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Hairy Landing Reminds Me Why I Use This Natural Sleep Aid

Focus and reaction time are crucial for anyone. And they’re especially important when flying your family on vacation…That’s why I use an ultra-potent, natural sleep aid, rather than prescription sleep meds.

A lifetime dream, I got my pilots license a few years ago. And ever since, I’ve flown my family across much of the Western US.

Recently, I was on a cross country from Los Angeles to Durango, CO, a small mountain town with a Brewery for every 5 people.

Making our way East, I was expecting the typical cross-winds that swirl around the local airport. I told myself if it was too fast I’d opt for the larger runway 5 miles away.

Windy Weather

About 30 min out, I listened to the recorded weather.

I was a bit nervous and felt like a prisoner awaiting sentencing…

It didn’t look good. The current wind and my magnetic compass were going awry already.

The automated weather reported gusts at 29 knots – sweeping directly across my landing path.

Shit. I didn’t expect it to be that strong…

(Student pilots aren’t allowed to fly in anything over 10 knots. Most airplanes are only certified for 15 knots.)

But, I felt great and was ready…I was trained by the best.

My fearless 10 yo daughter was up front, my 5 yo son and wife in back.

I took the GPS off my yoke for full control. To warm up, I danced on the pedals to dial in my senses. That was not typical.

As my plane swayed in the air, my wife asked dryly, “What are you doing?”

“Cross-winds,” I replied curtly.


Windy Weather

 Setting up For Landing

Once in the landing pattern, it got really bumpy. I came in high to avoid the consequences of an unexpected downdraft.

On final approach I pumped in full flaps so I could set down slow – a safety precaution I take to keep my landing gear strong.

It wasn’t helping.

The slow speed was ruining my approach. My ship was in rough seas. Rocking side to side, the wind and my plane fought for position.

Almost down, I hoped it would smooth out in ground effect.

If not, I was ready to abort my landing – go-around – by applying full power and getting my gear up as fast as possible to reduce drag.

Instinctively, I glanced at my daughter to make sure she was ok. I didn’t have time to look behind me at the rest of the crew.

I also thought back to what my flight instructor, Ron Johnson, taught me about landing at Animas – “be ready for anything.”

I was.

A few feet to touchdown, a gust shoved me off the runway and over the grass.

Second Shot at Landing

Time for plan B…Thrust!

My hands jumped from one control to the next – as if I was playing the piano – to abort the landing and bring my wings back to life. The jolt of power and lift forced my wife to yell, “What happened?”


 Knowing I was too busy to answer, Lily calmly said, “We are doing a go-around, papa was off the runway…”

Bigger runway was sounding nice.

But I wanted to see how the plane handled with a different configuration and higher airspeed.

Once in the landing pattern again, my plane settled in much better. I was sticking my crab into the wind like velcro.

I didn’t need the larger space. My 2nd attempt was a success.


On touchdown, Lea-Ann and Blair exhaled with elation.

Lily and I watched for stray animals and other potential hazards while taxiing to parking. At the same time, we pondered where we should eat dinner.

Sleep Fuels Success, Drugs Destroy It

Like so many things in life, flying gives us freedom. But it comes at a cost, which is practice, focus and the energy to ensure your reaction times are up to snuff.

That’s why I never use medications. All medications today destroy that which is needed to be at the top of your game.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs steal memory and testosterone.

Blood pressure meds increase weight gain and wipe out energy.

And popular sleep meds shut down mental alertness.

And for pilots, a good nights rest is vital!

That’s why I use SerotoninFX the night before big flights. I want deep restful sleep so that I’m equipped with “the right stuff” the following day.

Popular Sleep Drugs Increase Mortality Rates

Instinctively, we all know we need sleep to be our best. But far too many people are risking their lives for it with risky sleep meds!

New studies show that people who take prescription sleep aids on a regular basis are nearly five times as likely as non-users to die over a period of two and a half years! Those prescribed fewer than 20 pills a year were still at risk and heavy users also were more likely to develop cancer! These gruesome facts were recently reported by The New York Times.

Think I could fly a plane after taking sleep meds?

Hell no.

You can’t even take out the trash right after taking prescription sleep meds!

Whether you are an attorney, accountant, waitress, teacher or coach, how can you be at your best when you are not getting enough sleep?

You can’t!

This is your life! And possibly the lives of others.

That’s why Serotonin FX is so important. It’s an all natural, deep sleep aid that ensures we are at our best. It’s the guardian of focus, reaction time and energy!

If it’s good enough for pilots, it’s good enough for you.

Take one minute to learn why Serotonin FX is the best sleep aid ever developed by watching this short video:

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