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My Lunch Date With Lily – Real Clean Eating for Kids!

I recently went to my 6 year old daughters school to have lunch with her.  As a treat I suprised her with her favorite Subway sandwich – A mini sandwich on wheat with turkey, lettuce, olives, carrots and mayo.  Most would consider Subway to be a very healthy lunch. I mean look at Jared right? Well I am sure the bread has high fructose corn syrup, the meat is processed, the olives canned, the carrots frozen, the lettuce is iceburg, and, well I dont  know much about mayo.  So like I said.  This is definitely a treat for her considering the way we normaly eat.  As we begin to enjoy our lunch together with all of the other children I look around and decide I should have brought  Subway for the entire class – anything would be better than the garbage in their lunchboxes and tray’s. 

I see one little girl open her sack lunch that includes chopped up, cold hotdog, a gogurt (yogurt in a squeeze thing?) and a brownie.  YUCK!  F’n disgusting…This beautiful little girl will eventually suffer from obesity and diabetes – so much for being the cool cheerleader and dating the football team captain.

My eyes wander over to the little boy beside Lily.  Lets see.  We have a juice box, a lunchable, and thats it.  This is sad.  I decide that it is probably healthier to have the hot lunch on this particular day considering it included a salad bar. 

I know that as mothers, especially working mothers, our time is limited and to be honest I think Moms are doing their best.  But in most cases that isn’t enough.  I think some are just plain lazy and cant wait to send the kids out the door.  I am guilty of wanting the kids out the door at times but I will never send them away without healthy food.  Their health and habits are dependant on you.  Start teaching them healthy habits right away and their lives will be healthy, strong and long!  I am often asked what I feed my kids.  Here is my daughters typical lunch and what the kids enjoy to eat most.  Also some healthy habits to follow and some big no no’s to look for.  Enjoy and be healthy.

1. Lily’s best lunch includes a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread, a small apple, baby carrots, raw and salted sunflower seeds, and pretzels. 

2. The kids favorite snacks include apple slices, smoothies made with organic frozen friut, ice and Whey Advanced protein, and whole wheat bagels (no high fructose corn syrup) with agave nectar and butter for my little guy. 

3. Try to buy whole organic non processed foods.  I know it costs more but your children will be happier, their moods and health will improve, and in return so will yours.   You’ll make up the cost by having healthy children who don’t need to go to the doctor.

4.  Try to avoid sugar at all costs.  Save it for special occasions. There are too many negative side effects of sugar to name.  It is so detrimental to their health and has irreversible side effects.  Get rid of sodas and juices for good.  Try a natural soda:  Sparkling water, fresh lemon juice, a splash of fresh orange juice, and a sprinkle of stevia to sweeten.  Pour over some ice and watch the kids enjoy.  Make one for yourself while you’re at it!

5. Water, sunshine, healthy food, exercise and lots of love is all our little babies need.  Healthy habits start early and they start with you the parent.  So lead by example.  Happy families are healthy families!

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