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TruceClean – Natural Cleaning Products Interview

Toxic Chemicals Do NOT Equal Clean!

For decades, moms thought they were doing the right thing by creating a flawless “spic and span” shine throughout every room and surface in their house. The cheery commercials on TV peddling toxic and even “deadly-if-swallowed” products gave moms an extra sense of comfort. But little did they know…they were unwittingly subjecting themselves (and their babies, kids, and pets!) to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals, courtesy of popular cleaning products.

Leave it to Americans to screw up everything…If it isn’t willful ignorance, then it’s complacency.

Big companies have hypnotized everyone into believing “toxic chemicals = clean.”

There’s nothing like scrubbing your floors, bathrooms, and toilets with hazardous waste that burns through flesh and bone…soaks through skin…damages red blood cells…causes irreversible eye damage, fucks up the body’s hormones…leads to endocrine disorders…and is “harmful or fatal if swallowed” as per the product label itself (I’m talking to you, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner!).

Seriously?!? You’re rubbing this all over your home?

According to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), 85,000 children under the age of 5 are accidentally poisoned each year in the United States. A study published in December 2015 showed that 76% of those poisonings occur in the home, with commonly used products. Bleach was culprit #4 on the list, while liquid laundry packets were #6. (Source.)

What products are guilty?  Let me make a list for you:

All of them.

There.  Surely you can remember that.

The only reason you’ve been buying these products is because marketing and branding geniuses have tricked you into believing they’re desirable and safe to use. The household cleaning industry has made a fortune selling this crap to you, disguising their poisons with alluring colors and the sirens call of “natural.”  Forget all the kids who have been poisoned…profits are piling up.

Fuck ’em.

I hope they get their limp spines torn from their body, are stuck like a hotdog on cool summer night and roasted over a chemical fire of bleach, blue dye #itwillkillyou and Pinesol.

But that’s just me being a loudmouth jerk…I’m sure the marketing geniuses are, otherwise, very nice people who are “just doing their job.”  Heck, they have a Tesla to buy and inflated mortgages to pay off.

As The People’s Chemist, I couldn’t sit back and do nothing.  Plus, I’m sick of throwing shit away every time my wife brings home a product from Honest Company…The only thing they’re honestly doing is honestly lying to you and making hundreds of millions off the organic cleaning scam.

So, meet TruceClean.

I interviewed Diann Peart, PhD in Ecology and co-founder of TruceClean — a company that makes and sells SAFE, non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products. I’ve used and tested them myself! And I know if my kids accidentally ate or swallowed them, we wouldn’t need to be rushing off to the hospital (as you probably would with typical cleaning products) or morgue.

TruceClean uses a whopping total of 14 simple, safe and effective ingredients in their products. And even a drug rep can pronounce them.

Best of all, they’re more effective than other “green” or “organic” cleaning products that are all just outright lies, anyway.  #readthefuckinglabel

(Look at what I have to do now to get people to read shit…use hashtags.  Incredulous.)

If you’re still using Tide, Glade, 409 Cleaner, Ajax, Mr. Clean, Honest Co. and other toxic so-called cleaning products in your homes, then make sure to read the following interview word-for-word…as it could save your health! 

1. What led you to create your natural cleaning products business?

In a graduate symposium, I learned that the average American household applies chemicals at 5 times the rate of agribusiness. That was in the 1990s…and today I still see ads for Roundup and Clorox products. I’m an organic gardener, ecologist, and community activist. I became aware that the rates of breast cancer are increasing, as is chemical sensitivity and the expansion of the autism spectrum.

A friend of mine had her own cleaning business and developed dermatitis from working in household chemicals. So she developed her own non-toxic cleaners. She gave me her products and I was amazed…they worked! I began reading “Mom Blogs” and realized that women were desperate for cleaning products that are safe to use around their babies. We had them. We decided to take them to the market. We feel compelled to help people get harmful chemicals out of their homes.

2. What do you think is the biggest threat in traditional cleaning products?

Toxic chemicals!

[TPC note: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit research organization that created a comprehensive database of over 2,000 household cleaners, ranking them according to how hazardous their ingredients are, and how much information the companies divulge on their product labels.

To see how toxic your cleaning products are — including so-called green and “organic” products — check out the EWG Cleaners Database at You’d be surprised at what you find.

For a list of EWG’s “Dirty Dozen: Cancer Prevention Edition,” see These are the top 12 harmful chemicals that have been “found to also disrupt cancer-related pathways — known as cancer hallmarks.” In other words, they cause cancer! Worse, they also prevent your body from fighting cancer!  This is like getting knocked-out by Nate Diaz, then having a brick dropped on your head, just slowly over a decade or so.

Phthalates were #8 on the Dirty Dozen list. These are industrial chemicals commonly used in PVC plastics, solvents, and synthetic fragrances. Diethlyhexyl Phthalate (DEHP) was #9. This chemical is often used as a fragrance ingredient in cleaning products and air fresheners.   Start looking at your soap labels and you’ll see this shit everywhere.  Triclosan — a toxic ingredient found in many liquid hand and dishwashing soaps (including antibacterial soaps) — was #11 on the list.

3. What was your experience like when trying out various “green” cleaning products? Did they live up to the ‘green’ label?

I spent years and dollars trying “green” cleaning products. Either they didn’t work or they turned out to be toxic in disguise. Many just plain smelled bad, as well. I gave up cleaning with green products and just used water and vinegar. Along came our products and they are amazing.

4. Have you found any problems with typical “organic” cleaning products?

Yes — misrepresentation and “greenwashing.” The term “organic” is fairly worthless when applied to cleaning products. What’s more important is to find products that are “Toxic Chemical Free”! A product called Simple Green ate through the bottom of its plastic bottle and permanently stained my laundry room floor. It serves as an ever present reminder of the extent of greenwashing in the marketplace.

[TPC Note: Greenwashing is defined as “a form of spin in which green PR (public relations) or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.” Source.]

5. What makes TruceClean products different/better?

We use all the traditional, old-fashioned ingredients that have been used for generations to clean — salt, baking soda, vinegar, rubbling alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals in any of our products! We don’t ship water — you add your own water when you get the products at home. We also have refills available. What we have is a dynamite recipe that people trust and love. Our ingredients are listed in plain language right on the labels. We provide peace of mind.

For a full list of the ingredients we use, you can check out our website All our ingredients are listed.

6. Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes. The plastic bottles we use for our products are made from PET, the most easily and frequently recycled plastic available. Our spray bottles can be refilled and reused any number of times.

We sell you a perfectly nice and good bottle, and we want it to be used over and over again. Throwing it in the trash and buying a new one doesn’t make sense — all it makes is a lot of waste.

7. What do you wish everybody on the planet knew about cleaning products?

On the planet? Big order. What I really wish is that people would read the labels on the cleaning products they purchase. I wish people were less fearful of germs…we’re way overdoing the chemicals on every level.

[TPC Note: Stop using antibacterial soaps…all they do is help superbugs get more deadly! When you have a strong immune system, and when you give your immune system the exact nutrients it needs to fight “biological nasties” on its own…you’ll never again have to fear germs. Plus, you won’t have to succumb to toxic antibiotics, or put your life on hold simply because others around you got sick! And by definition, truly natural handmade soaps are already an antibiotic and antiviral.]

8. Where can people purchase your non-toxic, chemical-free TruceClean products?

Online at, in Arizona at Whole Foods, and online at

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