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Keep Your Kids Healthy with Two Nutrients and One Knockout Herb

My kids understand that I don’t give out medication easily. The use of any drug -prescription or otherwise – can mean unpleasant side effects, needless expense, and even life-threatening injury. So, to avoid all that, I prefer to protect my kids by giving them two nutritional supplements that have proven to be safe and effective at warding off illness, especially in the winter.

•    Vitamin C. I’m not talking about synthetic, Franken-chemical vitamin C supplements. Synthetic versions of this vitamin are usually inferior, because the body doesn’t assimilate them well. Nor do they confer the myriad of benefits that natural Vitamin C can provide. Stick with the natural kind, loaded with ascorbic acid and an array of synergizing bioflavonoid molecules. The best natural sources are fresh grapefruits, oranges and rose hips (grind and add to water with a squeeze of lemon and the natural sweetener stevia).

•    Cod liver oil. Taking 100 percent natural cod liver oil is a morning ritual in my house. Most companies distill their cod liver oil and then add back pharmaceutical-grade vitamins D, E, and A. But not the company I use – Nordic Naturals.
Both of these nutrients have proven to be non-toxic. You can feel comfortable giving them to your kids (and taking them yourself) to boost immunity. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t 100%.  Kids can still get sick.

To make sure they get over their illness as quickly as possible, they need to get plenty of sleep. Of course, a hacking cough or stuff nose can prevent your children from getting that much-needed shut eye.

To solve the problem, you might consider valerian root. (This is what I give my kids.)  This single plant carries a mouthful of non-addictive, sedative compounds that helps kids sleep soundly without the interruption of aches and pains. 

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