCE, I wouldn’t be fucking selling it! Duh!)

My program doesn’t promise results in 14 days. It promises results in 90 days.

People who use AM PM Fat Loss as intended get their hormones, weight, and entire life in check, courtesy of the program’s ability to help them master their own physique.

The illogical Bills of the world try to castrate me with refund requests and hate mail. I move on with a sense of duty, knowing that the frauds of the vitamin world and warmongers of Big Pharma will never be able to compete with me.

While they dominate the media and Internet like a clawed mutant, hypnotizing more and more people with every pharmaceutically-funded commercial and Wall Street investor — I remain victorious on the battlefield of right and wrong.

Over the past 10 years, my dedication to helping people lose weight has taken me and my family from broke to thriving.

Thanks to AM PM Fat Loss’s wild effectiveness and safety, today I can afford to buy all the shirts and ties I want. (But truthfully, I’m more of a white T-shirt guy…in a custom made, bought and paid for, 2017 Range Rover TD6.)

If you’re done tolerating excess weight, excuses, and complaining — and you’re willing to follow simple instructions — then AM PM Fat Loss is for you!

Take charge of your weight by ordering

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist

P.S. Stop being a slave to your own fat. AM PM Fat Loss Discovery is designed to FREE people from dead weight. (But it doesn’t work if you don’t read and follow the instructions!)

If you can read instructions, get started now at

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