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…I’m getting a heavy dose of emails asking me if I’ve seen the recent news, “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat.”

I’m not a total hermit.

I saw the paper in JAMA.

However, my Give-O-Fuck meter didn’t budge.

It was almost 20 years ago that I received a master’s degree in organic chemistry.

Before that, I was hustling steroids across the border at 15 years old to make a buck from wanna-be high school wrestlers.  Even earlier, I cured myself of “hypoglycemia” (low blood sugar) at age 14, after a “doctor” prescribed me more candy to ramp up my dwindling blood sugar. (See FREE report at

…And even before that, I knew sugar was bad.

Who doesn’t!???  “I thought sugar was good for you,” said nobody, ever!

Among the articles revelations, it revealed that Coca-Cola provided millions of dollars in funding to researchers who sought to play down the link between sugary drinks and obesity.” It also showed how candy makers targeted parents by “funding studies that claimed that children who eat candy tend to weigh less than those who do not.”

Wow, really!?  You mean corporate America used their piles of cash to pay for research that conveniently showed their products to be sales-worthy?

In 10 years the public will finally learn how Pfizer paid for research to hide the side-effects of statins – low testosterone, diabetes, cancer and the muscle wasting disease.

In two decades the same article will be showing how the US Govt. used global warming scare tactics to pass rules and regulations in favor of bigger government less freedom.  (But, not until they milk terrorism to death.)

Fact is, hundreds of millions of people in America love to shift blame and distract themselves away from the real issue. “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat” does precisely that…and people are loving it.

The real issue is that NOBODY is taking responsibility for their own fucking actions. Everybody would rather waste time pointing the finger.

The title should have been, “How Sick Americans Blame the Sugar Industry for Gluttony.”

That would’ve spiked the needle on my GOF Meter.  No doubt, you’d read how countless numbers of people willfully choke down organic yogurts, sports bars, protein powders and “almond milk,” without a care in the world to the content of cane sugar…and then blame their government for not telling them it’s the chief cause of their beer belly, muffin tops and sagging asses…

Whole Foods could be the centerpiece as the worst offender. (Slap natural or organic on the sugary food and you have an instant bestseller.)

I can’t help but see parallels in the so-called “student loan crisis” — where millions of students borrow huge sums of money they can’t afford to pay back, and then blame predatory lenders (or someone else) for their financial downfall.  These people learned everything about parallelograms, algorithms, Beowulf, how to upload photos on Facebook, and the Civil War — but they never spent a single hour learning financial responsibility.

Somehow, they expect loans to be forgiven or reduced?!?…and the red carpet to be magically rolled out at graduation?!?

Sugar comes with consequences that everyone, by now, should fucking know about: obesity, depression, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. End of story. If you eat it, you openly invite these diseases into your life.  Start reading the fine print on your nutrition labels.  If it has cane sugar in it, ditch it.

That’s it…class is over.

Whether it’s loans, sugar, or being a jackass — people need to start making better choices.

Like public health leaders, the article failed miserably at teaching this one important point. Instead, everybody’s now focused on “who’s to blame.”


If any of the ravishing diseases bury you prematurely from your sugar use, you won’t be alive to blame anyone. So take responsibility for your own health before it’s too late.

The late Jack LaLanne, the world’s foremost exercise and health advocate, was saying “Fuck sugar” A LONG TIME AGO!!! He didn’t blame anyone and he didn’t try to sell us outlandish diets, turn us into twig-eatin’ hippies, push hormones on us or force us to choke down newfangled supplement fads.

Instead, Jack kept physical fitness within the reach of everyone by showing that our “habits create and eradicate disease” — the deadliest habit being SUGAR CONSUMPTION.

Long before sugar was discovered to be “suicide in slow motion,” Jack went toe-to-toe with this looming threat to America’s health. A self-confessed sugar junkie, he conquered his addiction and helped millions do the same. He fought conventional health wisdom and won almost 100 years ago.

The sugar industry didn’t stand chance…as long as people took personal responsibility.

Want to start living young?

Detox from sugar with my free 3-Step Sugar Detox:

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Lily Competing at Olympic Lifting Youth Nationals 2016 Tue, 28 Jun 2016 13:51:14 +0000 “He is superior to his fate. He is stronger than his rock.” —Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus Above is an iconic video of my oldest daughter, Lily, at the… read more »

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“He is superior to his fate. He is stronger than his rock.” —Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

Above is an iconic video of my oldest daughter, Lily, at the 2016 Olympic Lifting Nationals.  Her whole being was focused on the Herculean effort of lifting, then dropping underneath way-too-much-but-somehow-not weight.

Known as Olympic Lifting, she was performing a clean and jerk. Just over a month ago she was one of sixteen girls to qualify.

Only her second competition, she was nervous and almost dizzy with anticipation before she even got to the airport.

Thousands watched as she took her spot on the lifting platform.  Her lifts were executed perfectly…all under the watchful eye of judges, competitors, coaches and spectators.  But this one wasn’t quite up to the judges expectations.

But it’s not about lifting.  It’s about giving an effort and learning to be superior to your fate…it’s about learning to not be defined by the outcome, but instead be defined by your efforts.

The majority of people fear outcomes and therefore never try.  Shift perspective to give a Herculean effort, like Lily, and the outcome is irrelevant.

It’s the same with being healthy, or living young.  You have to give an effort!

Living young is the prize for Herculean efforts!

Taking your meds is not an effort.  That’s a cop out.

There’s no glory to be had in swallowing meds…But “they” want you to think otherwise.  For instance, every celebrity that comes down with cancer is praised for “fighting” cancer with chemo…then they die.

That’s not fighting.  That’s stupid!  We have decades of research showing that chemo is more deadly than cancer.

…that statins are more deadly that so-called “high cholesterol.”

…that blood pressure meds are more deadly than high blood pressure.

…that hypoglycemic drugs for diabetics are more deadly than diabetes.

The list goes on.  And yet people keep taking more meds and dying young.

Want to live young and strong?

Give an effort!  Start by reading Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded 

Meanwhile, congrats Lily on an amazing effort!  Never quit.  

You didn’t place but you still had your fanclub waiting for you at the airport. (Lily’s boyfriend below.)


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Former Ghostwriter Speaks Out about Fraud in Medical Journals Mon, 20 Jun 2016 17:19:35 +0000 Today, pill hungry, social media-blanked out zombies can’t get their pills and vaccines fast enough.   Consuming 50% of the world’s total supply of prescription drugs, American’s form lines like… read more »

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Today, pill hungry, social media-blanked out zombies can’t get their pills and vaccines fast enough.   Consuming 50% of the world’s total supply of prescription drugs, American’s form lines like red ants at a picnic table to “ask their doctor if the latest drug is right for them.”  Doctors are all too willing to capitulate, chirping, “yes, the benefits outweigh the risks.”

We’ve been hearing this warble as far back as the 1950’s, even as the “wonderdrug” thalidomide robbed children of their appendages.

Question your doctor about safety and efficacy of his prescriptions and he’ll cite any number of “medical journals” to substantiate his claims, just as they did with thalidomide when telling pregnant women it was the safest drug of all time.  And no doubt, that piece of “scientific writing” will be dripping with the drug’s “benefits” and bone dry of its reported side-effects.  That’s because it’s nothing more than expensive propaganda neatly crafted by a ghostwriter.

If you don’t already know, a ghostwriter is simply someone who gets paid to be a drug-industry cheerleader via well articulated, pseudoscientific writing.  Once the final is edited by Big Pharma, a top physician (opinion leader) is paid to sign as the author, even though they never researched the topic or placed a finger on the keyboard.  Polished and spit-shined, it’s published in prestigious medical journals like The New England Journal of Medicine or the Journal of the American Medical Society to sway doctors into prescribing the industry’s driblets of poison.

Ultimately, ghostwriting does more than sell drugs. It’s a tool used by scientists, doctors and politicians to sell the myth of Western Medicine.  It’s the supreme manipulator, always working to coax the American public into believing that prescription drugs descend from Heaven for the lucky few who can afford them courtesy of their insurance policy.  It’s the perfect crime.  

In addition to the Thalidomide Tragedy, ghostwriting has successfully: 

  • Got doctors to hook children under 2 years of age on psych meds
  • Made grown men fear cholesterol
  • Addicted the injured and elderly to opiates
  • Shoved blood pressure pills down the throats of anyone over 30 yo
  • Swindled college kids into swallowing ADHD meds as a socially accepted study habit…and so much more

Linda Logdberg is a former ghostwriter. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, an MA in psychology from UCLA, and an MSW from the U of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She also has a PhD in neuroanatomy from UCLA.  She’s been a writer for more than 22 years (formerly publishing research reports under the name “Linda A. Paul”).

High salary, interesting work, convenience and flexibility, and a belief that she was helping sick people — were all compelling reasons for Dr. Logdberg to be a ghostwriter.  Plus, she had three children to take care of.

Eventually though, she began noticing the industry was involved with a slew of dirty deals.  After realizing that her ghostwriting was nothing more than “marketing masquerading as science,” she quit. “Pharma is unworthy of trust: evidence from many sources reveals these companies to be focused on the bottom line only,” she says.  It was “fraud in authorship,” explaining that medical researchers rarely informed the public on the pitfalls of drugs.  Instead, ghostwriters were crafting sales pitches for scientific publication and hired doctors moonlighting as the authors.  I had to learn more so I asked her if she’d share her insights with my readers…Her bravery and willingness to share her story here with me and admirable and surely more will follow her lead!

