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RECIPE FOR HEALTHIER RED BULL ENERGY DRINK: – 8 ounces sparkling water – little bit of Stevia by NuNaturals (tastes just like sugar and contains no maltodextrin) – 500 mg… read more »

I don’t mind being the one who said “I told yea so.”  For whatever reason, I enjoy reading science like the average dude likes watching football and porn.  This affection… read more »

Puritan’s Pride is a solid company with solid products and great prices.  Get them at Wal-Mart or online at  Cod liver oil will confer a myriad of health benefits. … read more »

Avoid Fat Free Labels to be Thin and Slim!  Fat free labels hoodwink millions of unsuspecting victims, and have been a goldmine for the food industry since 1993. The obese… read more »

Fox News is beginning to smell the stench of my previous Stinky Sulfur Award to antidepressants.  See first hand how Big Pharma uses "selective citation" to hide drug dangers.  I… read more »

In a study released by the American Diabetes Association, scientists have discovered that herbicide exposure poses a real threat to our health. It can cause high levels of blood sugar… read more »

All the drug rep’s are probably in  a frenzy over this one…I wonder what happens when one realizes that all their efforts to sell drugs – under the guise of… read more »

From his wife: July 31, 2007 was the day he had the "episode" with his heart. He had surgery 2 days later. He took plavix and 325mg of Aspirin for… read more »

The pertussis vaccine, administered via the DTP or DTaP vaccine, offers very little efficacy and is a risk to the health of our children.  As shown in my book, Health… read more »

As a drug chemist, I used to fear going to work. I risked numerous health hazards – like being exposed to a cancer causing reagent and even losing my wedding… read more »

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