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Creepy Antidepressant Side-Effect Still Being Hidden

It’s the things you can’t see that count the most in life. Whether it’s industrial toxins lurking in tap water or Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds being blown across our precious farmland, the damage isn’t seen until it’s too late. Lives are ruined and the corporate no-gooders are speeding off in the get-a-way car, middle finger in the air. That’s exactly what happened with Prozac and all other psychiatric drugs.

Are We Making Drugs To Treat Disease or Emotions?

When I worked for the drug giant as a young, naive chemist, Prozac (fluoxetine) was being marketed to “correct a chemical imbalance.” Sales raked in enough profit to solve world hunger for decades to come. Newsweek hailed it as, “A Breakthrough Drug for Depression.”

I thought it was ridiculous. “Breakthrough,” for depression?

That’s an emotion, not an illness.

Plus, is Prozac going to be better than Mountain Dew and Oatmeal Cream Pies when it comes to taking the edge off a depressing day? What about beer or wine? Heck, does it beat a thickly rolled joint from a Volkswagen-loving hippie? What about XTC or GHB? My college roommates were pretty damn happy taking those drugs and nobody called ‘em a “breakthrough,” just awesome…Why would we need “Prozac?”

Fortunately, I didn’t need to try Prozac to know it wasn’t going to help me when I got depressed – like every time I looked at the taxes being taken out of my paycheck. Studies proved it sucked.

Eli Lilly developed Prozac in the 1970’s. The first testing was performed on dogs and cats. Every trial showed that it caused aggression amongst these normally calm and friendly animals, as could be seen by increased hissing and growling. When the animals were taken off of the drug, they returned to their usual friendly behavior.

Prozac prospects were bleak. But a loophole was devised to help get more positive results. Future research allowed for “dropouts” and “sedatives.”

By mid 1978, Prozac testing moved to human trials involving more than 4000 patients. To add some lipstick, the study allowed for voluntary dropout among those who experienced the most severe side effects. Even more alarming, clinical investigators were permitted to administer sedatives to masks the aggressive side effects among patients who remained.

Normal Dude On Prozac Kills Over Affliction Shirt

As internal research continued, it was discovered that Prozac has the unique ability to induce a phenomenon known as “activation,” which is characterized by a surge of energy that manifests into wanton acts of violence. If that’s not creepy, check your pulse.

Activation. It sounds like the Hulk going green. One minute you’re a normal dude on Prozac and the next, you’re “activated” and spraying your neighbors with bullets ‘cause your new Affliction shirt – the one with the butterfly getting stabbed by the claws of an enormous dragon – didn’t show up in the mail.

Apparently, Eli Lilly thought that would be highly unlikely.

They got FDA approval in 1987 and launched drug sales in early 1988 by labeling Prozac a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI). Millions began parroting that SSRI’s were able to correct a chemical imbalance – journalists, newscasters, and even Hollywood celeb’s who couldn’t remember what SSRI stood for without a teleprompter.

Since its release, the potential for Prozac-activation has become frighteningly clear with horrific acts of suicide and rage. In fact, reports of increased suicides among patients, written by James D. Hagerty and distributed by the Drugs and Devices Information Line at the Harvard School of Public Health, dominated the “Letters to the Editor” section of the American Journal of Psychiatry during the fall of 1990.

Hiding The Evidence

The consequences of “activation” first became a reality when a Kentucky man -with no history of violence – went on a shooting rampage under the Prozac spell while at work, killing 8 and wounding 12. Apparently he was unhappy with his printer. Earlier, he complained to his doctor that the drug was making him agitated. He got a bigger dose.

Lawyers representing the victims sued Eli Lilly, asserting that just like Tequila can render you incapable of driving, so to can Prozac render you incapable of rational behavior. The Prozac pushers settled out of court by paying an undisclosed sum, but still forced the victims to “lose in court.” Believe it.

Looking deeper into the court battle, the British Medical Journal reported that an anonymous source revealed that Eli Lilly had secretly tucked away their findings on Prozac induced “activation” and withheld them from the FDA. The company countered by spending $800,000 in positive publicity to deflect the charges and used an arsenal of threatening court litigations to force the BMJ to retract their statements.

…By the middle of the 1990’s there were 160 similar cases against Eli Lilly – that went unreported.

Prozac remained profitable. The FDA even gave Eli Lilly extended patent protection. In order to procure thirty additional months of earning power, the company changed the name of Prozac to Sarafem, while at the same time labeling a normal occurrence among women a disease; this “disease” being premenstrual irritability.

Using Prescriptions to Channel Tax Money to Big Pharma

Today, the FDA has approved Prozac for use among children, teens and the elderly. Nobody is happy. Yet, children in foster care homes, young military soldiers and our grandparents are being put on Prozac in spades – with our money! Like channels carrying water from one crop to the next, our most vulnerable and important citizens are are being doped-up on meds via federal drug programs as a means of channelling tax dollars from the government to Big Pharma.

Invisible actions like these and many others keep Prozac fruitfully on the market. And all that money pays for the lipstick and rouge required to keep the the Big Pharma show in business, invisibly. It will only stop once we start saying no to prescription drugs.

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