TPC #1: How is this fraud is able to take place?

Linda: It’s the result of a multifactorial collaboration among researchers, universities, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, medical education accreditors, and patients.

Busy clinicians are glad for any help “writing up” clinical trials results — and when the assistance is paid for by a pharmaceutical company, all the better.  Plus, universities like their academic doctors to have ever-longer publication lists. They promote publication while giving token acknowledgement of competing interests by “full disclosure” statements. Pharmaceutical companies have an obvious stake in publishing research that’s positive to their product. The sponsors of medical education programs want to exhibit their “cutting edge” profile by publicizing the latest data. Patients contribute by demanding remedies they have read about in mass media, thus putting more pressure on doctors who are already in a time crunch.

TPC #2: Is anyone held accountable for the fraud?

Linda: The short answer is no. The longer answer is, “Accountable for what?” Ideally, inaccuracies in the research itself should be detected either by those who did the work or by others when replication fails to duplicate the results.

Hence, the ideal of the scientific method — hypothesis testing followed by replication — is rarely achieved. As a medical writer, I never felt “accountable” for what appeared in print, partly because my name wasn’t on the piece and because it was thoroughly vetted by both the pharmaceutical company and the physician author.

TPC #3: What consequences does this fraud have for the average American who is prescribed a drug by their doctor?

Linda: I’m not sure how to estimate the impact. I think the greatest risk is at the lowest levels of the medical decision-making tree — where doctors attend an evening event that includes wine and a great meal, then listen to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) tell their experience with Drug X.

Pharma strives for local influence, because as in any community, prescribing physicians like to fit in and do what the rest of the guys are doing. If a likable, popular Key Opinion Leader (KOL) supports Drug X over Drug Y for treating depression, there is potential for influencing others in the local community to switch to X. So this is one way in which the field of drug selection can be narrowed. I saw this effect in the case of an ovarian cancer drug where the KOL is a nationally recognized, charismatic individual who really, really loved the newer drug and enthusiastically promoted it in dinner meetings.

Increasingly, clinical trials are huge, multi-center affairs that require years to complete and that have author lists a mile long. There are many reviewers of the final published manuscript and I doubt that ghostwriting plays a role here.

TPC #4: In your experience, did doctors ever have a problem with being authors of articles they didn’t write?

Linda: Yes, I did encounter a few who refused to let even a word pass by them that they hadn’t approved. They did not, however, even consider that I — a researcher with my own history of publication — might receive credit for my work. I had no ethical concerns over helping someone write a paper, as I would not have had concerns over being a technician or even a director in someone’s lab. Medical writers are good at writing; physicians are good at being physicians. Let them work together. However, the writer should receive credit along with the other collaborators.

TPC #5: During your 11 years as a ghostwriter, what’s one example of an unethical project you were asked to do?

Linda: The most memorable example was probably a contraceptive product that caused severe, unpredictable vaginal bleeding in some women. My job was to write a monograph that would highlight the product’s benefits, one of which — according to the client [drug company] — was that although the bleeding could be severe, it was at least something that women could anticipate.

In other words…the bad news is that a meteorite will strike you…but the good news is, a meteorite will strike you!  This kind of doublespeak became more and more troubling.

TPC #6: What led you to believe that ghostwriting is “marketing masquerading as science?”

Linda: This differed according to the settings in which I worked. I worked in two main types: one where I reported to an in-house physician, the other where I reported to an in-house marketing person whose title was variably “Product Director” or “Product Manager.” In the first, much-rarer case, I felt that honest attempts were made to present information fairly and in a scientific manner. I met with the in-house physician regularly and had access to the “author” as needed. Because my boss was a physician, I could discuss other questions with him. Data on competing products was provided.

The second setting WAS marketing masquerading as science. I was pressured by the Product Manager to limit my questions so as to “not bother Dr. X” and was (often sarcastically) essentially told how to write the manuscript. A memorable example of this was the rather nasty direction by the PM to “eliminate all discussion of competing products from the Discussion section” of a manuscript. I protested that the format of a Discussion section is to sum up the results and put them in the context of other findings — that’s how scientific pubs work. She was adamant and told me to edit the piece to include only findings about Drug X.

A few days later, we had a conference call with Dr. Y, the “author” of the piece. He was enraged at the manuscript, particularly the Discussion section, and told the PM that (paraphrasing, not a direct quote) “If I ever see anything like this again, I will sever all ties with your company.”

Although some medical writers with less academic backgrounds than mine may need direction from a person whose education is in business, not science, this was of no value at all to me. Of note, both these examples occurred at the same large med-ed (medical education) company.

TPC #7: Did Big Pharma or your employer try to silence you on speaking out against ghostwriting?

Linda: After the piece appeared in the NY Times in 2002 (Madison Ave. Has Growing Role In the Business of Drug Research), I received a phone call from the med-ed company threatening legal prosecution.

TPC #8: Given your past experience as a ghostwriter, do you trust ANY medical journals, doctors, or drug companies?

Linda: Of course I do. I think that the majority of physicians are both ethical and responsible. It’s not their fault that most drugs are “me-too” drugs with slightly different formulations. This is the nature of Pharma research — many basic disease mechanisms are now known, and there is a finite number of ways to affect these mechanisms.

Pharma is unworthy of trust: evidence from many sources reveals these companies to be focused on the bottom line only. However, in this they are no different from car manufacturers, who kept seat belts from becoming standard equipment for decades and who still refuse to implement many lifesaving modifications.

I don’t trust non-FDA-approved vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturers who don’t subject their products for testing and reject attempts to introduce standardization and quality control. Into this non-trust category, I put chiropractic, personal training, healing with pendulums, acupuncture, and the benefits of facing North. Although these things have their place, it isn’t to cure or treat disease, as the required disclaimers on their products and services attest.

Regarding medical journals: I trust them while understanding the obstacles they face. Physicians don’t make decisions based on articles they read in journals, when they even have time for journals. No one has come up with a better paradigm than the randomized clinical trial, but its limitations in the days of modern medicine are apparent.

TPC #9: What is your own personal process for determining whether or not you’ll use a medication for yourself or your family?

Linda: I first determine what class the drug belongs to (statin, loop diuretic, etc). I read online and in medical texts about the class. I then read up on the product, beginning with the Product Insert, which will be online. I ask friends and family (my husband and son are both physicians). Then I email my personal physician to ask him what he thinks about the drug.

I believe that patients must take responsibility for coordinating their own care. This means more than just complaining that you can’t get an appointment with your doctor — it means gaining health literacy. I believe that you shouldn’t blame the doctor for your high blood pressure unless you’ve tried exercising, eating well, stopping alcohol and drug abuse (including OTC meds) and losing weight.

TPC #10: If you had a chance to go back in time, would you do it all over again (knowing what you know now about ghostwriting)? Why or why not?

Linda: I don’t look at choices people make in this way. The medical writing career gave me a lot of flexibility and a good income. I was able to limit the ghostwriting part, which was the part that made me most uncomfortable. I didn’t like having to “pitch” jobs when I worked freelance, and so teaching was a better career for me.

TPC #11: What do you believe needs to change in order for drug companies to start putting science ahead of marketing? (e.g., stricter laws? Better regulation of those laws? Harsher penalties for non-compliance with those laws?)

Linda: Pharma won’t put science ahead of marketing because Pharma is, well, a company that markets what it produces. Better enforcement of existing laws could certainly help. Publishing results from all trials, not just those with positive findings; requiring more head-to-head drug comparison trials; and requiring replication trials, would all help, too. However, I believe that physicians need the expertise that Pharma provides: no one knows the strengths and weaknesses of their products better than they do. A partnership between clinicians and drug developers seems necessary.

And then there’s the patient. I think, as stated above, that patients need to take responsibility for managing their own care to the greatest extent possible. That means asking smart questions and not making the physician or pharmaceutical companies into all-knowing entities who can then be disdained when things don’t go well.

Take a complete list of all medications with you when you visit the doctor. Know when you take these meds and why you take them. Don’t decide to take half-doses to “save money.” Follow the doctor’s advice, which will generally be to lose weight, exercise, etc. The majority of adults in the US lack the necessary skills to interpret medical advice (What is health literacy?). Although this stems in part from the demotion of biology education in recent decades (a major current concern of mine and the topic of a book I’m working on), it can be combatted with deliberate efforts.

That’s where Pharma could really help out — to educate people about mechanisms of disease so that they understand how carrying around giant cups of Coke might contribute to their Type 2 diabetes. I’d force Pharma to divert some fixed share of their profits to patient education, perhaps including a boost to biology instruction in K-12.

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Novartis Caught Red Handed! Fri, 20 May 2016 19:39:48 +0000 Breaking news…the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan is cracking down on Swiss drug company, Novartis AG. The crime? Novartis hosted 80,000 “sham” events to bribe doctors into prescribing drugs. That’s… read more »

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Breaking news…the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan is cracking down on Swiss drug company, Novartis AG.

The crime?

Novartis hosted 80,000 “sham” events to bribe doctors into prescribing drugs. That’s enough white coats to fill an NFL stadium.

Sham events are only part of the massive fraud that exists in the industry. When I was a chemist for Big Pharma it was common place to wine and dine doctors to influence their prescribing habits…Specifically, they were doing it heavily for the so-called anti-cancer drug Tamoxifen, which sadly enough actually causes cancer.

