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Pharmafood: #1 Reason Diets Fail

No matter where you click, an ad for the latest fad diet awaits.  There’s the Paleo Diet, hCG, Jenny Craig, High-Protein, Low-Carb and even more outlandish, the Morning Banana Diet, The Cookie Diet and The Park Avenue Diet…

What? None of these worked? 

Then perhaps you should try counting calories… or counting fat grams… or weighing every morsel of food on a kitchen scale… or take part in a new exercise fad… or become a vegetarian or vegan…or become Gluten-free…

It’s all bullshit.  

Just look around.

Even the science geeks are catching on…

The New England Journal of Medicine published a two-year study of the weight loss efforts of more than 200 overweight people who followed many different diets. The average weight loss was about eight pounds – after two years! 

(Soon they’ll be finding that women like guys with abs, who vacuum and clean up after themselves.)

Frustrated and confused, many obese accept their unsightly weight gain and WRONGLY attribute it to:

  • Failed diets
  • Poor thyroid function
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor motivation
  • The rotation of the Earth
  • A vitamin D deficiency or some other ridiculous excuse pulled from their “research” on the Internet

Doctors just tell them to choke down more drugs.   

If you’re fat and can carry a prescription pad to the store, you’re a prime candidate for whatever fucking drug is popular that week on Wall Street – hypoglycemics, anti-depressants, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), bioidenticals, Synthroid,  Armour thyroid, BP meds and so on.  

Diet gurus and trainers parrot that diet flunkies just need to “eat less, exercise more.”

Fact is, nothing will work if you don’t know how “pharmafood” sabotages eating habits.

What started out as an artificial flavoring industry has now become a chemical shit storm disguised as a flavoring industry for Big Food.   It’s the #1 reason diets fail.  Addictive and irresistible to most, pharmafoods are flavor mimics engineered by Big Pharma to encourage massive food and drink consumption.

These pharmafoods— produced by drug companies like Senomyx as outlined in Over-The-Counter Natural Cures—have forced people into a lifetime of eating too fucking much.  Just like too much much wine makes me think I’m Tupac, Pharmafoods make you think you’re hungrier after each bite.  

They’re designed that way.  

And the side effects are horrendous…From early periods among young girls to asthma, blood cancers and lung disease, nothing is off limits for these ghost flavors lurking in food.

You’re Eating Too Fucking Much and Don’t Even Know It

As I write this, the average child consumes 350 more calories daily, compared to the 1970s. Adults are choking down 500 more. The average consumption of soda has doubled since 1985. The average person now drinks 24 gallons every year. Normal weight among forty-year-olds has increased 26 pounds.  

Eating too fucking much has become deadlier than smoking!  

(But nobody feels full thanks to the drugs masking it!)

A large European study found that young men who were overweight at age eighteen were just as likely to die young as light smokers. It also showed that obese teens, like heavy smokers, were at double the risk of dying early. 

Beware of Healthy Labels 

Unbelievably, pharmafood isn’t limited to junk foods!

As consumers have migrated from crap food to healthy labels, a sinister bait and switch has taken place.

Sold to consumers with “healthy” buzzwords like “fortified,” “enriched,” “natural,” “natural flavors,” “gluten-free,” and even “organic,” pharmafoods have infiltrated the kitchen of “informed” moms everywhere!  

These bullshit, healthy labels are the new solution to selling junk food to myopic shoppers.

Big Pharma 1, “smart” consumer 0.

Many people’s wallets, willpower, and health don’t stand a chance against the chemicalization of our food. (Or the ridiculous healthy labels placed on foods)  

Once hooked, a lifetime of chemical-induced obesity and overeating awaits. That’s why fad diets and drugs don’t work:  They don’t fix the real problem of chemical additives trashing our hormones and causing us to eat too fucking much!  

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