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Stop the Late-Night Bathroom Troubles and Protect Your Prostate WITHOUT Meds, Surgery, and Worthless Supplements

  • Ditch the meds and live young no matter what your age
  • Stop annoying nighttime trips to the bathroom
  • Guard against prostate enlargement — AKA Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Preserve your sex drive, virility, and masculinity
  • Put an end to urination problems for good
  • A “must-have” natural supplement for men age 30 and up!

As "The People's Chemist," I Realized Meds and Poorly Designed Supplements are NOT the Answer to Prostate Problems!

Strong, Pure Doses of Select Botanicals Are!

My name is Shane Ellison — AKA “The People’s Chemist.” Formerly a pharmaceutical drug chemist, I was paid to design meds. However, after years of studying medicinal chemistry, I realized that there was a sinister plot to hook the masses on meds, for wealth not health!

That business model didn’t sit well with me…so I quit. 

Since then, I’ve become “The People’s Chemist.”  I used my laboratory experience and background in chemistry to produce the world’s most effective botanical supplements.

I’m not interested in schmoozing with other experts, winning a “popularity contest,” hosting podcasts or having a million fans on social media…

I’m here for one reason: to provide safe and effective natural medicine

I built a million-dollar, state-of-the-art laboratory that uses the latest advances in chemistry, ethnobotany, and biology to create high-end, natural products.  Also, I’m notorious for having the most rigorous quality control standards as written about in my bestselling book, 3 Worst Meds.

Every single one of my creations yields positive, measurable results.

You’ll never find additives or toxic ingredients in any of my products…period.

With all the meds and junk saw palmetto supplements out there, I set out to create a safe, natural prostate formula that actually works…with zero side effects.

Known as Palmetto+, it protects against BPH (prostate enlargement), while putting a stop to frequent urination, and nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Palmetto+ is a high dose, low ingredient product that is ultra-potent and wildly effective, with zero additives.

And it works…

"I'm on my third day of taking Palmetto+. I used to get up and pee 5 to 6 times per night. Last night I got up once." *
— John from Columbus, OH

"My husband has prostate problems. psa #s was 7.84 3 yrs ago. Had a biopsy done (before we knew better) and 3 out of the 12 biopsies was cancerous, 2 of them were medium grade and one was light/low grade. So I started him on palmetto. His numbers came down over a yrs time. Dr's we're amazed and wondered why the #s came down so far, 1.45 normal, we smiled as we walked out the door and then started laughing at there response and facial expressions cause we knew why. All the products have stories to them. Love them all!!! Thank you!!" *
— Kathy from Marshfield, WI


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!
  • Full Price: $137.85 Savings: $20.68 (15%)
  • $117.17

I've even had to use Palmetto+ to protect family members from Western Medicine
The Dreaded Phone Call No Man Ever Wants to Receive…

Warning: Being diagnosed with “prostate cancer” or prostate enlargement is not an immediate death sentence!

It was a Tuesday afternoon.

My family and I had just returned from Mexico. My phone rang.

It was my father-in-law.

He sounded nervous.

His doctors told him, “You have an “enlarged prostate” and a high PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen).

Then they told him what no man ever wants to hear:

…”You’ve got prostate cancer!”

You’re the first person to know,” he confided.

As a chemist who previously worked for the pharmaceutical drug industry, I know my way around medicine.

I also know when doctors are bullshitting…or worse, when they’re “just following orders” from their pharmaceutical masters.

Straight up, I told my father-in-law the truth about prostate meds and PSA:

“The PSA test is bullshit. Taking prostate meds will kill your manhood. They’ll make you constipated, sick, and sore…plus, you’ll get breast enlargement, decreased sexual libido, and genital shrinking.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Hell no,” he replied.

…It was a short conversation.

I told my father-in-law the same thing I tell everyone:

The PSA test is NOT a reliable test for cancer. All it shows is that you’re currently overweight, eat too much sugar, and you have inflammation.

That’s it.

Just like that, my father-in-law made a decision that would positively impact his life forever:

He refused to take prostate meds.

Instead, he started taking Palmetto+, my ultra-potent formula of saw palmetto, pygeum and ginseng and following the 6 simple habits in my diet book.

