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A Quick Trick to Calculate Your Ideal Weight

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If you want to lose weight, you need to calculate your “ideal weight.” This is a measurement based on a perfect balance of body fat and muscle. It will give you something to aim for and help you monitor muscle growth over time, which is the most important measure of any fat loss effort. That’s because muscle slows the metabolic aging process by quelling high blood sugar. Therefore, the more you have, the slower you age.

If you’re currently not overweight, this trick will not work! It’s only designed for people who are currently lugging around “too much weight.”

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To get started, measure your body fat percentage. If you don’t want to go to a local gym to get it done, you can order the Acczilla Personal Body Fat Tester Kit, or the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale from

Once you have your body fat percentage, convert that to pounds. For instance, at my heaviest, I was 205 pounds and 30% body fat. That meant I was lugging around 61.5 pounds of fat (205 x .30).

Your body fat %:

Total pounds of fat:

After figuring out how many pounds of fat you have, cut that number in half. I call this little trick, “cutting the fat in half.” It’s the quickest way to estimate your target weight because it won’t eliminate too much fat – which is essential for proper hormone balance – and will make room for the preservation and growth of muscle on your frame.

After cutting the fat in half, subtract it from your total body weight and that’s your “ideal weight.” My total fat was 61.5 pounds. Cutting that fat in half yielded 30.75 pounds, or 31 rounded up. Therefore, my ideal weight turned out to be 174 pounds (205 – 31).

Your fat cut in half =

Your ideal weight = (Your current weight) – (Your fat cut in half) =

Your Best Body

The obvious flaw here is that your calculated “ideal weight” is just an estimate. It may or may not grant you with your “best body” because it doesn’t predict how much fat will be lost or muscle gained as you reach your target.

Your “best weight” is a perfect balance of fat and muscle. Men should aim for 11% – 15% body fat, women 15% – 20%. And as you lose fat in 2012, use your body fat % to gauge the growth of muscle, which is a direct measurement of how healthy you really are. To do this, calculate your “lean body mass.”

Lean Body Mass

Lean body mass is the weight of your bones, water, glycogen, skin, hair, organs and muscle – everything but fat. To obtain lean body mass, subtract your total pounds of fat from your body weight. At 205 pounds and 30% body fat, my lean body mass was 143.5 (205 – 61.5).

Your lean body mass = (Current weight) – (Total pounds of fat) =

How Much Muscle Did You Gain?

Now, here’s the fun part. Over time, calculate how much muscle you have put on (or lost) by subtracting your starting lean body mass from your current lean body mass.

My starting lean body mass was 143.5 pounds. After reaching 175 pounds, my body fat percentage was 11%. Therefore, my new lean body mass was 156 pounds. Subtracting my previous lean mass of 143.5, showed that I gained 12.5 pounds of muscle (156 – 143.5)…That was a 90 day period.

Your starting lean body mass:

Your current lean body mass:

Muscle gained = (Current lean body mass) – (Starting lean body mass) =

Don’t Be Deceived

Numbers can be deceiving. And so are fad diets. If you want perfect health, start by identifying your ideal weight. Then, whatever path you choose in your fat loss endeavors, make sure it’s taking you to your best body weight, rather than a perceived body weight based on the air-brushed images of Hollywood and roided-out bodybuilding gurus. When it comes to health, only measurable results keep us living young, not weight loss hype.

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