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A Sexy Metabolism: One Supplement That Helps Abolish Belly Fat And More – How to Test It!

I have a lot of theories in life. Like, if you don’t read and learn the bible, some jackass will probably interpret it for you and make you feel like a sinner. I could be wrong on that one. But, one theory is proving true; cinnamon is the most important supplement to be using daily, especially if you want a sexy metabolism that abolishes belly fat.

Why The Belly Stores Fat

Everyone knows that the gut stores more fat than any other area of the body. This “selective fat storage” is explained with simply biology. Our belly has unique cells that are sensitive to storing fat – just like certain cells on our body are sensitive to hair growth. This selectiveness of belly fat is due to the hormone insulin.

Once it oozes its way into your belly region, insulin triggers the cells to hoard fat like kids do Halloween candy. In contrast to our arms, chest or back, the belly is highly sensitive to the unsightly metabolic phenomenon.
My book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, explains how to shunt this process by using Spring Valley Cinnamon. And recent study results published in the Journal of Diabetes Science & Technology confirmed those findings.

Scientists studying the active ingredients discovered that cinnamon helps eradicate insulin from the belly by causing cells to become more sensitive to it, forcing the pancreas to produce less of it. By lowering insulin, the metabolism is shifted back into fat burning mode courtesy of glucagon and other “hormonal weapons of fat destruction,” that flood the belly region.

How Sexy Is Your Metabolism? The At Home Blood Test

To measure how sexy your metabolism is, you can test your “postprandial” blood sugar levels. This is just dork-speak for measuring blood sugar 2-hours after a meal.

In general, your insulin level equates to sugar level – the higher your blood sugar, the higher your insulin (and the higher your belly fat). Therefore, you can test to see how sexy your metabolism is by measuring your blood sugar at home.

Here’s how:

– Buy an inexpensive blood sugar monitor, like the UltraMini

– Test your sugar levels two hours after a meal (prepared based on guidelines in Over-The-Counter Natural Cures)

If you are metabolically sexy, your blood sugar should be taxied out of the blood and into muscle cells by insulin within two hours. This will show up as a reading of less than 140 mg/dL. The lower the better, and over time this will in fact equate to a welcome loss in belly fat!

If greater than 140mg/dL, then your metabolism isn’t that sexy. As you supplement with cinnamon and start consuming the proper meals, test it weekly. Watch your numbers come down.

Low readings will also be a sign that you’re warding off Alzheimer’s disease!

How Cinnamon Preserves Life’s Most Precious Moments

Cinnamon doesn’t just lower insulin levels.

According to researchers at The University of California, Santa Barbara, cinnamon attacks the mind numbing plaque that leads to Alzheimer’s disease! They found that when taken orally, it scrapes brain cells clean of the gelatinous fibers that gunk-up our neurons and rob the mind of life’s most precious memories.

I love when my theories prove correct. Now use them to your benefit and start living young with cinnamon. Just make sure you know how to choose the right cinnamon products.


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