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Frankincense: Nature’s “Crown Jewel” for Protecting Memory

Since the 1800s, the lifespan of humans has doubled. While this is a great feat, it also unfortunately may come with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. These problems can happen fast or slow. Either way, they diminish your functional lifespan. (Who wants to live to age 90 and not have full use of their mind?!)

Medicinal chemists have been scrambling for a memory cure for decades.  Studying history, they’ve used the latest scientific methods and have found great promise in the biblical cure, Frankincense.

Think of memory like a machine…

If your memory is a machine, then inflammation is what rusts it. If not protected, the sands of time can erode parts of the brain that harbor the “gears” of mindfulness, recall, and recognition.

Scientists have identified inflammation as the thief of age-related memory.

Extracted from the trees of the genus Boswellia, Frankincense resin has proven to be nature’s cure for preventing “rust” throughout the body. It offers relief for rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and cancer. More recently, the sticky, milk-white resin has also been shown to put out the flames of inflammation that attack the memory centers of the brain.

Neurological Sciences was among the first medical journals to highlight the profound mental-boosting effects of Frankincense. They showed that the resin has been used in Ayurveda (India’s traditional medicine) to prevent amnesia. They found that Frankincense spurs neuron growth, resulting in boosted memory and recall! Scientists call this the “Enhancement effect.” Researchers have referred to the extract as a “godsend” for restoring and encouraging memory formation.

The memory-enhancing effects of Frankincense resin have been attributed to the active ingredients, boswellic acids. Once ingested, they dampen the production of enzymes (5-Lipoxygenase) that spark inflammation. These enzymes are the culprits that form amyloid plaques in the brain, which lead to Alzheimer’s disease!

Big Pharma has been trying to make many drug cocktails to target these enzymes. All have ended in failure. Pharmaceutical giant Biogen recently announced they would halt clinical trials of a drug that targets the buildup of amyloid plaque. Eli Lilly’s drug, solanezumab, failed to perform better than a placebo and only caused side effects. Pfizer had to trash their drug, bapineuzumab, when it didn’t surpass placebo effects among Alzheimer’s patients. Thus, Frankincense remains the crown jewel for warding off the memory-eroding effects that sometimes come with increased longevity. Learn how to put Frankincense to work for you in my Daily Dose at

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