For a doctor it’s quite a sweet deal…you get free food, free booze, free vacations and an ego boost to give a “seminar.” In exchange, you push Novartis drugs on unsuspecting people who don’t need them…while swindling other physicians to sing along to the same pharmaceutical tune.

It’s incredibly lucrative for the scumbag doctors who participate…and most do, surprisingly.

Meanwhile, DUMB ass Americans whine about the most trivial shit.

I just got an email from a lady who wants to report me to the Better Business Bureau for cussing and railing against conspiracy nut, Alex Jones. “Your unprofessionalism is outrageous and I suspect your business practices are just as shoddy,” she insisted. Words spoken by someone who knows nothing about my business practices.

I get weekly emails from frail vegans complaining about my use of gelatin caps. “When will you wake up and stop using animal products?” they plea, while their flesh rots away due to nutrient deficiency and muscle wasting. (Typical vegans.)

I try to be nice by assuring them I only euthanize ugly puppies to make my gelatin capsules…to save people from the glue-like, semi-synthetic, hypromellose disguised as “veggie caps.”  Pardon me.

As you can see, the real issues are ignored or unseen. Whether it’s complaining about my cussing or bitching about capsules they know nothing about, people have been marinating in their doctors bullshit for so long they can’t smell pharmaceutical stench anymore.

Bribery happens all the time in medicine.

Novartis made $57.9 billion in sales in 2013, ranking #1 among the world-wide industry. According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. government claims that Novartis “defrauded federal health-care programs of hundreds of millions of dollars for over a decade.”

That just warms my heart. These profits are glorified.  I bet the CEO gets a Nobel Prize…or is put on the cover of Time.

Doctors were bribed to prescribe Celebrex as “the safest pain killer in history.” It killed about 50,000 according to the FDA.

Doctors are bribed to prescribe ineffective and risky Lipitor (cholesterol-lowering drug) by the fistful. Same for blood pressure meds…the list goes on. And every single drug decreases quality of life and lifespan.

What’s the outcome of all this bribery? A staggering death toll caused by “properly used” prescription drugs.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), one person dies every 5 minutes from an “approved” drug – almost 300 deaths every day. That’s twice as many fatalities in a single year as the total number of U.S. deaths [58,000] from the Vietnam War. This doesn’t even include the 98,000 killed every year by medical error and over 35,000 overdose deaths from pain pills.

…And the troglodytes reading this are worried about my cussing?

True, I don’t have PR strategists, polished TV appearances, speaking gigs with neatly organized slideshows, or social media pages that successorize my life…And I don’t swoon customers into believing a polished, spit-shined image of self-created bullshit.

That’s what Big Pharma and the medical doctors are doing today…to get you hooked on meds.

As The People’s Chemist, I really don’t give a shit what you think about me, my language, or my business practices. I’m simply the lone voice of reason for people who want to live young without the risky meds…and without following doctors’ advice, which is leading America off a medical cliff.

There’s a few of them out there, believe it or not.

I don’t care about the over-socialized, pieces-of-shit who make health decisions based on neatly packaged messages with all the politically correct words, carefully strewn together so as not to insult someone.

That approach is actually contributing to the problem, because it stops people from speaking the truth. In turn, it gives tyrants an even bigger PLATFORM from which to work — while desecrating the populace for their own monetary gain.

We’re “One Nation Under Drugs”…thanks to companies like Novartis and people who can’t see the real culprits.  Like universities have become nothing but high-priced occupational training centers, doctors have become nothing but hired pill pushers.

Big Pharma and its political allies would be powerless in getting us hooked on meds if it weren’t for a gaping deficiency in thinking that has become the norm in today’s tweet-heavy society. Faced with this extraordinary anti-intellectualism, facts and logic are powerless in showing how “following doctors orders” is today’s most imminent threat as well as, historically, man’s biggest downfall.

On March 22, 2016, Novartis sought a hearing from a judge. They claimed the government “exploded” the size of the case. Yeah right…and I’m a part-time pirate. Arrr, hear me now, ye!

They’re just worried this pesky little lawsuit will hurt their sales.

Is anyone wondering about the patients who were wrongly prescribed the meds?!?

In “One Nation Under Drugs,” it’s never about patients’ health in America. It’s all about the drug sales.

Novartis is still bribing doctors.  Prosecutors were seeking $3.3 billion in damages.  They only had to pay 10% of that…a tiny sliver from the profits made courtesy of doctors singing the holy hymns of their pharmaceutical Gods.

…for the handful of intelligent readers…don’t let bribe-able doctors determine your fate. Get off the meds so you can live a healthier more active life.  Read Over-the-Counter Natural Cures Expanded.


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Air Fresheners: The Cause of Infertility and More? Wed, 11 May 2016 18:06:31 +0000 Like many young married couples, Megan and Phil are trying to have kids. For two years, they’ve been at it with no success. Megan’s had four artificial inseminations and she’s… read more »

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Like many young married couples, Megan and Phil are trying to have kids. For two years, they’ve been at it with no success. Megan’s had four artificial inseminations and she’s been getting progesterone hormone therapy, costing her more than $1,200 a month.

She’s been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a reproductive endocrine disorder, which prevents her from having kids.  Meanwhile, her husband Phil has been plagued with low sperm concentration and low testosterone levels.

In desperation, they found my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded.  Then it hit them.  Environmental toxins are suffocating their health courtesy of air-fresheners…as well as pharmafoods, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Megan is an air freshener freak. Every room has one of those little plug-in scented oil warmers. She sprays Febreze around the house a lot too, especially in the bathroom and there’s all the scented candles from Target,” her husband wrote.

Like most people, Phil and Megan had been completely in the dark about the hazardous chemicals found in air fresheners…and the crippling effects they have on the human reproductive system.

Procter & Gamble, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., and Reckitt Benckiser, Inc., are the “Big Three” air freshener manufacturers.  They market these products with pretty labels and cute names like “Gingerbread Playhouse” and ” Cinnabon – Classic Cinnamon Roll.”   Consumers have been misled into believing these products are created from “natural” essential oils extracted from grasses, flowers, wood, spices, fruit, resins, roots, gums or leaves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Ugly Truth About Chemical Air Fresheners

Fragrance chemists specialize in coming up with new scents derived from toxic sludge. They use petroleum as the molecular foundation for air freshener products. The result is synthetic copycats of natural scents — as well thousands of additional, never-seen-before “Franken-scents” not created by Mother Nature and totally foreign to your body.

REAL fragrance extracts – like essential oils – are far too expensive for greed-driven, profit-hungry companies to place in six dollar oil warmers, sprays, gels and atomizers. So they hunt for cheaper knockoffs in the lab that have devastating health effects.

Through processes known as “catalytic reforming” and “thermal cracking,” air freshener fragrances are inexpensively created out of petrochemical waste compounds such as naptha, ethane, butadiene, toluene, and liquid petroleum gases propane and butane. Think of them simply as the waste from a scrapyard.

To avoid the chemical onslaught, avoid all products that read “fragrance.”

“Fragrance” is the #1 culprit ingredient listed on air freshener packaging. By using the vague word “fragrance,” manufacturers are legally allowed to sneak an array of hundreds of hazardous, synthetic chemicals into your home. They attack you and your unsuspecting family, especially your children whose bodies are still developing. Since most scented plug-in oil warmers are composed of 90-100 percent fragrance, you can be assured you’re getting a heated petro-porridge, rather than a natural fresh scent.

Air Fresheners Travel the Shortest Route Into Your System

There’s a reason why drug addicts snort cocaine rather than eat it — the nose is the fastest and most direct route into the body, especially the brain.

On average, we breathe in and out 20,000 cycles each day. In a room scented with artificial “natural scents,” each breath delivers a chemical onslaught.

In addition to petro-chemical waste products, phthalates pose even more risks.  Phthalates increase diffusion of the “Franken-scents,” by increasing volatility.  In other words, it helps the toxic ghost in your air “hang around” longer. Like gum sticking to a shoe, the synthetic molecules cling to walls, furniture, surfaces, and clothing thanks to phthalates. Eventually, these fragrance molecules also bind to the surfaces of the respiratory system…for a very long time.

During inhalation, sticky odor molecules travel through the nose. They go directly to “receptor sites” in the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and the amygdala — i.e., the parts of the brain that control blood pressure, emotion, breathing, memory, heart rate, and hormone balance.

As you, your family, and your holiday guests merrily breathe in the enticing fake scent of Glade’s Merry Citrus Melody oil, courtesy of warmer plug-ins, hundreds of vaporized fragrance chemicals instantly coat your nose, pharynx, larynx, and trachea, entering your bronchial tubes and penetrating the alveoli sacs in your lungs.

Fucking awesome.


With each breath, petroleum hydrocarbons enter the millions of alveoli (tiny sacs in your lungs), and spread throughout your capillaries into the bloodstream…then finally, into the cells of the body. 

It’s a cancer orgy.

Once inside the cells, phthalates such as DEP, DBP, DIBP, DMP, DIHP and DEHP try to pass themselves off as “real” hormones — only to evoke partial and incorrect cell responses.  Metabolism, brain function, genital formation, central nervous system operation, DNA integrity, and yes, reproductive system function is all thrown out of whack. 

