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Getting Off the Chemical Grid: Top Poisons that Threaten Your Family

It’s twice as deadly as cobra venom. Once inhaled, victims begin to choke and gasp for air. Lungs fill with fluid; sweat flows profusely. Gasping for air, blood pressure plummets and the last bits of air are siphoned from victims as their vision begins to go black. The CIA poison known as “ricin” has taken effect. Fortunately, since the end of the Cold War exposure to the incognito toxicant is rare. But the same cannot be said for the onslaught of environmental poisons that are corrupting everyday products.

A toxic framework has risen from modern day society, and millions are being plugged into a chemical grid that’s altering their lives forever. For the few that are privy to it, it’s escapable – barely.

If it tastes sweet spit it out, it might be a compound known as DEG (diethyl glycol) – a deadly ingredient commonly found in cough syrup and toothpaste. So deadly, it single handedly gave rise to the FDA in 1938. But stopping it from infiltrating our stores has proven difficult. The New York Times recently showed that “Over the years, the poison has been loaded into all varieties of medicine.”

DEG tastes like maple syrup. Eating it is a non-event. But over time, kidney failure ensues. In large doses, breathing becomes exceedingly difficult and paralysis sets in.

It’s used more commonly than you’d care to imagine because it’s a cheap replacement to glycerin, which alters viscosity among consumer products. If used, it’s listed in the ingredient list. Look for as: 3-Oxa-1,5-pentanediol, Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)ether, 2,2′-Oxydiethanol, Diglycol, Dihydroxydiethyl ether; 2,2′-Dihydroxyethyl ether, Ethylene diglycol, 2,2′-Oxybisethanol, 2-(2-Hydroxyethoxy)ethanol.

Believe it or not, “vitamins” can be poisonous too. No matter how much fanatical fervor is used to shove ‘em down your throat, some pose a real threat to longevity. You can slather on sun block – or any other of the 700 skin care products in the USA – loaded with “vitamin A” to learn this the hard way. Or heed the warning from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which highlighted a 21% faster rate of cancer growth among animals exposed to the highly touted “vitamin.”

Vitamin A could be called a genetic grenade. Spanning six feet in length, our genetic map, DNA, is stuffed into the center of each and every cell. The ingenious packaging system is courtesy of “chromosomes.” As shown in the image above, it accommodates the huge genetic strand courtesy of a slinky effect, a tightly wound coil. And when chromosomes become damaged by the vitamin, huge portions of DNA are mutated and disabled. Skin cells that are casualties of the attack may become cancerous.

In addition to medicines and vitamins, water has been taken over by the chemical grid. Every time a waiter attempts to place cold water in front of my family, I cringe knowing that the grid is floating invisibly inside. Oblivious, millions are shortening their lifespan by not understanding the vast importance of drinking only purified, chemical free water.

Three days without water and you’re dead. It makes up 75% of your body and 85% of our brain matter. It’s the most precious substance to life. Without adequate amounts of it you grow sick, fast. And that’s the problem. Very few people are receiving healthy amounts of clean water, as millions are swallowing fluoride tainted tap water.

Fluoride debates are rampant online. But there’s very little room for argument in biochemistry. Consuming the biological foreigner can leave thirst quenchers “brain sick” – leading to significant emotional and mental duress as well as severe impairment, causing poor focus and weak memory, even Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This is partly due to its ability to chaperone aluminum – also found in tap water – from the stomach into regions of the brain where mental transmission can be plugged permanently by the noxious metal.

Water isn’t the only thing exposing you to fluoride. Many people ingest it daily – about 1,000 ppm – from their toothpaste.

Other fluoride risks were known as early as 1977 when scientists found it increased rates of bone cancer among those communities sucking down fluoridated water. Over time, we’ve learned why. Once it sets into the gut, 50% is absorbed by bone. Acting as a “molecular slicer,” it attacks chromosomes, causing them to split apart, and grow wildly as cancer cells.

While people of today are living longer thanks to emergency medicine, we aren’t living better. Life in the chemical grid has forced millions to live half-heartily, riddled with disease. The Science and Environmental Health Network have shown that one in four children in North America will develop cancer by the time they’re 15 years old. In 1950, 25% of adults were diagnosed with cancer. By 1997 that number jumped to 40%.

The grid is growing. There are more than 70,000 man-made chemicals in existence. And the industry expands at rate of 3.5% each year, doubling in size every 20 years. And ironically, the bigger the health claim surrounding products, the bigger the risk it seems. No longer can we blindly rub on lotions, slap on makeup, chug water, brush our teeth or shove food into our mouth based on pretty packaging, taste or even health claims. In an uncertain chemical world, getting off the chemical grid requires knowledge and vigilance, like never before.

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