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Pictured above are good soaps and bad soaps.  “Good” ones are easy to identify based on shape.  They’ve formed into the classic rectangular cube – edges are perfectly sharp.  Oddly-shaped… read more »

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Diet Pepsi is as oxymoronic as deafening silence.  How many obese customers does it take for the world to realize this?  Diet Pepsi is not healthy.  And surprisingly, one toxic… read more »

Historical ad reads: “Heroin. For non-addictive relief from the cough.” Since the early 1900’s the drug industry has been saying whatever-the-hell they want in order to get us hooked on… read more »

The two-time Emmy® Award-winning, critically acclaimed and nationally syndicated “The Dr. Oz Show” has begun its fourth season. What are you hoping to see?

Dan Brown, Rocket Scientist: “Fat ladies in the audience getting aroused and slippin’ out of their chairs when he tells them, ‘Big Pharma discovered a gene that causes you to eat too fucking much.'”

Mary Smith, Nice Old Lady: “Dr. Drew snorting antidepressants. Maybe the audience can guess how long it will take for him to go into a violent, suicidal frenzy. The winner takes home all the cash he got paid by Glaxo to promote SSRI’s.”

Marcy White, Stripper: “Dr. Oz eating food prepared by “Paula ‘I have Diabeedus’ Dean” and watching him become diabetic before the next commercial break.”

It started last night at Corkbar, an over priced, non-organic wine bar that has great food, in tiny portions. Sipping away the dollars and hours, my wife and I made… read more »

If you post a picture of shoes on my Facebook wall, you’re annoying. If you’re behind me at a red light and honk the instant it turns green, you’re also… read more »

The vitamin industry cannot be taken seriously. The well-known Vitamin D Council proves this. Their ability to shove falsified science down the throats of unsuspecting consumers makes even the most… read more »

Thumbing the remote looking for UFC, I came across something appalling – more so than watching grown men bash each other’s skulls in. It almost made me gnaw into my… read more »

In a recent article for Early to Rise, popular science writer Loren Cordain, Ph.D (false Paleolithic Diet promoter) once again asserts that, “In the 1950s, when scientists were first unraveling… read more »

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