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Pregnancy Weight Anxiety: How My Wife Got it Off in 90 Days!

That’s my wife with our third child, Skyler. They’re at the gym, 90 days from her pregnancy recovery…90 days!

She isn’t carrying any more baby weight.

She isn’t depressed.

She isn’t losing her hair.

She feels better than ever.

How did she do it?


There are dozens of stories about early civilizations who ultimately lost their way and ended up “failing” because they looked past simple truths. The people rejected simplicity and embraced technology.

The same is happening among new moms.

They’re losing their way.

Instead of looking for simple truths, they look to:

  • Medications
  • Fad diets
  • Worthless “cardio” routines

Many moms are simply rejecting or don’t know about the simple process of hormesis.

The word “hormesis” means to stimulate or to set into motion. In short, it stands for “whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” It’s an evolutionary, adaptive response, whereby a positive result is achieved from low-dose exposure to an agent that’s toxic or even lethal at higher doses.

Your body’s response to sun exposure is an example of hormesis.

If you were to spend too much time in the sun or get a severe sunburn, it can be very damaging and painful, and in extreme cases, life threatening. But moderate and consistent sun exposure is one of the most powerful and beneficial ways to boost your health and avoid cancer.

Hence, getting a little bit of sunshine daily activates hormesis. We are hardwired for it! Pregnancy is also an example of hormesis.

When mom over-exerts herself during natural birth, it creates a hormonal state where your body is forced to adapt and survive. The immune system, metabolism and many other systems are shoved into overdrive. The hormetic effect also creates a hormonal environment that leads to expanded lung volume, greater oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, a stronger heart, more muscle and less fat.

Hence, hormesis a simple action that leads to complex biological outcomes that aid in survival. Your goal as a mom is to harness this phenomenon to produce positive adaptive changes, forever. It’s that simple. And it’s what my wife has done each and every time she has given birth to our kids.

Sadly, the positive outcome of hormesis is ruined with today’s technological advances like:

  • C-section
  • Dieting
  • Anti-depressants
  • Thyroid med
  • blood pressure drugs
  • diabetic meds
  • Artificial flavors
  • Energy drinks
  • Juice
  • Jogging

Fortunately, since hormesis is hard-wired into our genes, it’s not too late for moms to get their bikini body by activating hormones. It only takes 6 habits!

Each and every one of them are outlined in The Stop Eating So [email protected]#$ing Much Diet. It’s my wife’s bible.

As The People’s Chemist, my job is to empower you to take charge of your health, naturally. You only get one shot to reach your highest potential as a mom…And to do that, you must rely only on plain and simple truths taught by chemistry, like hormesis.

There are no secrets or magic formula for losing fat. Success comes from simplicity and taking 100% responsibility for your results.

So why do so many reject simplicity? There are many reasons.

For one, it’s easier to look for answers that don’t require any effort, like taking meds or blindly following a fad diet. It’s easier to shift blame when they fail. Therefore, technology and complexity is preferred to simplicity because it provides an escape or an excuse from making a commitment.

What happens to mom who “look beyond simplicity?” They go around and around in circles, limiting their opportunities for a life of living young. They live without the peace of mind that comes from being naturally healthy, without the fears of depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They live with medical bills, side effects and frustration.

The smarter option is to see, recognize and implement plain and simple truths of chemistry…Start now by activating hormesis with The Stop Eating So F#$%ing Much diet.

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