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Non-addictive, non-toxic tea for deep, restful sleep. Shop at for the tea mentioned in this video.

Avoid risky meds. Use Just for Kids Organic Throat Coat, an all-natural tea, to soothe a child’s throat.

Shane Ellison the award winning chemist and author describes to Creative Living show host Sheryl Borden how cinnamon can control blood sugar naturally without the dangerous side effects of diabetes… read more »

Chemist and author of Over-The-Counter Natural Cures highlights danger of multi-vitamins and exposes Mother Nature’s best source of nutrients. Throw away your synthetic folic acid supplements, and start taking FOLATE… read more »

Gold is valuable, but not more valuable than healthy home cooked meals.  Meet “Pot of Gold.”  This delicious, time saving meal, is so simple to create, yet incredibly valuable to… read more »

Organic chemist reveals two “health tips” that are causing Oprah to be fat again. Discover why you’re better off ignoring these 2 “BS” health tips.

  I have a lot of theories in life. Like, if you don’t read and learn the bible, some jackass will probably interpret it for you and make you feel… read more »

Here is a superb recipe for those who enjoy eating without gaining. As a typical Hormone Intelligence Therapy meal, this will make you feel satisfied, without disrupting your hormonal balance.… read more »

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