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Death by Sugar Calculator

Nothing ages you faster than sugar, nothing!

If you want to slow the aging process, you have to curb your sugar consumption to 10 pounds per year (most of you are consuming 160lbs per year!). I’ve created a Death by Sugar Calculator to help you do this.

To estimate how many pounds per year, you only need to monitor your intake for one day by reading labels. Follow these steps.

1. Count grams of sugar found in your food for an entire day

2. Type that number into the calculator below.

3. Read what that would equate to on an annual basis if you ate these types of food every day

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If you are tipping the pink area, or are above it, your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes is drastically higher than those who remain in the blue.

Risk of the pandemic killers can increase by a whopping 50% due to the sugar sabotage according to the leading medical journals.

Start replacing sugar with natural sweeteners that don’t mimic sugar.

Being healthy isn’t about giving up what you love – sweets. It’s about learning how to live joyfully using different ingredients and eating habits!

Invest $10 into your longevity by purchasing Over-The-Counter Natural Cures to help you learn how to choose sweeteners that won’t rob you of living young!

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