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Michael Douglas Not Cured: Could He Train His Immune System to Kill Cancer?

Hollywood celeb Michael Douglas has been pronounced tumor free. After a harrowing diagnosis of throat cancer, he underwent chemo and radiation. But, doctors are quick to say “he isn’t cured.” So am I.

Cancer cells are notorious for escaping eradication and it’s well known that chemo and radiation are overt failures when it comes to granting long term survival. But, if Michael learns to train his immune system to kill cancer, he could remain free from the biological superpower.

Protruding from the slick, outer membrane, cancer cells display a unique tag, much the same way a prison displays a barbed wire fence around its perimeter. Upon their discovery by the immune system, deadly anti-cancer compounds are employed which bind and force acid containing sacs called lysosomes to burst. This caustic explosion disintegrates the complex and intricate cellular anatomy of rogue cancer cells, leaving healthy ones safe and unscarred.

Unfortunately, the immune system doesn’t automatically seek and destroy. It has to be trained by a family of naturally occurring compounds known as polysaccharides. These are supplied by reishi and almond mushrooms (Agaricus blazei).

Used together for thousands of years in China, the healing mushrooms were consumed by emperors to help them “live like an immortal who never dies.” The high-tech jargon of modern medicine has since verified their safety and effectiveness.

Oxford Journals wrote, “The polysaccharides phytocomplex is thought to be responsible for its immunostimulant and antitumor properties, probably through an opsonizing biochemical pathway [which just means that they help produce antibodies for cancer antigens or rather boost the cancer radar]. Clinical studies are positive confirmations.”

Sloan Kettering cancer center published that, “The polysaccharides and anti-angiogenic compounds present in [almond mushroom] Agaricus are thought to be responsible for its antitumor properties. Such effects are believed to be exerted by immunopotentiation or direct inhibition of angiogenesis.”

Observing the anticancer properties first hand, Oncology Reports stated that, “These findings suggest that growth inhibition of lung and stomach cancer by blazein results from the induction of apoptosis by the compound.”

To best harness the health benefits associated with this mushroom duo, you’ll want to ensure that they contain the absolute highest amount of polysaccharides. Therefore, in addition to following the guidelines for choosing the the right supplement in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, make sure ground mushroom products consist of both the fruit body, which is the cap and stem, as well as the mycelium.

Costing about $10 per month, the anti-cancer efficacy of the mushroom pair marks a turning point in the fight against cancer – away from convention and more toward logic and science. Hopefully, Michael Douglas and all of those who come after him, learn how to train their immune system to kill cancer, for real.

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