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Pain is a multi-billion dollar industry. And not only do big drug companies (Big Pharma) charge you big bucks for a little relief, they also put your health and longevity at serious risk with dangerous NSAID drugs like Vioxx (supposedly safe until thousands of users started having heart attacks), Celebrex, Motrin, Ibuprofen and aspirin.

The popular news source, MedPage Today showed that:

“Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including low-dose aspirin, are behind a third of all hospitalizations and deaths associated with GI bleeding.”

The New England Journal of Medicine stated:

“If deaths from gastrointestinal toxic effects from NSAIDs were tabulated separately in the National Vital Statistics reports, these effects would constitute the 15th most common cause of death in the United States. Yet these toxic effects remain mainly a “silent epidemic,” with many physicians and most patients unaware of the magnitude of the problem.”

If Big Pharma isn’t putting your life at risk (which is never), they’re probably sucking you dry with addicting, mind numbing narcotics like hydrocodone or oxycontin. Taking any one type of these prescription painkillers is like swimming with sharks…The more you do it, the more likely you will be harmed. Even then, short term use can be incredibly risky.

Even short Term Use Causes Health to Tailspin

According to a recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, short term use of acetaminophen can cause serious health problems for your liver. Read the results for yourself:

Healthy participants who had no sign of liver failure and used acetaminophen at recommended doses for only four days showed significant increases in liver damage as seen by key enzymes spilling over into the blood.

Why Are OTC Pain Killers Dangerous?

The danger of OTC pain killers arises primarily from their detrimental effect on the liver – of course addiction and the effects on the heart should be considered too. But don’t forget about your liver…

Your liver is your number one weapon against toxic exposure. Just like it wards off a hangover, it can remove or neutralize toxins from the blood. It’s also mandatory for boosting immunity and protecting the body from viral and bacterial infection. But it’s not invincible. When it gets damaged, it leaks enzymes into the bloodstream. Your health tailspins!

How to Protect Yourself

So what can you do to avoid these harmful effects if you currently use Tylenol for pain relief? Your first instinct might be to throw your bottle of Tylenol in the trash and switch to another popular pain reliever like Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

Unfortunately, studies conducted on these pain relievers showed similar harmful effects on the liver, especially in cases of long term use. Not to mention the long list of other harmful side effects like gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, and heart problems that are responsible for tens of thousands of hospitalizations of unsuspecting users each year.

Consider Aspirin™.

Hidden Truth about Aspirin

Contrary to popular belief, Bayer did not “invent” Aspirin. Mother Nature did. And Bears (not the Chicago Bears but the big furry ones you find in the woods) discovered it.

Thousands of years ago, humans witnessed injured bears gnawing on the bark of white willow trees. Some dude (probably an earlier rendition of The People’s Chemist) assumed that this was done to relieve pain. Hung over from his moonshine, he took a chance and made a tea from the bark and drank it. Instantly, his pain was gone. Others followed his lead.

Around 200 B.C Greek physician Hippocrates apparently heard about the tea and prescribed willow bark to his patients to reduce pain and fever. Eventually, Big Pharma got their greedy hands into the mix, which laid the groundwork for the eventual synthesis of a molecule known as salicin – one of many ingredients found in white willow bark.

To the distress of Big Pharma, they could not market salicin as their own because it is a natural ingredient. In order to have a monopoly, they had to alter it a bit.

Chemist Carl R. Gerhardt was the first to do so in 1853 by synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Bayer trademarked the anti-platelet drug as Aspirin in 1889 and it is now used in place of white willow bark. But it isn’t nearly as safe. The small molecular change (the acetyl group added to salicin) made for big dangers.

Why Aspirin is so Dangerous

Aspirin depletes the body of life-saving nutrients. These nutrients include folic acid, iron, potassium, sodium and vitamin C. Symptoms associated with such depletion include: anemia, birth defects, elevated homocysteine (a risk factor for heart disease), headache, depression, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, diarrhea, shortness of breath, pale skin and suppression of the immune system. Internal bleeding is also a real and present danger.

The side effects of Aspirin are so severe that they can cause a higher death rate relative to the populations who do not take it. Whether users are taking 75mg or higher, “No conventionally used prophylactic Aspirin regimen seems free of the risk of peptic ulcer complications,” said theBritish Medical Journal.

Each year, a grossly underestimated 7600 deaths and 76,000 hospitalizations occur in the United States from use of Aspirin and other NSAIDS like Motrin, Aleve, and Celebrex. Only about 10% of deaths caused by NSAIDS are reported. Death by drugs is usually attributed to the patient being too damn sick or too damn old.

Nature’s 16-Min Pain Cures

These health damaging (and even life threatening) side effects are the reason I set out to formulate a safe and effective pain killer that was natural and non-toxic to the liver and rest of the body. I knew there was no way I could feel comfortable giving commonly used painkillers like Tylenol or Aspirin to my friends and family…especially not to my children!

Fortunately, the pain relieving ability, as well as any purported cardiovascular benefits, of Aspirin can be procured without risk. Simply use the forgotten tea white willow bark. The track record of this natural product is impeccable. I’ve used it with great success for broken bones and the occasional hangover.

