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Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and protect them with vaccine exemption forms are often chastised and stereotyped for putting their own kids at risk. But what is even stranger than this assault on individual freedom and informed choice, is that these concerned parents are attacked for putting vaccinated children at risk.

When Blair asked me what we were doing over the Christmas break, the answer was easy: Wrestling. He had visions of baking honey desserts with mom, riding his bike downtown… read more »

My 16 year old just got back from her 22-day expedition!  Strapped with a carry on and a sleeping bag, she set sail with 9 other teens and 3 instructors… read more »

John Schilling caught his employer stealing millions from the US Government. But that’s not the most shocking part… An accountant turned FBI spy, Schilling exposed Columbia Healthcare Corporation (Columbia/HCA) for committing… read more »

Stevia extract is one of the most popular natural alternatives to cancer-causing sugar. It’s 100% safe. I like it way better than xylitol and erythritol, which are now coming from… read more »

I’ve spent the last two weeks preparing for a flight over the Sea of Cortez. I’ve only done it once with my son and it was out of necessity –… read more »

It’s September 28th and we’re celebrating my 43rd birthday!  My wife snapped this pic at the park. Aubrey wasn’t really feeling the camera…but Skyler was all about it. Strip away… read more »

Right now, millions of your cells are committing suicide, because your immune system views them as a threat. Once those cells are cleaned and eliminated from the body, only healthy… read more »

Preparing healthy meals can take forever! Most people don’t have the time, energy, culinary skills, or patience to put together a nourishing meal. Pressed for time, they skip meal prep… read more »

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