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Normal Blood Sugar Levels: How Roy Cured Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Without Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug commercials (AKA “ads of doom”) are always the same: a mini-saga highlighting a victim of disease…followed by DRUGS being positioned as the only possible hero. Drugs purported to help people achieve healthy blood sugar levels are no exception to the rule.

Puke! It’s as fake and scripted as a Hollywood movie – Actors with no remorse get paid to pretend they’re having a blast while some schmuck with an Orwellian voice gets paid to narrate. It leaves you wondering, “What in the hell is wrong with society, that we still tolerate this shit?”

Drug commercials are designed for one purpose only: TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!

The price for believing in a drug commercial is death for countless people. If not death – then certainly side-effect HELL. This is especially true if you are using prescription drugs to achieve normal blood sugar levels. In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I showed how Big Pharma’s own studies discovered that those taking sugar-lowering meds died sooner than those on placebo!

The whole system infuriates me because it proves that people will make life decisions based on obscure, tiny bits of data spewed out via a commercial!

But, not Roy!

In a world that’s slowly running out of real men – men who question authority and take charge of their health – he decided to kick Type II diabetes in the ass with my book and Cinnergy! At 61 years old, he refused to accept the invisible status quo that insists there’s no cure, just meds, meds and more meds…

When I read the following story, I was happier than a Hollywood actor on a coca plantation.

Roy Was Digging Himself into an Early Grave…His Wife Missed “The Old Roy”

Prior to finding The People’s Chemist, Roy was suffering miserably with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. He was on 8 different meds! (Of course each one was “FDA Approved” and backed by “science.”)

“My medications were not working,” he says. “I had lots of side effects from the meds – headache all the time, irritable all the time, and never felt good.”

His wife sent me a message on Facebook to tell me that his drugs, “Kept him in pain and angry all the time! Our relationship wasn’t even the same.”

In January 2012, his blood sugar was 220mg/dL! Normal blood sugar is 85 to 95mg/dL.

Anything over 125mg/dL, and you’re labeled a type 2 diabetic, or more accurately, “insulin resistant.”

When you’re insulin-resistant, your body becomes a fat-storing machine, and you begin packing on the pounds faster than Obama can dish out welfare programs. Your arteries get clogged and you put yourself at greater risk for heart disease and cancer.

Bottom line: Roy’s bad blood was putting him into an early grave.

He Told His Doctor “No Thanks” to Insulin and Found my “Sugar Detox!”

“My blood sugar kept getting worse,” says Roy. “And it finally came to a point that the doctor wanted to put me on insulin in March 2013. I told him no and went home.”

“At that point, I decided to take charge of my life,” says Roy. “Of course, my wife was kicking me in the butt and telling me to wake up or die. I wanted try something other than meds. I wanted something with no side effects.”

Luckily, Roy’s wife told him about The People’s Chemist.

Eager to make a change, Roy started reading my book, Over-the-Counter Natural Cures. He ordered several of my products and began stockpiling REAL knowledge about what it takes to be healthy – not the bullshit you see in TV commercials.

“I read Shane’s book and began to eat right, exercise, and follow the protocols with Cinnergy,” Roy says. “Three months later, I had my lab work done. I’d lost 15 pounds, and my blood sugar level came down from 220 to normal!

normal blood sugar levels chart graph

The People’s Chemist Teaches Consumers How to Be Young WITHOUT Prescription Meds

Roy ordered almost every supplement that I sell.

“I continued with Shane’s recommendations,” he says. “I’ve had the best lab results I ever have had in 7 years. I have to say that Shane’s book Over-the-Counter Natural Cures saved my life.”

I’m honored that Roy credits my book to saving his life.

However, I can’t take any credit for his success. As I tell people who come to me for help with diabetes: high blood sugar is simply a disorder of poor habits. Change your habits, and you can change your health.

Taking Cinnergy is like a “sugar detox!” It purges the body of unwanted glucose and triglycerides…Once done, your longevity hormones spring back to life.

The drug industry wants you to think the only solution is to swallow expensive, dangerous drugs. It’s not!

Treat “Bad Blood” With Cinnergy!

normal blood sugar levels

Roy successfully lowered his blood sugar, simply because he changed his habits and took Cinnergy…Now look at him. I wonder how many of his peers are buried from prescription drugs? Meanwhile he’s cruising in his brand new dream car!

I asked Roy how he feels, now that he’s no longer taking prescription meds.

“I feel and look fantastic compared to when I started this 9 months ago,” he says. “I’ve lost 32 pounds. No side effects, more energy, better mental attitude and just a better way of life all the way around. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Now I’m living young with my dream car!”

His wife told me personally that she has the “old Roy” back…42 years of marriage and going strong!

Take Change of Your Blood Sugar – With Cinnergy!

If anyone tries to tell you there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, or that you have to take a drug to cure it – block them, turn the TV off, or do whatever it takes to keep that person’s lies OUT of your ears! Don’t listen to freelance actors who get paid to create idiotic (not to mention DECEITFUL) commercials for prescription drugs.

Stop letting drug companies take advantage of you!

There IS a cure for type 2 diabetes. It’s called eliminating your bad habits and treating your bad blood with Cinnergy.

Instead of succumbing to the lunacy of TV drug ads, make the wise decision to lower your blood sugar and start treating your body better.

You deserve amazing health.

You don’t need to suffer or die young.

Ignore the fantasy promoted via TV drug ads and start living the life you intended!

“Your products are great,” Roy says. “They work very well, and you can trust that they are pure. I would like to say thank you to Shane for caring about people and making a difference. I think you are very passionate about your work, and you’re trying to help consumers, not just make money. Not many people would do that if there was not a dollar involved.”

Click here to lower your blood sugar with my powerful Cinnergy supplement – and watch as your blood sugar level plummets!

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P.S. Now that he’s reversed his type 2 diabetes with Cinnergy, Roy also takes Cardio FX to continue protecting his heart – and to ensure that type 2 diabetes never returns! Together, Cinnergy and Cardio FX are a powerful combo that provide “double the protection” against diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Stock up on these 2 powerful supplements while supplies last!

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