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Common Vaccine Threatens Children

The pertussis vaccine, administered via the DTP or DTaP vaccine, offers very little efficacy and is a risk to the health of our children.  As shown in my book, Health Myths Exposed, natural alternatives to the real and present danger are a wiser decision – most have been buried by vaccine hype and blind faith in doctors among fearful parents.

When administered, the vaccine does in fact increase antibodies to pertussis (Bordetella) yet immunity is short lived and maybe even non existent. This fact was noted by the well respected medical journal Pediatrics when they published that only a small portion of pertussis cases can be prevented by immunization.   Specifically, as shown by the Journal of the American Medical Association, immunity to pertussis declines by 50% between 1 month and 1 year after vaccination.   Further, during a pertussis outbreak in Ohio, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 82% of those who suffered from the disease had received regular doses of the vaccine.

Many health professionals advocate the use of the vaccine by asserting that the decline in pertussis over the last 100 years is attributed to the pertussis vaccination. This is false. Pertussis rates plummeted by 79% between 1900-1935. The pertussis vaccine was not introduced until 1940. A math lesson would be helpful.

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Because the pertussis vaccine provides little benefit, does it make sense to expose children to the negative side effects associated with it? In a presentation to the Institute of Medicine, published in 1990, the public was informed of the following dangers:

  • Babies die at a rate 7 times greater than normal within 3 days of receiving the shot
  • Side effects include asthma and other auto-immune disorders
  • Encephalitis, leading to permanent behavioral changes such as lack of focus and poor problem solving skills can result as well.

Many are unaware of these facts simply because the IOM, CDC, AMA, AAP, WHO, UNICEF and the FDA are proving to be untrustworthy in the areas of immunization, due to financial conflicts of interest. As a result, they have endangered the health of children by not reporting safe and effective nutritional supplements that have proven to give substantial protection and treatment to pertussis.

Most notably, natural treatments include but are not limited to zinc, vitamin C and and beta carotene, as shown by Pediatrics and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Still though, it is important to note that like vaccines, nutritional supplements are no silver bullet. However, considering the danger associated with the pertussis vaccination, it is both logical and scientifically sound to choose safe and effective natural remedies over vaccination.

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