Because phthalates are mostly fat soluble, they dissolve into in the fat cells and tissues, and accumulate, causing them to wreak havoc over time.  If they stay long enough, you eventually get the bonus side effects of liver damage, kidney damage, heart damage, lung damage, as well as blood clotting.

If people knew this, think sales would plummet?

Air Fresheners Turn “Michael Phelps Sperm” Into Losers

It gets worse. Scientists have discovered that even tiny exposures to phthalates in air fresheners can really screw up your plans to have a family. In a study published in the journal Toxicology Letters, Italian researchers found that in couples getting fertility treatments, both men and women had higher levels of phthalates in their urine than the couples with children. The study confirmed earlier research findings of men and women individually who had high phthalate levels associated with their fertility problems.

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, around 10 percent of the U.S. reproductive age population — more than 6 million couples — experience fertility issues, with two-thirds of the cases being ovulation and sperm problems. For these couples, becoming pregnant is hard. When they use air fresheners, they exacerbate the problem…and getting pregnant may be damn near impossible.

A Little Daily Dose of Toxins Won’t Hurt Us, Right?

Air freshener manufacturers defensively argue that chronic daily exposure to small amounts of their toxins is not harmful. This is like arguing, “Just a little bit of poison won’t hurt you?” WTF? Is that a real argument?

Dr. James Miller of the American Academy of Environmental Physicians warns, “Chemicals do their damage to our systems one molecule at a time. Even a limited exposure will cause some cellular damage requiring nutrients, time, and energy to heal. If repeated injuries occur at an interval shorter than that required for complete healing, there will be an accumulation of injury. This will eventually lead to organ malfunction and chronic symptoms.”

Phthalates are Not Your Friend

The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry published a study on animals and found that even low-level exposure to phthalates DBP and BBP and can have devastating effects on developing bones in the young and accelerate deterioration in aging bones. Another study, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine in 2007, showed that the risk of developing asthma is 30 to 50 percent higher for air freshener users, compared to non-users.

Most scented oil warmers also emit terpene, a volatile organic compound that hooks up with ozone to create an invisible formaldehyde fog in your room. 

With air fresheners, death might be not be that far off anyway — as formaldehyde is technically classified as a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Other chemical compounds such as ketones, lactones, amines, ethers, and thione also abound in the stinky little wall plug-ins.

Banking on Public Ignorance and Zero Regulation

Big Chemical Companies depend on the masses to stay ignorant, for their continued profits. Don’t expect government or consumer “protection” agencies to do anything about it, either.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has done a weak job of policing air freshener ingredient disclosure. They allow legions of untested and harmful chemicals to pass into your home, unannounced, inside the so-called “trade secret protected” fragrance ingredient.

The EPA, OSHA, and the FDA also allow this scent secrecy with no requirements for compliance with the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, synergy testing, or disclosure on product labels and material safety data sheets.

If you ask me…having your organs damaged and losing your fertility is a terrible price to pay for having your house smell like fake cupcakes. Big Chemical companies’ desire to imitate or improve upon Mother Nature’s handiwork is costing consumers their health, and sometimes their lives.

Megan and Phil Test Positive for Phthalates

After reading about the many environmental risk factors in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded, Megan and Phil tested for phthalates. Lab reports showed both of their bodies were loaded with hormone-disrupting chemicals.  The reports showed that Megan and Phil excreted breakdown metabolites of di-ethyl phthalate, di-isobutyl phthalate, di-methyl phthalate and di-isohexyl phthalate in their urine at levels as much as 100 times higher than baseline population phthalate levels. And this was happening even 2 weeks after they had discontinued ALL usage of air freshener plug-ins.

Following the guidelines in my book, they both did my $1.41 cleanse (search for it on YouTube) and supplemented with activated charcoal twice per week.  Combined, this simple detox pulls out all the toxins of chemical air fresheners.

Healthy Home Scents

The caveat is that you cannot keep using air fresheners and continue to add to the ongoing damage…you must STOP using these toxic products altogether, and give your body a chance to heal.

Good news is, you can avoid reproductive and other organ damage by REFUSING TO USE AIR FRESHENERS in the first place. Bad news is, we don’t know if such damages can be reversed after you’ve incurred them… no one does.

For a great smelling, clean home, use TRUCE cleaning products and handmade soaps with essential oils.

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Pharmacist Speaks Out: Get Off Prescription Drugs, Avoid Vaccines Fri, 29 Apr 2016 16:26:27 +0000 You gotta meet Margaret*.  I changed her name to protect her privacy.  She recently emailed me to vent against Western Medicine’s push to get everyone hooked on drugs and stab… read more »

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You gotta meet Margaret*.  I changed her name to protect her privacy.  She recently emailed me to vent against Western Medicine’s push to get everyone hooked on drugs and stab kids with risky, ineffective vaccines!  Interestingly enough, she has seen medicine from an angle that most people aren’t privy too. 

Margaret is a pharmacist.  With a Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, and over two decades working in the field of pharmacy, she’s seen firsthand how “guideline-driven” medicine has artificially forced every patient into the same clinical box, thereby hooking them on drugs. The result is that “Doctors don’t THINK anymore — they just do what they’re told, which is to put people on meds. So many people in medicine (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) don’t really question anything,” says Margaret. “They’re so busy that they just do what the ‘guidelines’ say to do, rather than look at individuals and what makes sense.”

A former employee of a major pharmaceutical company, Margaret left her job so she could spend more time with her family. At the time, she questioned her former employer’s “huge marketing budget” and now believes the marketing of drugs to the general public — along with guidelines-driven medicine — needs to stop.

“We never get the flu shot,” she adds, referring to herself and her family. “I’ve read the entire package insert and can take on anyone who tries to tell me that it is useful with just that information alone. My years in pharma taught me just how clinical trials are designed to show the planned outcome — they aren’t real studies at all.”

In a world where most parents don’t even bother READING the flu vaccine insert, Margaret is a refreshing example of a mother who takes charge.

She initially contacted me to ask: “Shane, what has been the response been to what you write about vaccines?  For those of us with licenses to protect, we don’t feel very safe voicing concerns about vaccines.”

I understood completely.

Big Pharma fires anyone who speaks out. They work hard to cover up the truth.

I told Margaret what I tell everyone: The science can’t be disputed.  And since my job doesnt depend on parroting the status quo, I’ve had no problems whatsoever. My four kids are all unvaccinated and are strong, healthy, and vibrant.  Attending school has never been an issue, and who cares anyway, health comes first.

Curious to learn more about Margaret’s experience as a pharmacist, I asked for an interview.

She generously agreed to share more of her perspective as a pharmacist.  What follows is a candid interview in which Margaret encourages parents to stop, THINK, and get a reality check when it comes to vaccinating their kids. Commenting on how vaccines are pushed — and sometimes even forced — on everyone, she says, “They’ve done a very good job of psychological indoctrination.”

She also shares her thoughts on what needs to change in mainstream medicine, and why she chose to stop vaccinating.

*Not her real name. Name changed to protect her privacy.

TPC #1: Please summarize your overall pharmacy experience and how you’ve generally worked with patients/clients.

Pharmacist: I’m a pharmacist, but not one who is into mainstream medicine. I have broad pharmacy experience, and many years working in Pharma (just like you, Shane)!

I heard the mantra, “Today’s drugs fund tomorrow’s discoveries…” but after a while, that didn’t justify the huge marketing budget in my opinion. I quit working at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies without a job lined up. I had my first child, and I wanted to hang out with him and figure out next steps.

I think I like retail pharmacy best, because it’s so important to talk to patients about their medications, especially people who want to make lifestyle changes to get OFF their medications. But many people prefer to take a pill rather than change.

2. Why did you choose to become a pharmacist?

Margaret: I really stumbled into it! I never thought of myself as a science person, but I took some science classes and found I liked them. Pharmacy is just more science.

3. What are you most proud of when it comes to your career?

Margaret: I’ve enjoyed helping people. Especially if people are interested in lifestyle changes to get off medications — that’s a pleasure to help them.

4. What has shocked you the most, while working as a pharmacist?

Margaret: Even in pharmacy school, my professors stressed that things would change in our careers and we had to be adaptable. Yet so many people in medicine (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) don’t really question anything. They’re so busy (the workloads are so heavy!) that they just do what the “guidelines” say to do, rather than look at individuals and what makes sense.

When I was a student, clinical pathways or guidelines were a new thing, and now they’ve become essentially law — if you don’t follow treatment guidelines with what you recommend for a patient, you can be sued. The “art” of medicine has, for all practical purposes, disappeared.  Now it’s the Law of Medicine.

5. What is your biggest critique of mainstream medicine?

Margaret: Guideline-driven medicine. Most people have no idea about this and the effect on their health.  It makes everyone fit into the same box, and it drives your doctor’s treatment within that box instead of individualizing it.  [Everyone gets same drug, same dose.]

Doctors don’t THINK anymore — they just do what they’re told. The only guideline I think is unquestionable is the one for cardiac arrest — follow that emergency clinical pathway, for sure.  Otherwise, it’s all about hooking patients on drugs.

6. Have you chosen to vaccinate anyone in your family? 

Up to 6 months, yes.  But not all of them. At that point, I pulled the plug on vaccines (see here why), as well as our pediatrician. Now I use religious waivers.  Unfortunately, after the vaccines, one of my children became very lethargic. I had been researching them a lot up until then, and I decided to stop vaccinating.  From that point on I focused on nursing and boosting immunity naturally.