When White Willow Bark isn’t Strong Enough

White willow bark can safely prevent the spinal cord from transmitting pain messages to the brain. From a hangover, to a migraine or even cancer pain, this allows it to be wildly effective for many different types of discomfort. Unfortunately, you need a lot of the bark in tea form for it to be effective. Furthermore, the effects don’t last long.

Today, modern chemistry breakthroughs have allowed me to develop a much more potent and 100% safe concentration of the naturally occurring white willow bark.

Giving you all the original safety benefits of the original white willow bark while at the same time increasing its potency to a level that will quickly and easily relieve your worst aches and pains…

7  Times More Potent

White willow naturally contains a family of molecules known as glycosides. These compounds are responsible for blocking pain. But they only make up about 2 to 4% of entire white willow bark. This explained why you needed so much of it to work and why the pain melting effect doesn’t last long enough to have significant value and benefit.

Utilizing modern day chemistry techniques like organic isolation and purification, I was able to boost the quantity of glycosides to a whopping 25% – making it up to 7 times more potent than naturally occurring white willow bark!

To preserve the natural form of white willow bark, I did not remove any of the other naturally occurring ingredients that work as “buffers” to ensure safety. These molecules were identified as salicortin, picein,fragilin, tremulacin and triandrin. And combined, not a single one has caused any type of liver damage!

Multiple studies have been done on these natural substances showing no liver damage – even in long term use (no increases in the enzymes that indicate liver damage and poor liver health) as verified by blood tests.

Fast Relief

When increasing the amount of any given medicinal compound, you have to ensure that it gets absorbed. I utilized a unique ginger extract that is four times stronger than naturally occurring ginger rhizome. This extract enhances digestion and absorption by increasing the production of bile, a major component of proper molecular absorption. This ensures that the pain melting agents are distributed as fast as possible into the bloodstream.

It Works Faster than the Speed of Sound!

My special delivery system – isolated from the ginger root – distributes the natural pain cures throughout the 100,000 miles of your veins and arteries within 30 minutes…That means the natural pain cures are rushed to every nook and cranny of your body at about 200,000 miles per hour courtesy of the unique delivery system!

How’s that for instant relief?

Nothing compares in efficacy, safety and speed! And if you take it on an empty stomach, which I highly recommend, it works much faster!

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Safe Enough for Kids

This pain melting combination is so safe and quick, I give it to my own kids when they are sick or suffering from leg cramps/growing pains. As the pain subsides at light speed, they are able to relax and fall asleep fast, which means I don’t have to resort to risky Tylenol – or wake up every two or three hours to help them cope with pain.

Using my blend takes away all the worry of excess bleeding and liver damage, while soothing many forms of discomfort like muscle pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, even cancer pain!

New Era in Pain Relief for Muscle Aches, Headaches and More

Finally, you can have a pain reliever in your home that you can rely on for those headaches, back aches, sore muscles, and every day aches and pains that everyone in your family is bound to run into at one time or another – and feel 100% safe and confident that the pain it’s taking away isn’t being traded for even more serious health problems down the road.

What Our Fans Say

“My grandmother was suffering from end-stage cancer. The prescription meds like oxycodone made her violently ill – profuse sweating and vomiting. I gave her your natural formulation to ease her severe pain and suffering. I was amazed to see her functional again, with very little pain. She was very happy not to be dependent on the meds! Thank you so much! Why the hell don’t doctors know about this?”

“After the homebirth of my second child, I used Relief FX to ease the after birth pains. I would feel relief within minutes and was able to be fully alert and at ease. Thank you so much for this safe and effective pain remedy! It felt great knowing that I wasn’t exposing myself or my breastfed baby to toxic painkillers.”

“After an extremely invasive hand surgery performed to remove a tumor, I was given Percocet™ (a combination of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen) for pain, knowing the dangers of these drugs, I opted for Relief FX as the first line of defense…If it didn’t work, I was gonna eat the prescribed meds…But, within 15 minutes (I took 4 capsules on an empty stomach) I was in very little pain! Awesome! It was great to know that I didn’t have to pay for the expensive drugs pushed on me by my surgeon! Thanks so much!” – Anonymous

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“My mom past away recently at age 94 yo (July 13) and she knew the Lord, so I’ll see her again. However, I neglected to thank you for the Relief FX for her post herpetic neuralgia. It worked moderately well where everything else [prescription drugs] was pretty much a bust. Her pain was at least moderately relieved. She died at peace with both my sisters at her side. It was bittersweet but I am grateful for some pain relief and I know she was appreciative as well.” – Dr. David Sheridan, M.D.

Isn’t it time you got back to living a life without pain?

The next time your arthritis starts acting up… or your backache keeps you up at night… or your muscles scream from gym pain… or a migraine hits you in the middle of a long day at work – just pull out Relief FX for fast acting, soothing relief from your nagging pain. And do it with the peace of mind that you’re taking a safe, natural alternative that won’t accidently kill you or suck you dry with mind-numbing addiction!

Click the link below to order Relief FX now, and finally have a pain killer you can count on to deliver potent, fast relief without the worry of scary side effects on your health.

Surprising Research Results Confirm Safety and Ultra-Effectiveness of Natural, Fast Acting, Pain Killer!

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