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“If this was mixed martial arts, Cut Poison Burn would be knocking out the cancer industry in the first round. But its not. And the industry that hurts in the… read more »

To win the war on cancer, you need to avoid those things that cause it. Start with commonly used household cleaning items. Problem: If you brush your teeth with common… read more »

Here is a superb recipe for those who enjoy eating without gaining. As a typical Hormone Intelligence Therapy meal, this will make you feel satisfied, without disrupting your hormonal balance.… read more »

The father of Ayurveda, Sushruta, had prescribed Cholera victims – an infection that causes dehydration and sometimes death – “a profuse quantity of tepid water in which rock salt and… read more »

One of the most important points of my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, was that if blood sugar goes unchecked, it can devastate the entire body. And if you’re on “The… read more »

Founded in 1847, the American Medial Association (AMA) set out to “promote the art and science of medicine for the betterment of public health.” But the benevolent veil is wafer… read more »

The dietary supplement should be regulated. While the Chicken Little’s of “alternative medicine” are warning that regulation would cause the supplement “sky to fall,” I say they’re wrong. Regulation, based… read more »

Sometimes you need drugs. And when you’re in pursuit of the “the Hollywood body,” that time would be now. That was my first lesson at CrossFit Hollywood. The Hollywood look… read more »

Sucralose Agent Orange If there were a contest for the best example of total disregard for human life the victor would be McNeil Nutritionals – makers of Splenda (sucralose). Manufacturers… read more »

Prior to Fukishima, the worst nuclear accident in history occurred at the Chernobyl Power Plant in 1986. And over the years, an astounding survival mechanism has highlighted what scientists have… read more »

Reaction time is everything. Whether you’re a mom making quick family decisions, a student looking to ace the next exam, or a busy professional, reaction time and mental aptitude determine… read more »

Select herbal blends can serve as a “metabolic spark” to our fat burning engine, and therefore provide us with a damn good diet pill. Remember ephedra? It worked. But not… read more »

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