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Put Your Thong On – How to Go From Flab to Fab in No Time

Lea-Ann here ladies.  My mantra for Moms in Thongs will always be to help moms look and feel their sexiest.  However,this blog is for all women.  The gym is my life – it’s the only time in a single day where a busy, successful Mom can just focus on herself.  Seriously.  I am there 5 to 6 days a week.  There are no excuses ever.  That brings me to something that has bothered me since I first started my gym life 14 years ago. 

There are beautiful hot bodied women working their asses off.  They look so amazing until….. they turn around!  Full butt panties under tight workout pants is not hot.  Not at all and never will be!  I dont know what these gals have against the thong but it has to stop.  All of those squats and lunges dont mean anything unless you showcase your hard work in the best way.  A tiny string in your crack is a lot more comfortable than a wad of panty.  I promise.  You may feel like your rear is not thong worthy.  If this is the case wear less fitted clothing until you get in the shape you work so hard for.  There is no woman out there who doesnt want to look and feel sexy. So take my advice.  Ditch the full butts, put a thong on and be proud to wear one.  Thongs are HOT!

Here are some tips to improving your backend-

1. Sugar is the devil.  It gives you wrinkles and a fat ass. Dont put it in your mouth except for special occasions.

2. Add protein to every meal.  I Gram of protein for each pound you weigh a day to increase muscle and burn fat.  Whey Advanced protein shakes add tons of protein on the go.

3. Squats and lunges.  Any kind any way.  Just do them. There is no  machine that will give you the same results that heavy weights will give you.

4. Burn the fat.  All the squats in the world mean nothing if your butts covered in fat.  Do your cadio and take your supplements.  The AM PM Fat Loss Discovery will take your figure from flab to fab in no time!

5. Get a tan.  The sun is NOT the devil as we are all led to believe.  Tan fat looks better than white fat.  So expose at least 80% of your body to the sunlight (without toxic sunscreens) for 20 minutes everyday. 


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