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High Fat Diet: One Cure for Many Ills

Most people in the USA feed their pets better than they do themselves.  That’s because the self-appointed health gurus have made a mockery of science and chosen to market thier own agenda for profit.  They teach worthless eating habits while profiting immensly.  Type "fat loss diets" on google and an entire list of "top dumb-asses" pops up.  Amateur hour, these hucksters can’t tell you the difference between thermogenesis, lypolyis and gluconeogenesis.   But every now and then, a bright ray of truth busts its way through the media.

I almost choked on my organic coffee when I read this mornings New York Times headline:  Evidence: a High-Fat Diet Works to Treat Epilepsy.  WOW!  Someone has actually climbed the mountain of scams to see the light!  Man isn’t a total idiot. 

Its true, high fat treats epilepsy.  But it also treats obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease!  I’ve written about the phenomenon as Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) and Hidden Weapons of Fat Destruction.

The New York Times article nailed it when they said, "the diet appears to work by throwing the body into ketosis, forcing it to burn fat rather than sugar for energy."

Our body is like a hybrid car that uses two types of fuel.  It can use either fat or sugar.  If sugar, you store fat and grow ill.  If using fat, you Live Young courtesy of fat burning and a SURGE in life enhancing hormone production – hence HIT.  Most people are sugar burners.  Learn to be a fat burner here:



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