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Lily Competing at Olympic Lifting Youth Nationals 2016

“He is superior to his fate. He is stronger than his rock.” —Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

Above is an iconic video of my oldest daughter, Lily, at the 2016 Olympic Lifting Nationals.  Her whole being was focused on the Herculean effort of lifting, then dropping underneath way-too-much-but-somehow-not weight.

Known as Olympic Lifting, she was performing a clean and jerk. Just over a month ago she was one of sixteen girls to qualify.

Only her second competition, she was nervous and almost dizzy with anticipation before she even got to the airport.

Thousands watched as she took her spot on the lifting platform.  Her lifts were executed perfectly…all under the watchful eye of judges, competitors, coaches and spectators.  But this one wasn’t quite up to the judges expectations.

But it’s not about lifting.  It’s about giving an effort and learning to be superior to your fate…it’s about learning to not be defined by the outcome, but instead be defined by your efforts.

The majority of people fear outcomes and therefore never try.  Shift perspective to give a Herculean effort, like Lily, and the outcome is irrelevant.

It’s the same with being healthy, or living young.  You have to give an effort!

Living young is the prize for Herculean efforts!

Taking your meds is not an effort.  That’s a cop out.

There’s no glory to be had in swallowing meds…But “they” want you to think otherwise.  For instance, every celebrity that comes down with cancer is praised for “fighting” cancer with chemo…then they die.

That’s not fighting.  That’s stupid!  We have decades of research showing that chemo is more deadly than cancer.

…that statins are more deadly that so-called “high cholesterol.”

…that blood pressure meds are more deadly than high blood pressure.

…that hypoglycemic drugs for diabetics are more deadly than diabetes.

The list goes on.  And yet people keep taking more meds and dying young.

Want to live young and strong?

Give an effort!  Start by reading Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded 

Meanwhile, congrats Lily on an amazing effort!  Never quit.  

You didn’t place but you still had your fanclub waiting for you at the airport. (Lily’s boyfriend below.)


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