Three months later, 20lbs lighter, he went back to the doctor.  Everything was normal…his PSA plummeted, he lost fat grew muscle, felt great.

Palmetto+ Starter Kit:

Anonymous! Hucksters Hiding Behind Corporate Veil to Sell You Bad Saw Palmetto?

Most men know they should be doing something to protect their prostate. Threats lurk from every corner — including prostate cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH (also known as prostate enlargement), prostatitis (AKA prostate inflammation), and other health issues.

If you are currently 10 to 100lbs overweight and consume sugar and alcohol on a regular basis, then your prostate is under attack!

And it won’t be able to protect itself for too long…

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, most prostate problems start when men are in their forties, and by age fifty, prostate problems become very common. By age sixty, 50% of all men have enlarged prostates. The number jumps to 90% for men in their eighties and nineties.

So even if you don’t have prostate problems now, statistics say you probably will.

However, taking a random saw palmetto supplement you found on the Internet doesn’t automatically protect you.

It’s tempting to search Amazon for “saw palmetto supplements”…especially when you see all the ads touting how great they are.

Unfortunately, the typical saw palmetto supplement fails to harness the benefits of saw palmetto properly. This makes the average product worthless as a form of “medicine.”

I know that saying this will probably make me “unpopular”…but popularity was never my goal!

3 Hidden Dangers in Most Saw Palmetto Supplements!

The first big problem with typical saw palmetto supplements is that they have “too many ingredients” piled into the capsule.

This results in an ineffective pill — with zero potency — that offers zero health benefits whatsoever.

“More” is not always better.

In fact, the more shit you pile into a capsule, the less effective its ingredients are.

That’s a universal law of medicine…

Skim the ingredient label of your average saw palmetto supplement, and you’ll find a slew of ingredients that don’t belong in there.

Hell, just the other day I came across a “doctor” boasting about having EIGHTEEN ingredients in his prostate supplement. That’d be like having 18 chefs in one kitchen…too crowded to get anything done.

One quick glance at the ingredient list and I shook my head, knowing that product was worthless.

The second problem with typical saw palmetto supplements is that the manufacturer often puts ADDITIVES into their pills to extend shelf life.

This offers zero health benefit to you.

It’s the “lazy” way of making a supplement. Although it benefits the manufacturer financially, additives can harm your health.

Even one single additive is one too many.

I recently discovered a saw palmetto supplement on Amazon with “vegetable magnesium stearate” added. WTF is this ingredient doing in a saw palmetto pill?! Seriously?!

Did you know that this common flow agent is responsible for massive headaches!!


Total incompetence from people who failed chemistry class or never fucking had one.

If a supplement causes ANY side effects whatsoever, no one should be using it. Period. Trash it and start over.

But supplement hucksters won’t do that…because they’re primarily interested in making a buck. Most don’t care about quality control, let alone your health.

All of the above is proof that typical saw palmetto supplements are a waste of money

The third problem with typical saw palmetto supplements (and most vitamin and supplements in general) is that there’s no information about who f&@king made them, or why!

Who formulated it?

What’s their educational background?

What’s their laboratory experience?

How are they measuring purity and potency?

Most companies hide behind a corporate logo, celebrity promo and pretty labels. The owner’s pics and bio are nowhere to be found…instead, they offer up a bunch of canned language about helping people get healthy… but how and with what special knowledge?

If I’m buying a product that claims to be “natural medicine,” then I want to know who the hell is making it, and whether they’re knowledgeable enough to do so… and if someone isn’t walking their talk, then they shouldn’t be selling the product. Period.

Man On Prostate Meds With Breast Enlargement *
— Images Provided By: Wikipedia

Prostate Meds = A Lifetime of Ruin!

ATTN: MEN!! You don’t have to subject yourself to risky prostate meds. There’s a better way to protect your prostate!

Meds are the problem, not the solution.

Simply walking into a doctor’s office puts you at risk for premature death.

“Following doctors orders” is the #3 cause of death in the U.S., according to John Hopkins researchers.

