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Kennedy Jr. Speaks Out on Thimerosal Cover-Up!

Ethyl mercury is the by-product of thimerosal, an additive to the flu vaccine. As a source of mercury, it presents a real threat to the nervous system – no matter who is paid to run a study to show otherwise. Check out these quick numbers. You won’t believe it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) insists that the upper limit for mercury exposure is 0.47ug/kg/day. At this exposure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that humans experience negative central nervous system effects such as tremors, mood changes, shyness and slowed sensory and nerve function. By the liberal WHO standards, this equates to a safe upper limit of 2.13ug for a 10lb baby, 10ug for a 50lb child. Here is the scary part.

Recently, The New York Times announced that the, “H1N1 vaccine distributed in multi-dose vials will contain about 25ug (micrograms) of ethyl mercury per dose.” That equates to 11 times the safe upper limit for our vulnerable 10lb baby, 2.5 times the safe upper limit for a young child!

Pregnant Moms being targeted for the vaccine should pay close attention too. Consider the risk highlighted by the “Material Safety Data Sheet” for thimerosal:

Reproduction: Thimerosal – Decreased offspring survival. Mercury – Changes in sperm production, decreased offspring survival, and offspring nervous system effects including mild to severe mental retardation and motor coordination impairment. – Eli Lilly 1999 Material Safety Data Sheet

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Warns Public of Thimerosal Cover-Up!<

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