Later in life, my child was allergic to virtually all nuts and sesame. It didn’t run in our family.  I researched the sesame and found that the allergy is increasing in places like Asia and Israel, where most vaccines are in sesame oil.

Oils in vaccines don’t have to be labeled because they’re considered not active ingredients, and they may vary on the lot. Manufacturers break up lots of vaccines and ship them all over, so that there’s no pattern to any reactions.  Unfortunately, this can lead to the onslaught of allergic reactions.

7. Do you get the flu shot?

Margaret: We never get the flu shot. I’ve read the entire package insert and can take on anyone who tries to tell me that it is useful with just that information alone. 

It doesn’t work.

If you read the package insert, you’ll see that in the non-treated group, 4% got the flu. In the treatment arm, about 2% got the flu. So your risk of getting the flu is only 4% anyway. They got the 50% reduction in flu from simple math — 2% is half of 4%. But your odds of NOT getting the flu are 96%.

If you put it that way, then the shot is not very compelling, is it? But they made it sound like it was, by telling you your risk was reduced by 50% without telling you what the real odds of getting the flu were in the first place.

My years in pharma taught me just how clinical trials are designed to show the planned outcome — they aren’t real studies at all.

8. You mentioned, “My years in pharma taught me how clinical trials are designed to show the planned outcome — they aren’t real studies at all.” Can you explain what this means for the average American with respect to vaccines?

Margaret: Study design is not complicated. You have your null hypothesis, which supposes that there is no difference. And you have your hypothesis, which supposes that there IS a difference. To prove your hypothesis, you usually need such a big number of people that the study is too expensive to conduct. So they go cheap and do smaller studies that show numerical differences, but not statistically significant differences…and they run with that. All they ever need to do is show that their drug is not worse than the other drug, and they win. Then they can do a marketing spin with the data, like they have with the flu vaccine.

9. In your experience, how is the truth about vaccines being covered up?

Margaret: Studies and the lack of studies. The studies that are currently out there — even those for vaccine approvals — quite clearly show there are serious side effects. We don’t know who is most at risk, yet the uniform mandate that all these vaccines be given is forced on all of us.

People deny that there are serious side effects, and that makes me crazy because the package insert for the vaccines themselves say there are side effects! There is not one other drug where the dose is the same no matter how big the child is…and that is troubling. We should be studying why some children react badly. There are genetic differences among us that influence the efficacy or safety of other drugs…yet if you question vaccines, you’re called “Jenny McCarthy” or you’re told you don’t know the science.

But I DO know the science, and the science is not being examined at all. That’s irresponsible.

10. In your professional opinion, should ALL people be required by law to take vaccines?

Margaret: No. Unlike most other drugs that you could stop taking if you had a reaction, you can’t take back a vaccine. A person’s body is so precious, and even if he’s a total looney tunes, he has a right to say no to a drug. It’s not like saying no to breathing! And it’s not like smoking around children — that is so clearly dangerous, we all know that.

At one time, smoking was said to be helpful to athletes and was even promoted for athletic performance! The tide turned on smoking, once someone blew that whistle. There have been whistle-blowers for vaccines, yet the train for mandates keeps on going. When you look at the incidence of chronic conditions among children today, you have to ask, “Why?” Is it our food quality? Is it vaccines? Is it air and water pollution? Is it chemicals in our homes? Because we don’t know for sure, it should not be mandated.

11. What do you think about how vaccines are being pushed — and sometimes even forced — on everyone?

Margaret: They’ve done a very good job of psychological indoctrination. Most people believe vaccines have saved millions of lives from “HORRIBLE” diseases like measles, mumps, and even chickenpox. But when I ask people why they think those diseases were chosen for vaccines, as opposed to something like HIV, they have no answer. The answer is simple…making a vaccine for measles was easy. Making one for HIV is very hard. So drug development went the path of least resistance.

Then once a vaccine existed, suddenly the disease was proclaimed to be killing millions when it never did. Chickenpox is a great example. Everyone in my childhood had chickenpox and not one person I knew died or even had serious complications. By the way, the rationale for the development of the chickenpox vaccine was entirely economic — to avoid parents missing work. It was never about the disease itself being fatal. But once they had the vaccine, they then proclaimed that chickenpox was such a serious disease.

12. What is your biggest concern about vaccines and our kids today?

Margaret: We don’t know the long-term impact of what they’ve been given. We know now that there were simian viruses in the measles vaccines given in the 60s, and those simian viruses were oncogenic, meaning cancer-causing. There are also some very good animal studies that show an increase in autoimmune diseases in vaccinated primates. I worry most about the link with autoimmune diseases like MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

13. What would you like parents to know about vaccines?

Margaret: I think people have to stop and take a reality check. Depending on the age of your parents, ask them if they had measles, mumps, chickenpox, or pertussis. Ask them if it was really bad or if they knew anyone who died. Don’t ask about polio. (Polio, by the way, still exists today under different names, so it was not eradicated by the vaccine, and most cases of polio are not paralytic.) I asked my own parents, and they said they had all those diseases, and they really weren’t a big deal.

The best treatment for measles is vitamin A. It’s a disease that is quite mild if you have adequate vitamin A. Everyone used to know that, which is why so many kids back in the day took Cod Liver oil. Being sick sometimes is a part of life. We have to decide if we’re so terrified of ordinary diseases like measles that we would rather vaccinate against it and risk worse consequences like autoimmune diseases or cancer. I’d take measles over cancer any day.

We also need to educate parents that some of these diseases are actually MEANT to happen to children. Having some of these diseases triggers developmental processes in children. Just like a longitudinal study I saw where it was noted that children had growth spurts after they recovered from being ill. Being sick occasionally may actually be necessary for normal development.

14. What do you think needs to change in mainstream medicine?

Margaret: Stop the guidelines. Doctors are now reimbursed on their adherence to guidelines, which is why they push vaccines. They are paid less by insurance carriers if their vaccine rates decline, so they kick patients out who won’t do what they’re told to do. That’s why you should offer to pay cash (if you can) when you see your doctors so that they have less incentive to promote these things on you.

And stop allowing the marketing of drugs to the public. When that was approved, all of this craziness was unleashed. It’s been very detrimental ever since, because the media will never question something they make money from. Once they no longer make advertising money from drug companies, then the real questions will be asked. If people think the only reason any drug or vaccine was developed was to do “good,” they need to think again. Drug companies have marketing departments just like any other industry. It’s all about sales and how to convince (or force) you to take this drug, or get that vaccine.

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What Happens When You Eat Aspartame? Mon, 18 Apr 2016 06:04:31 +0000 Above is the title of a major study looking at the side effects of aspartame. If you don’t already know what it is then you’re either an idiot or an… read more »

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Above is the title of a major study looking at the side effects of aspartame. If you don’t already know what it is then you’re either an idiot or an ostrich with head buried firmly in sand.

Unlike the FDA approved studies performed by the maker of aspartame, GD Searle, this was an independent look at what happens when you eat aspartame.

In case ostriches are reading this, aspartame is a drug.

It was first reported in 1966 by chemists trying to design an ulcer medication. An accidental tasting by lazy chemists caused its sweet nature to be elucidated…

The Journal of the American Chemical Society wrote, “We wish to report another accidental discovery of an organic compound with a profound sucrose (table sugar) like taste. . . Preliminary testing showed this compound to have a potency of 100-200 times sucrose.”

Animal studies ensued.

A congressional report later published that, “Seven infant monkeys were given aspartame with milk. One died after 300 days. Five others (out of seven total) had grand mal seizures.”

The results were buried and forgotten.  GD Searle pushed on for decades to get FDA approval.

Fast forward, after much politicizing, astroturfing and PR campaigns, aspartame was finally approved as an artificial sweetener thanks to fraudulent studies from the drug giant.

FDA toxicologist Dr. Andrian Gross warned in 1985 that, “G.D. Searle lied and didn’t submit the real nature of their observations…what Searle did, they took great pains to camouflage these shortcomings of the study [on aspartame].  As I say filter and just present to the FDA what they wished the FDA to know…they did other terrible things for instance animals would develop tumors while they were under study. Well they would remove these tumors from the animals [so they wouldn’t show up in the results].”

GD Searle still made bank.

God bless America. ‘Cause they need it.

Today, millions of children are being poisoned by the failed ulcer medication turned “sweetener.” Adults too, of course. But hell, adults can read so technically, they should know better.

When I was a graduate student, teaching organic chemistry, I showed students how toxic aspartame really was…applied science is the best science.

I stocked up on diet soda and taught the kids how to extract the ingredients. Aspartame came out as methanol, phenylalanine and formaldehyde 60% of the time.  Thus, if aspartame toxicity wasn’t bad enough, you’re poisoned with the byproducts that result from room or body temperature.

Yum!  And would you believe that corporate America puts this shit in baby food! See Pedialyte.

As homework, I made the students go to the library to look at the clinical studies on aspartame consumption.  The above paper is emblematic of what they found.  It shows what happens, over time, when you consume aspartame and its byproducts…cancer. Especially Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia.  The drug is notorious for damaging brain cells.

All kinds of other nasty shit can happen. Ask Michael J. Fox…He was hired to endorse the sickening sweet soda. And apparently drank tons of it…Horrific to think of the outcome.  Decades later, his side-effects started to kick in.