That means, you’re 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than guns!  Here’s one scenario all too reflective of what’s happening at the doctor’s office:

“I had a good friend who had a high PSA (5.0).  His doctor told him he had cancer.  He sadly succumb to the same and had the whole routine of surgery, chemo, a series of radiation, and then more chemo.  He was dead in 18 months. The hospitals made $1.5 million from his insurance company.  What a nasty racket they and the government and AMA have created! People need to start suing these quacks, and the Feds, and the AMA, and the NIH and the rest of these people in this medical scam! I’M very MAD! AND SAD!”

That’s a great reason to stay the hell out of a doctor’s office, outside of an emergency situation! 

Even you aren’t the victim of a “medical scam” — taking prostate meds, as prescribed by a doctor, can butcher your manhood over time.

Just look at the track record of popular prostate meds.

For example, the drug Proscar (finasteride), manufactured by Merck & Company, illicit the following within 3 weeks:

  •     Constipation (from antibiotics)
  •     Sore and aching back muscles
  •     Heart palpitations

After three months, you’ll begin to notice:

  •     Breast enlargement
  •     Genital shrinking
  •     Decreased sexual ability
  •     Blurred vision
  •     Cold Like symptoms

Breast enlargement for men???!!! Genital shrinking???


You read that correctly.

Men who take prostate meds slowly morph into a 13-year-old girl, hormonally, and lose their manhood over time.

Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming increasingly common for millions of American men after they pass the half-century mark of their lives.

Today, 12 million American men are conveniently diagnosed with “prostate enlargement” — also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) due to a test that measures nothing more than inflammation. It’s the perfect opportunity for doctors to slap them with risky prostate meds, or worse, radiation and chemotherapy.

This is total nonsense.

Palmetto+ Starter Kit:

Why Men Get an Enlarged Prostate — and How to Fix It Naturally

As men grow older, their hormones are thrown out of whack by excessive alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners.  They lose proper hormone balance, output and sensitivity (BOS).  I call this hormonal ignorance.  The goal is hormone intelligence!

It’s not your age!  And it’s not your testosterone or DHT!  Its your poor hormone BOS!

Wrecked hormones aren’t necessarily a byproduct of getting older — it’s more often the result of YEARS of bad habits, finally catching up with you!

You can fix it at any age!

One single hormone imbalance is NOT the culprit.

You can’t blame low testosterone.

You can’t blame DHT.

You can’t blame high estrogen.

You can only blame hormonal ignorance – improper hormone balance, output and sensitivity.

The REAL solution?

Get your hormone intelligence back. Force your body to optimize your hormone balance, output and sensitivity with Palmetto+!

Additionally, you need to learn a few more habits to help prime your hormone intelligence.  You can do that by adding my diet book to your order!!!!!  (DO IT!)

The People’s Chemist Quality Control Guarantee


Protect Your Prostate & Put an End to Nighttime Trips to the Bathroom with This Natural Supplement!



Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!
  • Full Price: $137.85 Savings: $20.68 (15%)
  • $117.17

The Hidden Extraction Method Used by The People's Chemist to Make the World's Most Potent and Pure Saw Palmetto

Recently, a fan emailed me to say, “I’m interested in your Palmetto+ product. But I understand that the ingredients are ‘extracted.’ Is that done using a chemical process? And what is the benefit of extracting the ingredients?”

First of all, I want to applaud this fan for being concerned about the way this supplement is produced.

Not all fans are so attentive.

Many commercial “vitamin” products, for example, are produced from synthetic ingredients (including petroleum extracts and coal tar derivatives) and can be downright harmful!

As The People’s Chemist, I would never use a chemical extraction process! EVER!

Let me explain more…

The “secret” or “hidden” extraction method

As a chemist for Eli Lilly, I studied a virtually unknown extraction method…one that would potentiate the medicinal compounds found in plant-based medicines.

(Potentiate means to increase the power or effectiveness of something — like amplifying its intensity. It’s like putting a 1500-watt amp in your trunk to intensify the bass of your subwoofer.)

The extraction process is simply a way of making the ingredients in Palmetto+ more powerful and potent. In this case, it’s done with purified water and organic oil so that I can pull out the entire spectrum of water and fat soluble compounds.

This is very important to understand!

…Think of it like you’re making coffee. 

