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5 Holiday Tricks to Ward Off Belly Fat

Holiday weight gain is no joke. Not only do we pack on extra belly fat, but our blood sugar skyrockets, putting us at risk for type II diabetes, cancer and premature aging. The New England Journal of Medicine found that despite post-holiday fat loss efforts, the ill effects of Holiday binging last late into our adult years. Not cool! If you want to offset the health sabotage, here are five holiday tricks to ward off belly fat.

Stop Cravings

First, get your cravings under control. With so many opportunities to feed your pie-hole, your brain is going to be screaming eat, eat, eat. Especially if Aunt Helga is throwing down the fudge, insisting you share the sugary moment. Stifle the urge by supplementing with cayenne and cinnamon after every meal.

Taking cinnamon and cayenne will help you feel fuller longer by igniting a chemical cascade within the brain that helps control hunger hormones, thereby preventing the desire to nibble between meals. Remember, nibbling leads to “jiggling,” around the waste. Thermo FX PM provides cayenne and many other ingredients that support hunger control and digestion. Cinnergy is loaded with cinnamon. (WARNING: This ultra-strong supplement only needs to be taken once per week)

Sleep Like a Drunken Bum

Next, sleep like a drunken bum naturally. Sleep is mandatory if you want to halt day time cravings. And with holiday stress, it can be hard to get the recommended eight to nine hours. Here’s a quick trick that can help you sleep like a drunken bum, naturally: valerian root. This single plant carries a mouthful of sedative compounds like valeric acid, valepotriates, acevaltrate, isovaltrate and valtrate and the smelly, volatile oil containing valerenic acid. In addition to helping us sleep like drunken bums naturally, it has proven to be non- toxic, with absolutely zero addictive properties. For an aggressive, compounded blend of valerian that’s sure to knock you out fast, you can order Serotonin FX, designed by Yours Truly.

The proper way to take valerian as a sleep pill is to swallow it about an hour before your planned bedtime. You’ll want to take valerian root as a whole herb supplement product to get the entire array of naturally occurring, sleep inducing compounds. For extreme problems with sleep, one 500-milligram capsule per 40 lbs of body weight will prove beneficial. (You’ll know if you’re taking too much if you don’t want to crawl out of bed.) As a regular supplement, one 500- milligram capsule per 100lbs of body weight will help increase deep, REM sleep and the health benefits that come with it.

Drink Cola

Third, learn to indulge without “fertilizing the bulge.” In other words, avoid alcoholic beverages, with sugary soda products. Important note: I didn’t say to avoid alcohol all together (unless you’re starring in Rehab, of course). One easy way to do this is to use Zevia brand Cola™ for mixed drinks.

Zevia soda contains zero sugar or artificial sweeteners and tastes great, which allows you to guzzle the soda without filling the junk in the trunk! One of my favorite holiday recipes, using Zevia Cola is the “All American Punch.”

Recipe Ingredients

15 oz. Southern Comfort
12 oz. Soda Water
1 oz. Maraschino Cherry Juice
5 oranges
3 Lemons
12 Cherries
2 Limes
60 oz. ZEVIA Cola

Learn How to Bake Gourmet Treats using 21st Century Sweeteners

If you think the occasional holiday treat won’t hurt you, think again! Our body wasn’t designed to process sugar. Yet, our brain wasn’t designed to say no to it, either. That’s the Catch-22. But, don’t let it get you down! Forget about willpower and let yourself go crazy this holiday. Just make sure your treats are sweetened with “21st Century Sweeteners!” Im not talking about the chemicals like Splenda or aspartame…Im talking about sweeteners that come straight from Mother Nature. Learn how to make gourmet candies with them by using the Carefree Candy Guide to Healthy Indulgences!

This one-of-a-kind guide shows you the HEALTHY treats that taste great. The creators give gives you a hint at what you get to enjoy when you learn these sweet tricks:

– Sink your teeth into a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle… that’s so rich in antioxidants it can actually turn back the hands of time (Botox in a bon-bon!)

– Crunch into a square of buttery English toffee… that’s jam-packed with a cell-protecting “superfat” that’s been shown to boost weight loss (and even help prevent cancer!)

– Savor “superfood” fudge that’s rich in protein to promote lean, sexy muscle. And go for seconds… because two servings contain less sugar than a quarter of an apple!

– Bite into a chewy candy bar that tastes just like your store-bought favorite… only this one is made with “metabolic power ingredients” that help your body torch off unwanted fat…

Don’t wait. Get it here.

Activate Hormesis

And finally, do your best to get some exercise, at least every other day. And make it hurt! On the bleeding edge of scientific understanding is an adaptive response to stress that triggers our “internal pharmacy” to manufacture a “custom drug cocktail,” which alters our biochemistry for better survival. Technically, it’s known as hormesis and it proves, “that which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

As an organic chemist studying it at the molecular level, hormesis appears to be one of the best ways to control blood sugar and ill-health that follows over eating. But you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Hormesis was first discovered via “the runners high.” In particular, pain-soothing, euphoria-inducing molecules known as endorphins (and many others) were found to be made by adrenals in response to the stress. A physical transformation ensued thanks to the internally made drug cocktails. Over time, hormesis has shown beneficial in protecting us from diabetes and cancer, just to name a few.

One of the quickest ways to benefit from hormesis is to take part in “proper exercise.” But, let’s face it, most people would rather run from exercise than actually do it. If done correctly, even sparingly, it can ward off type II diabetes thanks to the hormesis phenomenon. But the drug cocktail that confers these benefits can only be obtained via strength training. And you gotta make it hurt…like hell. Use the routines outlined in my Stop Eating So Fucking Much Diet book! Each one has beginner, intermediate and advanced routines, which means EVERYONE can use it!

Studies on hormesis show that when you put your magazine down and get out of the lazy zone at the gym you can force your internal pharmacy to produce a fat melting compound known as glucagon. This is the “I can’t wait to wear a bathing suit” hormone.

When released by the pancreas, glucagon works to lower blood sugar, while activating fat metabolism. As the natural enemy to belly fat, it melts the spare tire hanging around your gut. As glucagon increases, so does the holy grail of all hormones, testosterone. And that means libido and motivation return to their rightful place in the bedroom, rather than being forgotten in the name of aging.

Strength training also gives rise to oxidative stress, not just muscle fatigue. Many pundits shun it for this very reason. But, it’s myopic because hormesis eventually comes to the rescue and releases anti-aging and anti-diabetic compounds from the internal pharmacy. Once mainlined, they shuttle blood sugar into muscle cells, just like insulin. But, unlike insulin they don’t store fat! A biochemical dream for anyone who appreciates getting back into their bikini once summer returns, this allows you to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, while avoiding oxidative stress.

With a bit of planning, you can enjoy the holidays, without sabotaging your health. Science is on your side. Put it to use and may the summer months be greeted with a new bikini and a smile.

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