Paid shills aren’t the only victims.  A pilot emailed me recently to say he lost his career due to testing positive for alcohol after a flight. It was methanol, the byproduct of his diet soda consumed during his mission. He’s lucky it didn’t make him go crazy, as it has done to some pilots in the past! The altitude hastens the toxic response.

Want to reclaim your liver and other body parts from toxic crap added to your food? Quite drinking aspartame.  Also, start using milk thistle!

Milk thistle forms a protective shield around cells to thwart the negative outcome of ingesting artificial sweeteners, prescription drugs and environmental toxins.

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TruceClean – Natural Cleaning Products Interview Thu, 14 Apr 2016 14:34:22 +0000 Toxic Chemicals Do NOT Equal Clean! For decades, moms thought they were doing the right thing by creating a flawless “spic and span” shine throughout every room and surface in… read more »

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Toxic Chemicals Do NOT Equal Clean!

For decades, moms thought they were doing the right thing by creating a flawless “spic and span” shine throughout every room and surface in their house. The cheery commercials on TV peddling toxic and even “deadly-if-swallowed” products gave moms an extra sense of comfort. But little did they know…they were unwittingly subjecting themselves (and their babies, kids, and pets!) to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals, courtesy of popular cleaning products.

Leave it to Americans to screw up everything…If it isn’t willful ignorance, then it’s complacency.

Big companies have hypnotized everyone into believing “toxic chemicals = clean.”

There’s nothing like scrubbing your floors, bathrooms, and toilets with hazardous waste that burns through flesh and bone…soaks through skin…damages red blood cells…causes irreversible eye damage, fucks up the body’s hormones…leads to endocrine disorders…and is “harmful or fatal if swallowed” as per the product label itself (I’m talking to you, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner!).

Seriously?!? You’re rubbing this all over your home?

According to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), 85,000 children under the age of 5 are accidentally poisoned each year in the United States. A study published in December 2015 showed that 76% of those poisonings occur in the home, with commonly used products. Bleach was culprit #4 on the list, while liquid laundry packets were #6. (Source.)

What products are guilty?  Let me make a list for you:

All of them.

There.  Surely you can remember that.

The only reason you’ve been buying these products is because marketing and branding geniuses have tricked you into believing they’re desirable and safe to use. The household cleaning industry has made a fortune selling this crap to you, disguising their poisons with alluring colors and the sirens call of “natural.”  Forget all the kids who have been poisoned…profits are piling up.

Fuck ’em.

I hope they get their limp spines torn from their body, are stuck like a hotdog on cool summer night and roasted over a chemical fire of bleach, blue dye #itwillkillyou and Pinesol.

But that’s just me being a loudmouth jerk…I’m sure the marketing geniuses are, otherwise, very nice people who are “just doing their job.”  Heck, they have a Tesla to buy and inflated mortgages to pay off.

As The People’s Chemist, I couldn’t sit back and do nothing.  Plus, I’m sick of throwing shit away every time my wife brings home a product from Honest Company…The only thing they’re honestly doing is honestly lying to you and making hundreds of millions off the organic cleaning scam.

So, meet TruceClean.

I interviewed Diann Peart, PhD in Ecology and co-founder of TruceClean — a company that makes and sells SAFE, non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products. I’ve used and tested them myself! And I know if my kids accidentally ate or swallowed them, we wouldn’t need to be rushing off to the hospital (as you probably would with typical cleaning products) or morgue.

TruceClean uses a whopping total of 14 simple, safe and effective ingredients in their products. And even a drug rep can pronounce them.

Best of all, they’re more effective than other “green” or “organic” cleaning products that are all just outright lies, anyway.  #readthefuckinglabel

(Look at what I have to do now to get people to read shit…use hashtags.  Incredulous.)

If you’re still using Tide, Glade, 409 Cleaner, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Honest Co. and other toxic so-called cleaning products in your homes, then make sure to read the following interview word-for-word…as it could save your health! 

1. What led you to create your natural cleaning products business?

In a graduate symposium, I learned that the average American household applies chemicals at 5 times the rate of agribusiness. That was in the 1990s…and today I still see ads for Roundup and Clorox products. I’m an organic gardener, ecologist, and community activist. I became aware that the rates of breast cancer are increasing, as is chemical sensitivity and the expansion of the autism spectrum.

A friend of mine had her own cleaning business and developed dermatitis from working in household chemicals. So she developed her own non-toxic cleaners. She gave me her products and I was amazed…they worked! I began reading “Mom Blogs” and realized that women were desperate for cleaning products that are safe to use around their babies. We had them. We decided to take them to the market. We feel compelled to help people get harmful chemicals out of their homes.

2. What do you think is the biggest threat in traditional cleaning products?

Toxic chemicals!

[TPC note: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit research organization that created a comprehensive database of over 2,000 household cleaners, ranking them according to how hazardous their ingredients are, and how much information the companies divulge on their product labels.

To see how toxic your cleaning products are — including so-called green and “organic” products — check out the EWG Cleaners Database at You’d be surprised at what you find.

For a list of EWG’s “Dirty Dozen: Cancer Prevention Edition,” see These are the top 12 harmful chemicals that have been “found to also disrupt cancer-related pathways — known as cancer hallmarks.” In other words, they cause cancer! Worse, they also prevent your body from fighting cancer!  This is like getting knocked-out by Nate Diaz, then having a brick dropped on your head, just slowly over a decade or so.

Phthalates were #8 on the Dirty Dozen list. These are industrial chemicals commonly used in PVC plastics, solvents, and synthetic fragrances. Diethlyhexyl Phthalate (DEHP) was #9. This chemical is often used as a fragrance ingredient in cleaning products and air fresheners.   Start looking at your soap labels and you’ll see this shit everywhere.  Triclosan — a toxic ingredient found in many liquid hand and dishwashing soaps (including antibacterial soaps) — was #11 on the list.

3. What was your experience like when trying out various “green” cleaning products? Did they live up to the ‘green’ label?

I spent years and dollars trying “green” cleaning products. Either they didn’t work or they turned out to be toxic in disguise. Many just plain smelled bad, as well. I gave up cleaning with green products and just used water and vinegar. Along came our products and they are amazing.

4. Have you found any problems with typical “organic” cleaning products?

Yes — misrepresentation and “greenwashing.” The term “organic” is fairly worthless when applied to cleaning products. What’s more important is to find products that are “Toxic Chemical Free”! A product called Simple Green ate through the bottom of its plastic bottle and permanently stained my laundry room floor. It serves as an ever present reminder of the extent of greenwashing in the marketplace.

[TPC Note: Greenwashing is defined as “a form of spin in which green PR (public relations) or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.” Source.]

5. What makes TruceClean products different/better?

We use all the traditional, old-fashioned ingredients that have been used for generations to clean — salt, baking soda, vinegar, rubbling alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals in any of our products! We don’t ship water — you add your own water when you get the products at home. We also have refills available. What we have is a dynamite recipe that people trust and love. Our ingredients are listed in plain language right on the labels. We provide peace of mind.

For a full list of the ingredients we use, you can check out our website All our ingredients are listed.

6. Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes. The plastic bottles we use for our products are made from PET, the most easily and frequently recycled plastic available. Our spray bottles can be refilled and reused any number of times.

We sell you a perfectly nice and good bottle, and we want it to be used over and over again. Throwing it in the trash and buying a new one doesn’t make sense — all it makes is a lot of waste.

7. What do you wish everybody on the planet knew about cleaning products?

On the planet? Big order. What I really wish is that people would read the labels on the cleaning products they purchase. I wish people were less fearful of germs…we’re way overdoing the chemicals on every level.

[TPC Note: Stop using antibacterial soaps…all they do is help superbugs get more deadly! When you have a strong immune system, and when you give your immune system the exact nutrients it needs to fight “biological nasties” on its own…you’ll never again have to fear germs. Plus, you won’t have to succumb to toxic antibiotics, or put your life on hold simply because others around you got sick! And by definition, truly natural handmade soaps are already an antibiotic and antiviral.]

8. Where can people purchase your non-toxic, chemical-free TruceClean products?

Online at, in Arizona at Whole Foods, and online at

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Cod Liver Oil: In-House Test Results Show Which Cod Liver Oil Product is Best for the Family Thu, 24 Mar 2016 02:49:46 +0000 Everything a healthy family needs to know about buying cod liver oil… At 14 years old, my oldest daughter, Lily, has been by my side as far back as BTPC… read more »

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Everything a healthy family needs to know about buying cod liver oil

At 14 years old, my oldest daughter, Lily, has been by my side as far back as BTPC (Before The People’s Chemist).  Just out of the pharmaceutical lab, we stayed home together.  Mom worked long hours hustling at a hair salon.  We had our daily routine of going to the gym, visiting parks, museums and eventually, mom, for milk.

I called her my business baby.  Always serious and independent, she hardly ever cried and did everything herself starting at 3 years old…She loved being my shadow and I hers.  Ever since, she has been an attentive student, writer, athlete, and handmade soap entrepreneur, always trying to better herself…And ultra-strong too.  Plus, she’s a blast to go to concerts with.


No medicine, no vaccines, we’ve always taken a minimalist approach to medication, for good reason of course.  Lily has a robust immune system that works ultra-fast at eradicating illness.  She’s never had an ear infection, strep throat, or chicken pox. On the rare occasion that she does catch a cold or flu bug, it’s gone in a day.

