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How To Beat Cancer For Less Than A $1 Per Day And Look Good Doing It

You started out as a single cell. It contained all the information and instructions required to make you who you are today. This “how-to-guide” was stored as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), a tightly coiled strand—measuring up to 3 feet in length—jammed into the microscopic cell. When you divided into two cells, this information was passed on to ensure the proper function and health of the newly formed cell.

Cells can divide at a rate of up to two million times per second and, as a full grown adult, you are about 100 trillion cells in total. And they’re always working, dividing (you make 30,000 new skin cells every minute) and fulfilling a specific role in accordance with this guide. But sometimes a page gets torn from it.

DNA isn’t invincible. In fact, it’s consistently bombarded with something that threatens its function. Whether that is cigarette smoke, a lack of essential micronutrients like selenium or B vitamins, a rogue virus, industrial toxins, or prescription drugs, the information and instructions can get damaged. DNA—or the cellular components that help it replicate—becomes unable to control cellular division. When this occurs, cancer can develop, which simply means that a healthy cell has turned into a rogue one – dividing and replicating wildly.

Cancer Cells Are Slackers

Rather than carry out their roles and collaborate with nearby cells as bone, blood, or skin builders, cancer cells are slackers. They replicate without performing their vital purpose and eventually form a mass of slacker cells that we know as “tumors.”

Cancerous tumors go unhindered and can invade other regions of the body, while at the same time disrupting organ function. To gain super-hero powers, they secrete various chemicals that allow them to become invisible to the immune system.

Adding to the onslaught, they quickly and methodically produce blood vessels to help satisfy their greedy thirst for oxygen and nutrients. This eventually “starves out” the rest of the body, causing us to die prematurely. Where rogue cells develop determines which kind of cancer arises. If in the pancreas, it’s pancreatic cancer; if in the breast, breast cancer; if among white blood cells, leukemia, and so on.

Cancer rarely occurs when cells go rogue because when DNA is damaged, every cell has specialized proteins that can repair it. If irreparable damage occurs, cells “commit suicide” before they become wildly dividing cancer cells. And if cell suicide doesn’t do the job, they are attacked by a robust immune system before they become invisible.

Cancers Worst Enemy

Cell suicide is cancer’s worst enemy and explains why it’s not invincible. It’s a programmed, survival response to inevitable damage, and every cell is born with this weapon of mass cancer destruction. When cellular DNA is compromised, our body helps itself by simply eradicating the cell before it grows into a potentially dangerous rogue. Without this, we would all die prematurely from cancer—probably before we even reached adulthood. You’ll want to remember this over everything else.

This is my first universal cancer truth: All cancer is a normal cellular process that only leads to death when cells fail to commit suicide in response to some type of DNA damage. Ensuring proper cell suicide is ensuring that you don’t suffer from cancer.

Beat Cancer By Avoiding It

In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I showed how to fight cancer with nutrient logic in the early stages of tumor development…But, there are four other, very potent ways that nutrient logic can ensure cancer never gets to this stage.

1) Nutrient logic forms a protective molecular shield around your DNA

2) Nutrient logic curbs estrogen dominance, a cause of excess fat, cancer growth and spread

3) Nutrient logic boosts immune function to ward off viral and bacterial infection

4) Nutrient logic arrests the progression of cancer cells immediately upon formation

Nutrient Logic Also Boosts Lean Muscle

Combined, I call this nutrient logic’s 4 prong attack against rogue cancer cells.…And its something you can ensure happens on a daily basis by using super greens, which provide key nutrients that allow your body to produce a defense against the wanton killer on a DAILY BASIS. It also helps keep fat inflating, insulin and estrogen levels down, which, in excess, detract from muscle growth and looking good.

Super greens are typically spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass. Each of them contains the highest amount of chlorophyll relative to vegetables. A molecular net of sunshine, chlorophyll helps plants feed off the sun. It also has tremendous benefits as a nutritional supplement.

When consumed, chlorophyll protects our genetic map, DNA, from damaging toxins – like tobacco smoke and many others. It does this by attacking and binding to foreign toxins, and like bouncer removing troublemakers from a bar, escorts them out before they cause too much damage.

The best super green products are those that do not contain:

Sugar or artificial flavors
Synthetic vitamin D and folic acid
Ascorbic acid, moonlighting as “vitamin C”

Strengthening the Attack

To enhance the anti-cancer properties of chlorophyll, look for a super greens product that also contains the naturally occurring, phytochemical indole-3-carbinol from cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, ginger or grape seed extract. This compound – known simply as I3C – helps the body produce its own detoxifying enzymes, which cleans your system but more importantly, work to expose cancer cells to the immune system for a biological smack down.

Other beneficial spices to look for in a a super greens product are cinnamon, coriander, cloves, wasabi, bishops weed, cayenne, ginger and saffron.

My favorite super greens product is Green Defense by Jarrow Formulas. Purchased at, you can supplement with it for less than $1 per day!

Don’t Fear Cancer, Fight To Avoid It

Don’t fear cancer. You have a chance of avoiding it as long as you cooperate with your body by giving it the nutrients it needs to help itself. And if you’re a nonsmoker, cancer really doesn’t stand a chance against you when you live with nutrient logic!

Most of the massive rise in cancer rates is due to smoking, drug use (like women previously force fed hormone replacement therapy drugs), and mass exposure to pesticides. Furthermore, while more people are dying from cancer, this reflects increased population more than increased cancer rates among healthy people.

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