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Blazing Fast Hyper-Hydration for Athletes and More

The father of Ayurveda, Sushruta, had prescribed Cholera victims – an infection that causes dehydration and sometimes death – “a profuse quantity of tepid water in which rock salt and molasses have been dissolved.”

As time passed, chemists discovered the formula and how it worked. Eventually, the World Health Organization (WHO) made it protocol to save millions of lives around the world from dehydration, among those who suffered from bacterial infection. It even works for drastically raising athletic performance and overcoming a hangover.

Most people have no idea how important hydration is…

Dehydration among healthy people crushes athletic performance. It also puts you at risk for migraines and poor immune function. In total, it ages you faster and brings on wrinkles.

Sport drinks loaded with high-fructose corn syrup – like Gatorade – won’t save you.

But the WHO Hyper-Hydration Formula can!

Mix the following:

1 pint of purified water
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin (get it at any health food store by that name)

Once consumed, salt actives a hormone in the body known as ADH – anti-diuretic hormone. This successfully prevents the kidneys from expelling water.

Think back to an athletic event or when you were hung-over…Remember taking in tons of water, yet going to the bathroom excessively and still being thirsty? That’s because you didn’t have enough ADH to hold water. It was going right through you.

Sugar works with salt within the body to help increase the uptake of water from the gut into our blood. The medical journal Lancet said that this discovery is “the most important medical advance this century.”

The vegetable glycerin is a “water magnet.” When swallowed, it goes into the muscle cells, and at the same time pulls water into them to help the internal machinery function more efficiently. Technically it helps produce more power via ATP and the contraction of muscle fibers, actin and myosin.

“Isn’t sugar bad for you?”

Yes, but if your severely dehydrated, dehydration is worse. You are using it medicinally here.

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