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Get This Fat Burning Hormone without a Prescription

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Your body produces its own weapon of fat destruction. More than helping you look great, it can also ward off Type 2 diabetes and boost your energy. However, most people don’t know how to harness this lifesaving hormone. Fortunately, it’s as simple as learning when to eat …

Joan was scheduled for what was supposed to be a routine blood test, but it turned out to be one of the biggest turning points in her life. At 39 years old, she was striving to stay on top of her career. As an accountant, she worked long hours. Travel was a regular part of her work schedule and weekly meetings with clients were mandatory. Over time, she wasn’t able to keep up. Her energy had evaporated. That’s when she scheduled her doctor’s appointment.

Walking into the sterile environment of her family doctor, she wondered if it would help. “Would he find something wrong or suggest I choke down some sleeping pills or antidepressants?” she wondered. “Maybe I just need a vacation.”

A blood test revealed that Joan’s blood sugar was high at 150mg/dL. Anything above 125mg/dL is considered Type 2 diabetic or, more accurately, “insulin resistant.” When blood sugar rises, the body is unable to efficiently produce its energizing molecule ATP. And when ATP function declines, so does energy.

One of the best defenses against bad blood is a hormone known as glucagon. This is the “I can’t wait to wear a bathing suit” hormone. When released by the pancreas it works double-time to control blood sugar, while activating fat metabolism.

As the natural enemy to Type 2 diabetes, glucagon is your No. 1 defense against the pandemic killer. More exciting, you don’t need a prescription to have it. As the most effective pharmacy in the world, your body can make glucagon if you adhere to one simple habit: Eat only three meals per day, five hours apart. A good eating schedule to stick to is 7 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m. About 50 percent of your meals should consist of foods that do not give rise to bad blood – healthy fats from grass-fed beef, avocado, seeds, nuts, whole eggs, and coconut oil.

By consuming only three meals per day, you’re tapping into your innate ability to manufacture the lifesaving hormone. In contrast, when you divide your meals with snacks, your body responds with a fat-storing hormone known as insulin, which cannot co-exist with glucagon. As a result, weight gain ensues and blood sugar goes haywire … then everything goes downhill from there. Just ask Joan.

Once she learned of her bad blood and its natural enemy glucagon, Joan took charge of her health by harnessing the power of her internal pharmacy. She stopped snacking and avoided the juices and sodas offered at her company meetings. In a matter of weeks, her thinking became clearer. Getting out of bed in the morning was easier than ever. Her energy rebounded, even in the bedroom.

At her follow-up appointment two weeks later, her blood sugar dropped to 95mg/dL. Today, she tackles her work day like she did in her 20s – with determination, focus, and enthusiasm that lasts all day long. 

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