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Dear Teacher, 3 Reasons I Don’t Want You Labeling My Kid with ADD

Dear “Teacher who might label my kid with ADD,”

My son Blair doesn’t have ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder. He’s afflicted with BFA (Being Fucking Awesome.) It’s not a disability. It’s an ability.

His brain fires faster, with more torque. Right now he bounces off walls. As he learns to manage it, he’ll soar. While his peers are bumping into each other on the ground in a myopic daze, he’ll be dodging lightning.

As he gets older, he probably won’t show up for school all the time, just on test day…To ace it.

That’s because my wife and I have been teaching him to read, comprehend, question and expand on all subjects he studies. He won’t need six hours of classroom study, daily. After all, there’s more to life than learning, it’s experience.

Most of the time, that experience happens inside his head.

You see it as a distraction. Blair sees it as messy, thick layers of detail. And combing through it helps him relate to the world around him. That takes focus and energy. Most would give up from exhaustion.

That’s why he tends to see school as a distraction. He just doesn’t know how to communicate it, so he rebels. The more he experiences those layers, the more he learns about himself, human nature and how to shape the world around him. So don’t force facts on him. He’s too young.

Just let him know you respect his individuality and imagination so he can continue being fuckin’ awesome for years to come. Otherwise, your labeling, could lead to prescription drug use. In particular, doctor mandated amphetamines.

Have you done your homework on prescription amphetamines?

You can start with Adderall.

Here are three things you should know.

First, Adderall is cocktail of amphetamine salts. On the street, they’re sometimes referred to as meth, poor man’s cocaine, crystal, ice, glass, and speed. As a dad who is a chemist, I don’t want my kid on this shit.

Second, the manufacturer of Adderall, Shire Richwood, Inc. is a liar. Their ads insist that by letting students “use Adderall,” they can, “Achieve efficacy and duration of action without compromising safety!”

You don’t have to get a master’s degree in organic chemistry to know that’s bullshit.

The effects of using Adderall include addiction, psychotic behavior, and brain damage. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, aggression, and intense cravings.

Chronic use can cause violent behavior, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances, delusions, and paranoia. Damage to the brain caused by methamphetamine usage is similar to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and epilepsy

The Merck Index and The Experimental Pharmacology Department of the American Cyanamid Company reveals that upon administration of these drugs (not after decades of use but upon administration), motor activity decreases. Frequently, tremors and convulsions occur. Short-term clinical doses produce brain cell death and long-lasting and sometimes permanent changes in the biochemistry of the brain can occur.

And finally, if you label my kid, you ruin him.

Labels bury sensibilities. That’s why you won’t find ADD on the periodic table of learning. What you will find is experience, between nurturanium and imagitanium. So let Blair experience Blair, without being encumbered with labels and drugs.

Note to parents: Letting your children learn through experience is also your responsibility. Nothing aids in that endeavor more than raising vibrantly healthy children. Get started by reading Over-The-Counter Natural Cures so that they don’t succumb to obesity and pre- diabetes, like so many of their peers.

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