Part of her inviolable health and strength stems from:

This is true for all four of my kids.  And the staple for prevention in our family has been cod liver oil…but not the typical crap you would find in the store.


Today there’s a ton of confusion surrounding cod liver oil.  This stems from supplement hucksters who don’t know the difference between naturally occurring nutrients and those made in a lab (synthetic), what is referred to as “processed,” for simplification.

Knowing the difference between processed and unprocessed cod liver oils protects your kids from the side-effects associated with choking down the imposters: things like poor energy and focus and worst case scenario, calcification leading to heart failure and also cancer.

To understand the differences among cod liver oils, you have to go way back to simpler times…when there wasn’t a barrage of choices, misinformation and Big Pharma to screw it all up.

The use of cod liver oil in medicine has been documented as far back as Hippocrates and the Roman naturalist, Pliny. Safe and effective, these oils were also used by the Vikings as early as the 700’s to 1100.

Continuing its reign as a natural remedy in the winter, Dr. Ruth A. Guy published The History of Cod Liver Oil in 1923. This was among the first and most extensive documents showing positive, measurable results associated with using cod liver oil, observed by physicians in Germany, Holland, Manchester England, and France. Published in The American Journal of Diseases of Children, it documented numerous cod liver oil cures for:

Back then, most cod liver oil was unprocessed.

Therefore, if you’re gonna consume cod liver oil, then you want the product that’s been proven to yield positive measurable health results – unprocessed cod liver oil.  Duh.  Today, you have to look for it denoted as “extra-virgin” as in extra-virgin cod liver oil.

When you look at the contents of extra-virgin cod liver oil using modern day laboratory testing methods, it shows that this unadulterated product delivers a one-of-a-kind blend of fatty acids and micronutrients, in doses and ratios that are  ultra-safe and extremely therapeutic.  In other words, you can’t get these healing ingredients from any other oil.  Specifically, they are:

  • Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA
  • Naturally occurring vitamin A
  • Naturally occurring vitamin D
  • Naturally occurring vitamin E
  • And more….

Wanting to piggy-back off the success of extra-virgin cod liver oil and its synergistic ingredients, numerous knock-offs have spawned from the dietary supplement industry and Big Pharma.  Today, you can choose among a vast array of processed cod liver oils that have synthetic “vitamins” tossed back in for “good measure” or worse, pharmaceutical omega-3 fatty acids like Lovaza and Vascepa.  Stripped down, these wanna-be’s don’t confer the same healthy outcomes as extra-virgin cod liver oil.

Hence, there are typically 4 types of fish oils to choose from:

  • Extra-virgin cod liver oil (unprocessed)
  • Cod liver oil (if not labeled as extra-virgin, then processed)
  • Omega-3 fish oils
  • Prescription omega-3 PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids)

No Benefits for Knock-Offs of Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil

There’s lots of controversy around which cod liver or fish oil is best.  Pharmaceutical industry slaves and wanna-be doctors are always bickering about what the “blend” should contain or why their omega-3 “fish oil” is superior.  In the same breath, they’re quick to sell you their own special oil or vitamin.  Or they insist we need to overdose on isolated or individual, synthetic ingredients to raise our blood levels to procure health.  Hell, the medical industry has even devised blood tests and artificially raised the standards of most nutrients in an attempt to get us all hooked on their unique product.

But, comparatively, the evidence shows (just like it did a hundred years ago) that extra-virgin (unprocessed) cod liver oil works vastly better than any of the the processed versions as well as the high-dose, pharmaceutical mimics most people know as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D and pharmaceutical grade, omega-3 oils.  That’s good news because it means vitamin consumers can ditch a lot of pills and potions and simply rely on extra-virgin cod liver oil.  

As highlighted in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded, vapid, sterile ingredients stirred into processed cod liver or highly distilled or lab-derived “omega-3” oils are just cheap decoys of the real thing – cod liver oil. Common to grocery store shelves, these unhealthy and sometimes toxic (due to abnormally high amounts) products – leading to “hypervitaminosis” – should be avoided at all cost…you might as well be sniffing ether. They won’t yield healthy outcomes and worst case scenario, they’ll harm your health, which is why I’d never let my family choke them down.

Studying side effects from prescription omega-3 fats, the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) published that, “adverse events reported by 1 or more patients from 22 clinical studies are:”

“BODY AS A WHOLE: enlarged abdomen, asthenia, body odor, chest pain, chills, suicide, fever, generalized edema, fungal infection, malaise, neck pain, neoplasm, rheumatoid arthritis, sudden death, and viral infection.”

“CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: arrhythmia, bypass surgery, cardiac arrest, hyperlipemia, hypertension, migraine, myocardial infarct, myocardial ischemia, occlusion, peripheral vascular disorder, syncope, and tachycardia.”

“DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: anorexia, constipation, dry mouth, dysphagia, colitis, fecal incontinence, gastritis, gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal disorder, increased appetite, intestinal obstruction, melena, pancreatitis, tenesmus, and vomiting.”

And if that isn’t crazy enough, the pharmaceutical industry charges up to $500 per month for these risky, omega-3 imposters!  

Not only is it fraudulent, but criminal.  

In contrast, extra-virgin cod liver oil is free of side effects and much less expensive.  Though your insurance company won’t pay for this version…great little extortion scam Western Medicine has going on courtesy of the US government.

To better illustrate the difference between processed and unprocessed cod liver oils and to help consumers avoid being robbed, I ran some in-house tests to prove my point and to outline the best cod liver oil for overall general health.

My In-House Lab Results!

In order to help parents learn how to avoid the greasy scam, I tested and compared two cod liver oil products to illustrate the stark difference to consumers – processed and unprocessed.

One is cod liver oil sold by mega-supplement dealer Now Foods.  The other is a truly natural, extra-virgin cod liver oil from Rosita Real Foods, a company that produces extra-virgin cod liver oil – sustainable and humanely – in Norway sold here for US customers.

Best Cod Liver Oil Brand

Methods:  I subjected both products to the same quality control rigours I use for my own as The People’s Chemist. Using a technique known as HPLC, I tested and compared two commercial brands of cod liver oil for:

  • One-of-a-kind, naturally occurring, therapeutic value of fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
  • Naturally occurring nutrients, specifically vitamin D
  • Environmental toxins mercury and dioxins

The results: The analysis confirmed that the extra-virgin cod liver oil from Rosita Natural Foods contained all of nature’s healing fatty acids (EPA and DHA) along with a host of naturally occurring micronutrients such as vitamin A and D.  Even better,  no environmental contaminants or synthetic counterfeits were discovered.

Now Foods contained synthetic vitamin D, added back to replace what was lost from processing methods.  I stopped testing after that because this alone makes the product worthless to me…plus, it’s an arduous process testing this stuff.  To test for vitamin D, you have to subject the starting materials to saponification (like Lily’s soap making process!) before running the analytical tests.  I had to go to jiu jitsu practice.

Here’s something even better about the naturally occurring, extra-virgin cod liver oil:  I found that it also contained a natural buffer, proven to help the body better metabolize vitamin D! Yippie…more proof that nature rocks and has our back.  But do we really need it?  I guess so as long as we have the Dr. Holick’s (and his minions) of the world trying to shove vitamin D pills down our throat.

Discussion:  These simple lab results are proof that nature made is superior to man made…It also shows that we need to be especially careful of the lazy and trendy advice being dished out like celebrity gossip to suck down processed cod liver oil, omega 3 fats (prescription or otherwise) as well as vitamin D pills.

And as a side note, looking closer at the artificial, vitamin D content of the typical store bought brands like Now, the results were proof that most people are being overdosed! (Poor Now Foods is really getting it today from TPC.)  Specifically, extra-virgin cod liver oil from Rosita Real Foods contained multiple chemical cousins (isomers) of vitamin D, in very small, albeit healthy doses. This is a good thing as the body is highly sensitive to such hormones. Further, with the proper natural dose of isomers, the body can remove any of the hormones it doesn’t need via various detox pathways.  But, store bought oil brands and vitamin D pills are spilling over in synthetic vitamin D2 and D3 by as much as 300 to 500% in comparison!  Even worse, a typical store bought vitamin D pill injects 3,000 to 5,000% more of either D2 and D3 into the user!

The real risk here is BIOACCUMULATION.

Bypassing detox pathways, the synthetic isolates are stored in the body, leading to kidney stones and calcification of the cardiovascular system. It’s therefore no surprise that synthetic vitamin D made great rat poison in the 1970’s.

To compare, if it were a gallon of water you needed and your doctor or supplement huckster online recommended 5000% more per day, you’d be gulping down a small pool in Arizona, daily!  

To avoid the overdose, simply start using extra-virgin cod liver oil.

Interview with Rosita Natural Foods

Excited to have found a good extra-virgin cod liver oil, I reached out to Rosita Natural Foods for an interview.  I wanted to learn more about their background, motivation and the arduous process of extracting cod liver oil.  Founder, Bengt Svensson went the extra mile, too by discussing some of the history behind the health benefits of his “extra-virgin” form used by his healthier ancestors.

This is the only company on earth that I know of, that’s not butchering or adulterating their cod liver oil for the sake of profits or convenience. And it’s the company I trust to preserve and promote health in my family.

TPC #1: What is Rosita Real Foods?

Mr. Svensson: Rosita Real Foods is a small family-run artisanal company based in Norway. We produce handcrafted wild and raw, extra-virgin marine oils. Our top product is extra-virgin cod liver oil.