Let’s say you pour half a cup of coffee grounds into a French press  and then steep those grounds in hot water. But instead of drinking the coffee, you pour it off to the side and discard the used grounds.

Next, add a fresh batch of coffee grounds to the French press. Then heat the existing coffee again and pour it over the new beans. Once this second batch has steeped, you pour the coffee to the side again and throw away the beans.

Now, imagine repeating this process three more times.

At the end of the process, you would still have just ONE batch of coffee — but it would be FIVE TIMES more potent than the first batch you brewed.

Next, imagine you take the pot of coffee and slowly evaporate the water. This would leave only the solids behind.

…These “solids” are your healing gems in Palmetto+!

They’re your prostate shield!

In this example of coffee, just one small capsule might have the same amount of caffeine that would normally be found in five cups of coffee!

Of course, Palmetto+ isn’t a caffeine pill…it’s a natural supplement for prostate health.

But the same “extraction method” applies.

I applied this “unknown extraction method” to saw palmetto and the prostate-protecting plant, pygeum.

The results were nothing more than astonishing.

…Palmetto+ is loaded with the healing and protective compounds from saw palmetto and pygeum!

The final product was 3-5 times more powerful than anything on the market, with no side effects, as verified by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

Thus, a water/oil extraction is a perfectly natural and time-tested process that can greatly enhance the potency of an ingredient. And that’s exactly what I do with Palmetto+.

The saw palmetto is extracted five times, while the pygeum goes through the process four times. The end result is a highly potent, detoxifying, anti-aging, prostate health promoting natural supplement.

Palmetto+ is like “insurance” for your prostate.

Palmetto+ Starter Kit:

3 Simple Ingredients to Supercharge a Man's Health

Palmetto+ is packed with 3 simple ingredients:

  1. Saw palmetto
  2. Pygeum
  3. Ginseng

You won’t find anything else lurking in this pill.

(It doesn’t contain any fillers or additives like chromium, titanium dioxide or magnesium stearate…)

Super Ingredient #1 - Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is the most studied and proven herbal supplements to ever hit the market!

Doctor’s who don’t use it are a huge disservice to their patients!

The extract comes from ripened berries of the saw palmetto shrub.  It contains an abundance of fatty acids and phytosterols, particularly beta-sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol is well known for its beneficial effects on BPH, as an antioxidant, and as a cancer-preventing botanical. It is also found in avocados, cashews, wolfberries, and rice bran.

As a natural diuretic, saw palmetto increases urine flow to prevent the late night hassles…

The popularity of saw palmetto is also due to its proven safety and tolerability. It has a remarkably benign side effect profile and is virtually free of the harmful effects on sexual function that are commonly observed with medications.

Long-term use of saw palmetto has no adverse effects, whatsoever.

It’s all benefit, no risk!

Super Ingredient #2 - Pygeum (a Man's Best Friend)

The second potent ingredient in Palmetto+ is pygeum, an extract that comes from the bark of the African plum tree.

It contains nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories – phytochemicals known as pentacylic triterpenoids.  These acids increase the strength of the small veins and capillaries in the prostate, allowing for increased blood flow and the elimination of toxins.

Super Ingredient #3 - Ginseng (a Brain Booster)

The third ingredient in Palmetto+ is ginseng.  It’s a natural boost in physical and mental energy while also potentiating saw palmetto and pygeum.

If I added any additional, unnecessary ingredients to this formula, it would have lost its medicinal effect.

That’s why there are only THREE ingredients.

These three ingredients do their job well. Therefore, I didn’t need to add any extraneous items to this formula to overcompensate.



Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!
  • Full Price: $137.85 Savings: $20.68 (15%)
  • $117.17
  • Raw
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • No Soy
  • No Excipients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Saw Palmetto Fruit PE 45% Fatty Acids 700mg
Pygeum Africanum 2.5%Phytosterols 300mg
Panax Ginseng 80%Ginsenosides 200mg
Daily Value (DV) Established
Other Ingredients: Gelatin

Protect Your Prostate & Put an End to Nighttime Trips to the Bathroom with This Natural Supplement!



Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!
  • Full Price: $137.85 Savings: $20.68 (15%)
  • $117.17

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Palmetto+ turn wimps into bad asses?!?

