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Get These Cancer Causing Fats Out of Your House

You know by now that there are “good” fats and “bad” fats. And you’ve probably heard that small amounts of omega-6 fatty acids from seeds and plants are essential to our body. When combined with omega-3 fatty acids from fish, omega-6’s appear to play an integral role in maintaining health. Combined, these two fats can help regulate proper brain development, energy production, immune function and put out the fires of inflammation.

However, large quantities of omega-6 fats can become poisonous.

Omega-6 fatty acids promote oxidative stress by disabling the body’s second defense against cancer – the antioxidant. Adding insult to injury, omega-6 fats increase inflammation within skin cells. Inflammation can be the driving force for the growth of skin cancer and its ability to spread to nearby tissues and organs.

Like skin cancer (and many other forms of cancer), this omega-6 threat did not exist 100 years ago. Our ancestors only consumed small quantities of omega-6 in the form of whole corn, seeds, or legumes. Their ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 was about 1:1. Today, a large segment of the population consumes a ratio of 20:1.

The omega-6 overdose exists thanks to the advent of technology – chemical extraction methods to be exact. Instead of consuming omega-6 in its natural state – from plants and seeds – the primary sources today are plant and seed oils such as corn, safflower, and sunflower oil. A single tablespoon of omega-6-laden corn oil is derived from a whopping 12 to 18 ears of corn. Make sure you get these cancer fertilizing oils out of your house.

The ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids remains to be determined. One thing is certain, the overdose of omega-6 manifests into poor health as well as dry, brittle skin that predispose us to skin cancer.

The best thing you can do to protect against skin cancer and many other forms is rid your diet of omega-6-laden plant and seed oils while consuming more protective omega-3 fatty acids and naturally occurring saturated fats from seeds, nuts, butter, fish, grass fed beef and coconut oil.


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