The company is made up of old-time genuine Norwegians and fishermen who know all about fish liver oils. We follow sustainable hand-caught fishing practices, using open boat with shelter deck. Our oils are produced under the total absence of chemicals and heat, and therefore retain all of their original fat-soluble nutrients and fatty acids in their natural, raw cod oil form.

TPC #2: Why did you launch your company?

Mr. Svensson: To promote conscious awareness about nature and how it’s here to serve our health and longevity.

TPC #3: How does Rosita produce its fish liver oils?

Mr. Svensson: Our oils are produced using an age-old and rare method that allows the fish livers to “release” the oil they naturally contain — WITHOUT the need for heat, solvents, chemicals, distillation, or any form of refining. This is very rare in today’s


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The Ancient people from the coast of northern Norway observed the principle of the seasons — which basically states that when a freshly caught fish was brought up to the surface and the liver eviscerated from the fish, the change in temperature and pressure from the ocean depths to the surface caused a natural exuding of the oil from the fish’s liver. The resultant golden oil is of extra-virgin quality. It’s what you’d find present in a “living” codfish liver.


Click Here To Enlarge The Image Above

TPC #4: How are most fish oils produced today, and how is this different from the way your company produces them?

If you look at what’s available to consumers today, the majority (if not all) of these fish oils are produced using advanced refining techniques. These make use of heat and in some instances, chemicals. Sometimes vacuum is used to reduce the temperature the process requires.

A commonly used refining technique is something called molecular distillation. The final product is often described as a “Pharmaceutical Refined” fish oil, which can often involve heating the oil to very high temperatures (>200 °C).

They do a good job of removing contaminants. Unfortunately, this kind of processing can result in unwanted heat-induced reactions, evaporation of minor nutritional components and volatile nutrients; as well as negatively affecting the retention of vitamins (including vitamins A & D3) and polyunsaturated fatty acid levels/quality.

Manufacturers add the lost/reduced nutrients back to the oils, either in the form of synthetic, pharmaceutical mimics or by adding, for example, vitamin D3 isolated from sheep’s wool. This new product does not resemble the original, healthy one.

[TPC Note: See to find out why synthetic vitamin D is toxic. In fact, it’s so toxic, it makes great rat poison! Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are man-made drugs that humans should not be consuming. These fake forms are not to be confused with the naturally occurring, safe Vitamin D found in extra-virgin cod liver oil and produced in your skin naturally, courtesy of exposure to sunlight.]

TPC #5: Is extra-virgin cod liver oil (EVCLO) the best form of cod liver oil to buy?

Mr. Svensson: Extra-virgin, virgin, and refined olive oils have been shown to differ in nutritional content and health benefits. For example, the benefits ascribed to olive oil have been associated with the “extra-virgin” form. Same for cod liver oil. Recent research suggests that marine oils that are cold pressed and cold purified using low temperatures have a greater positive impact on health than oils produced the conventional way, including the use of heat and molecular distillation. And this is easy to test too using state-of-the-art chemistry methods. The nutrient profiles are vastly different.

Norwegian researcher Professor Edel Elvevoll at the Norwegian College of Fisheries, who has for a number of years studied oils from seals, whales, and fish, has stated that ordinary cod liver oils are so processed that most of their beneficial properties are destroyed. She also found that such refining removes up to 90% of the substances the body needs. World leading researcher on marine oils, Gjermund Vogt, has a similar stance: “We are already seeing indications that cells thrive best with fresh fish oil with little rancidity.”

TPC #6: How does Rosita address the potential problem of organic contaminants?

Mr. Svensson: Everything is done with respect for nature. The whole process occurs without the use of heat, chemicals or vacuum. Modeling the ocean’s natural cleaning process, we use a blend of polysaccharides that occur naturally on the ocean floor. It has the ability to bind itself to a variety of organic contaminants and proteins while leaving beneficial nutrients untouched. This is a handcrafted process that does not require the use of heat or chemicals and was handed down to us from our ancestors.

TPC #7: In your opinion, what needs to change in the fish oil industry?

Mr. Svensson: Companies should be more transparent and tell consumers the truth regarding their production methods and fish species used. It’s not uncommon for cod liver oils to be obtained from a totally different fish that is not cod, especially from fish originating from the Southern Hemisphere, including Peru. The same applies to the krill oil industry. Krill oils can actually contain cheap 18/12 fish oil. (It’s called “18/12” because there is approximately 18% EPA and 12% DHA. 18/12 fish oils can be used as bulking oils.)

In Norway we have four main cod liver oil factories. They harvest their fish using trawling methods for 2-4 months during the winter. They may also use farmed fish. They produce about 400 tons a year, then store the oil in tanks for maybe more than 1 year!

By then, the oil has gone rancid and needs pharmaceutical refining. Manufacturers then add synthetic nutrients that were lost during the refining process. Then they distribute these oils to companies that sell cod liver oil.

In addition, the majority of companies obtain a lot of their oils from Peru and South America, and not even from cod livers. That goes for the famous popular brands in the US currently making huge profits! There is no law to stop this!

TPC #8: What do you wish everyone in the world knew about fish oil?

Mr. Svensson: We want everyone to know the truth about it all. By this, we’re trying to stimulate each and every person to investigate and find the real truth. It’s so easy to buy into what some scientists and specialists are paid to say.

We want you to be on guard when scientists use words like “I believe” or “I think,” or even when they use other scientists to build up their statements in their writings about products they’re supporting. We have found that such statements are being used more and more in the marketing of fish oils, often without any real scientific proof or evidence at all. Our real-time sciences are built around cause and effect, and there should be no room for any “beliefs” or personal statements at all — only hard facts.

When scientists and MD’s vouch for a product, please don’t buy into it without real-time research and personal involvement. Don’t give in when asking for the truth. They might only be in need of the money to become even more wealthy on your behalf.

We also want you to know that to test pure natural products, one needs special protocols and testing methods. These are quite different from the testing protocols and methods used on industrial grade or other oils. You cannot use protocols and methods from the land-based farming industry to test marine oils. The results will not show the truthful and real properties of the oils. This is one reason why we use specialist 3rd party marine labs in our testing. We want the ACTUAL and truthful results, not results we could pay to have through other labs.

When products show higher values of vitamins and nutrition than you’d find in nature, we should all start to question these products! It’s not the high synthetic vitamin content that’s important. What’s important is that they have the naturally occurring compounds in them…Some fish oils are marketed with content you could never find in the living fish species. Is it really possible to have higher or other values in a natural product than you might find in the actual living fish in nature?

TPC #9: Where can U.S. customers purchase your products?

Mr. Svensson: Through the main website of our distribution partner, Organic3 Inc. They have organized their US resellers at the following website link:

All the best from the Rosita Family in northern Norway, Bengt Svensson.


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Celebrated 17 Year Anniversary! Tue, 15 Mar 2016 20:32:58 +0000 Whew! Long and exciting weekend. Friday started out with Google banning my ads. Whatever. Hopped in my plane to practice takeoffs and landings. For the first time, winds did a… read more »

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Whew! Long and exciting weekend. Friday started out with Google banning my ads. Whatever. Hopped in my plane to practice takeoffs and landings. For the first time, winds did a 180 shift while on final approach. Good learning experience. Planes don’t fly well with a tailwind when gear is down and power is at idle…Came home to wrap Lea-Ann’s anniversary gift (Actually, just put it in a nice gift bag, much easier.).

Saturday marked 17 years!

We met in college while working out. At the time I had been dating someone for almost 5 years! I knew instantly that I was going to have to break that off…rough.  (I didn’t even know her name, yet!)

And ever since, we’ve been together.

There isn’t much we haven’t experienced. Road trips to Mexico in college. Working arduous hours through graduate school – she cut hair during the day and worked at Chili’s as a waitress at night. I lived in the lab and taught O-chem.

We partied like rock stars on the weekends – sometimes I competed in a random grappling tournament or guided a raft trip down the Grand Canyon – and even made Vegas a couple times to dance our asses off (I’m a way better dancer).

Eventually we moved to Denver…Lily was born. That was 14 years ago.

And ever since, we’ve been focused on one thing: Raising a vibrantly healthy family.

From that, The People’s Chemist was born.

My Big Pharma career came to a screeching halt.

You can’t be on drugs and healthy at the same time.

So, for 14 years, we’ve been helping people get off prescription drugs so they could live a healthier, more active life. Together, we’ve ignored trends, hype, and even so-called laws that imply certain health-care regimens like vaccines are required. Chemistry, with its brutal honesty, has been our only guide. (In and out of the bedroom, LOL.)

So for our 17th year anniversary, we shared a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine – at least for someone living the lifestyle of the not-so-rich-or-famous. Had an amazing meal. And made it back home to care for kids and babies who were hit with fevers, snot bubbles and earaches.

Great. Not the all-nighter of our early days….

Skyler, by far, is the cry baby in the family. All eyez on Skyler…or else…Aubrey and Lily are the rocks, for sure. Blair’s learning from both as he gets older:)

It could be said that all four of our kids – as well as our healthy marriage – are all products of my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded.

LOL…so too was her gift. Profits from my book don’t go to building schools in Butt-F#ck-Egypt or paying for PR to successorize myself on social media…

Profits this weekend went to “the” watch with too many diamonds. Perfect for the ultra-hottie who has endured being married to a “pit bull on meth” for 17 years.


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