No. But it WILL protect your prostate from enlargement, while eliminating annoying nighttime trips to the bathroom.  To be total hormone badass, you need to also read The Stop Eating So Fucking Much Diet.

2. Who should take Palmetto+?

All men over 50 should be taking Palmetto+…and men ages 30 and up should take it for preventive health.

3. Is Palmetto+ intended to be a preventive measure against BPH?

Yes! For men over 30, it’s great for prevention. This product is intended for preventive health. It helps to reverse damage caused by excess sugar, artificial flavors and pharmafoods.

4. What is the correct dosage of Palmetto+?

2 capsules, once daily. If over 200 lbs, 4 capsules once daily.

5. Should women take Palmetto+?

No. This is a product for men.

6. Can Palmetto+ replace my BPH meds?

If you require further information, read Over-The-Counter Natural Cures: Expanded.

7. Should I worry about Palmetto+ interacting with any other prescription meds I’m taking?

No.  As a natural healer, saw palmetto (the main ingredient in Palmetto+) does not stress our detox enzymes and, therefore, will not have negative interactions with common prescription meds. It’s not toxic. As indicated in the heavily referenced Herb, Drug, and Nutrient Interactions Manual, “interactions between saw palmetto and prescription meds resulting from herbal modulation of drug metabolism systems have not been reported.”

Saw Palmetto works better than any drug on the market and is safer, too.

8. Does Palmetto+ contain any hidden crap?

No. Unlike many other supplements, Palmetto+ contains ZERO added artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, sugars, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, or sodium. It’s free of adulterants and excess fillers.

9. Does your company use good manufacturing processes?

Yes. The People’s Chemist laboratory is FDA-approved and uses good manufacturing processes.

10. How can I learn more about changing my lifestyle habits, so that my “hormone intelligence” gets back on track and I can keep my masculinity?

For starters, get off your prescription meds! They do nothing but destroy health over time! Start by reading 3 Worst Meds.

Then learn how to use “nutrient logic” to get back to perfect health. Read Over-The-Counter Natural Cures: Expanded to learn how to safely wean off all meds.

Secondly, read The “Stop Eating So F#@%ing Much Diet” book – it reveals 6 “dummy simple” principles for getting your hormone intelligence in “bad ass” condition.

The Simple Protocol for Protecting Your Prostate…Courtesy of The People's Chemist

Here’s a simple cheat sheet to follow.

As I explain in my book Over-The-Counter Natural Cures: Expanded, prostate enlargement is NOT necessarily a factor of aging.

Rather, prostate enlargement is usually the result of treating your body like a dumpster for years and years…i.e., eating bad foods, engaging in crappy lifestyle habits, and causing your hormones to run amok.

That conversation with my father-in-law was over 8 years ago…Today he is fit as a horse, med-free, cutting down trees, building log cabins, boating and fishing and hitting the 18-Minute workout when he has extra energy…

I shudder to think what might have happened to him, had he followed doctors’ orders.

Luckily, he refused! Instead, he followed my simple protocol for total prostate health:

1. Start taking my saw palmetto rich product from

2. Stop all sugar and instead use stevia and/or raw honey

3. Take Daily Dose (

4. Eat fried eggs (in butter) and avocado with protein powder for breakfast

4. Do the 18-Min Workout every other day (Google it)

In addition, he went on a no-sugar, high healthy fat diet as outlined in Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded, Chapter 11, specifically.

…the transformation was mind blowing.

If my father-in-law can beat prostate cancer without meds or surgery, anyone can.

Protect Your Prostate & Put an End to Nighttime Trips to the Bathroom with This Natural Supplement!



Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!


Saw Palmetto, Pygeum and Ginseng Combo for Prostate Health Save 15% when you buy 3 or more!
  • Full Price: $137.85 Savings: $20.68 (15%)
  • $117.17


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The People’s Chemist provides these articles for information only. They are not meant to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and do not replace professional medical advice from a medical doctor. I am not a doctor and would only “play doctor” if I was with my wife. In fact, I have not even read Grey’s Anatomy.

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‡ Recent media coverage and scientific publications has focused on the ingredients generically, not the individual products that contain those ingredients.

† Individual results may vary

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