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New Book Shows How to Master Hormones and Physique with Six Simple Habits That Nobody is Teaching

When I said I was writing The Stop Eating So F$#%ing Much Diet book, people laughed.

They thought it was a joke.

It’s not.

The current obesity epidemic and fad diets being sold by Internet clowns and self-appointed experts are a joke.

The Stop Eating So F$#%ing Much Diet is real.

It’s now available at

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New Book Shows How to Master Hormones and Physique with Six Simple Habits That Nobody is Teaching

I wrote this book to help you understand why your hormones conspire against you, and why diet gurus are full of shit. Additionally, I wanted to outline a very simple way to get your best body in 90 days –even if it means using ridiculous-resistant bands for an 18-minute exercise routine when that’s all you have available

If you’re an elite athlete, soccer mom or someone who wants to look and feel their best at any age, then you need The Stop Eating So F$#%ing Much Diet. It outlines 6 simple habits that nobody is teaching. In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I showed how the average Joe could reverse Type II diabetes and shed belly fat. In this book, I take it to a much higher level.

As a collegiate wrestler, I’ve been a student of metabolism for over 24 years. As a medicinal chemist, I’ve been studying hormone function for 17 of those years.

(Technically, it was longer. But, I don’t count my early days as a 15 year old learning about steroids while smuggling them across the Mexican border to sell to dumb ass ‘roiders at my high school. I should though, ‘cause even then I knew more than most doctors do now – judging from the Internet articles on “Low-T” and why women should supposedly be taking bioidentical hormones…)

…With this experience, I didn’t hold back. I was ruthless. Especially when it came to the section on 8 Weight Loss Lies Than Can Permanently Harm You. I had to be.

Now, more than any other time in history, people are dying from obesity at alarming rates. Conventional diets and weight loss wisdom are not working. It’s time to let go of the trendy bullshit that never worked like, “take synthroid for your thyroid,” “eat 6 small meals per day,” “stop eating carbs,” “quit eating red meat,” “make sure you get your post-workout protein shake,” or “eat like a caveman.”

That’s just the start…

Look, losing weight fast and keeping it off – while building lean sexy muscle, forever – can be virtually effortless when you learn the little-known habits that optimize your hormone output, balance and sensitivity.

That’s the secret!

It’s not about willpower, it’s about HORMONES…YOUR HORMONES. (Not the ones from the pharmacy or being squeezed out of tubes like toothpaste to rub on yourself.)

Nobody knows your hormones better than your body. Your hormones – estrogen, testosterone, insulin, hGH, ghrelin – are unique to you.

That’s what everyone is forgetting, or doesn’t know…

Just like we all have our own unique fingerprint, we all have our own unique hormones. My testosterone is unique to me. Any other type is a harmful fake. Therefore, the key is to master your own hormone output, balance and sensitivity with Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT).

And that’s exactly what this book will teach you – six simple habits that optimize your one-of-a-kind hormone profile. Once you start, you’re on your way to getting noticed. In fact, you’ll see the following positive changes in a matter of 7 days:

  • More energy and focus
  • Increased strength
  • Toned muscle growth
  • Shortened recovery times
  • Average fat loss of 2 lbs per week
  • Food and sugar cravings will stop
  • Your mood will be stabilized
  • Your acne will clear up
  • Your face will begin to thin out

As you can see, it’s not just about weight loss.

Weight loss by itself is NOT a measure of success.

Anyone can muster short term willpower to lose weight through starvation and/or excessive exercise (Biggest Loser Syndrome). Taking part in calorically restrictive hCG, vegan or vegetarian diets can also produce weight loss. Heck, even one Twinkie per day would drop the pounds. But, you’re not going to be healthier for it.

The Stop Eating So F$#%ing Much Diet is about mastering your hormones so you can improve your body composition. That means you force it to eliminate fat while preserving or building lean sexy muscle in a way that promotes health and longevity….So say goodbye to never-ending workouts and “just say no” to bland boring food. And while you’re at it, gather up all your “diet” books and throw them in the trash. This diet book is the last one you’re ever going to need. Your quick results will prove it.

Stay tuned!

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