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School Nurse Confesses: “I Would Have NEVER Vaccinated My Own Children!” Revealing The Truth Behind Children’s Vaccines

In response to a recent controversial blog I posted called “Media Left Out Horrifying Facts about Measles Shot,” Joanne, a nurse, emailed me. She wrote:

“As a school nurse against immunizations, you can imagine the war I am in right now about the truth behind children’s vaccines.”

If anyone knows a thing or two about administering medicine, it’s Joanne. I’ve been designing and making it for over twenty years, but I’ve never been in a clinical setting to witness first hand the results of mass use.  Joanne is currently in her 9th year working as a school nurse and prior to that, worked as a public health nurse and did substitute school nursing.

She sees firsthand what goes on in schools, while observing the complete lack of common sense among parents who are uninformed about vaccines.

I asked Joanne if I could interview her, and she generously agreed to share some details about her experiences as a school nurse. What follows is an uncensored, no-holds-barred interview with Joanne on how vaccines have wreaked havoc in her schools and why she is AGAINST mandatory vaccination. 

TPC #1: First off, why did you initially choose to work in the field of school nursing?

Joanne: I was looking for a change; I had been working in OB/gyn in a clinical setting, and needed a change. School nursing allows me to work more autonomously.

TPC #2: What has been the greatest reward in working as a school nurse?

Joanne: My greatest reward is helping others with their health. I am a big advocate of preventive health, educating others and seeking natural solutions. It is very rewarding when someone comes back to me to tell me something I suggested worked for them.

TPC #3: What has been the biggest challenge as a school nurse?

Joanne: Dealing with some parents, on occasion. Also the lack of critical thinking that is utilized today in making decisions.

TPC #4: Have you ever observed a case where a child was vaccinated for a certain illness and yet still contracted that illness?

Joanne: Yes, we had Pertussis outbreak a few years ago. Of course, all the children have been immunized against Pertussis multiple times. Also, I have seen children get the flu even though they were vaccinated against the flu. I’ve seen students, and even my own daughter, break out with chicken pox even though they were vaccinated.

I also cannot believe the amount of children diagnosed with pneumonia this year. It is our number one reason why they’re out of school. Yet these kids were all given the Pneumococcal vaccine. Go figure.

Speaking of a recent sad event – a co-worker’s mom just died at the age of 50, of influenza. That turned into pneumonia, then she picked up MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in the hospital. She was a healthy woman who came down with the flu. She had been getting annual flu shots. The doctors told the family it could have been worse if she did not get the shot. Seriously, what is worse than death??? She left behind a grieving husband and four children.

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TPC #5: Over the years, what has changed in the way vaccines are administered?

Joanne: When I was working as a clinical nurse and giving flu shots, we would not give them to children. At the time, the thought was to let kids get the illness to build up immunity. Now people have gone the route of giving flu vaccines to healthy children.

If one really studies the immune system, you understand that there is already a first-line defense system in place and there is a cumulative response by the body, thus giving the body the optimum chance for effective mobilization of the immune system to occur.

TPC #6: What is your biggest qualm about vaccines?

Joanne: A vaccine exposes the body to a large amount of antigens directly into the bloodstream, effectively bypassing the body’s first-line defenses. As a result, the immune system registers this invasion as excessively traumatic and stressful.

My question is, are we setting our children up for MORE allergies, asthma, autism, and ear infections because of this? My children did not receive nearly the vaccines children today are receiving and never got a flu vaccine.

A great article that will NEVER again make me see vaccines in a positive light is this article:

TPC #7: You wrote: “If I could do it all over again, I would have never vaccinated my own children.” What led you to form this viewpoint?

Joanne: I worked as a Pediatric nurse and vaccinated lots of babies throughout the years. My own daughter was part of a research project, testing a baby’s stress level after receiving vaccines at 2, 4, and 6 months, by checking cortisol levels of saliva post vaccination. I believe the results showed that babies had the greatest stress at 2 months, and less at the following 4 and 6 months.

Both of my children ran fevers, and were ill after receiving vaccines – supposedly all for the greater good. I then began hearing and reading about the dangers of vaccines. I learned that besides formaldehyde and mercury, vaccines also carried aborted fetal tissue cell lines and DNA, and that every single vaccine line is contaminated, possibly with cancer and viruses. Why would I choose that route instead of allowing my kids to get a normal childhood illness that I actually had as a child and survived just fine?

Indeed, if I could do it all over again, I would have never vaccinated my own children. That was back in the early 90’s – before internet and easy access to research was available.

TPC #8: Do you believe parents should have the right to vaccinate their kids if they want? Or are vaccines so dangerous, NOBODY should be allowed to use them?

Joanne: I firmly believe every parent has a right to choose whether or not to vaccinate. After much research, I personally believe vaccines are dangerous – and would love to see the medical community choose to stop the practice of vaccination altogether – unless they can prove they have a 100% safe vaccine, which will never happen.

I believe there’s an ulterior motive behind the vaccine movement that is, to put it frankly, money-driven and evil.

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TPC #9: Describe some of your recent experiences in dealing with the vaccine issue. How are parents reacting?

Joanne: As a school nurse against immunizations, you can imagine the war I am in right now.  I have a few families that don’t vaccinate, and parents are up in arms about it. One of my secretaries at school is upset because she has children with a genetic heart defect and have defibrillators. She is so stressed out that her son in California is going to get measles from all the illegals who reside there. When I told her that Merck falsified its data – she doesn’t believe me.

When I attempted to tell this mom that the MMR has (rubella) contains aborted fetal tissue and thus infecting children with another’s DNA – she is more concerned about her child getting measles than aborted DNA. I told her strep was more dangerous than measles for her child’s heart condition. I saw measles cases back in the early 1980’s, and we always have occasional breakouts. I tried to tell her the media loves to scare us, and that I have 5 schools – the amount of children that are not vaccinated is less than 1%.

Today, one of the other nurses I work with called me because the principal wanted to know how many children are un-vaccinated in her school. Seriously – we have so many other things to worry about. When our principal wanted to demand that all children in our school be vaccinated, I told her she could not mandate it. There’s a state law in Minnesota that provides conscientious vaccination exemptions. She then told me the number 1 concern is that these un-vaccinated children will infect the others. My response was, ‘Well, then why bother with getting a vaccination in the first place?!?” Where is common sense these days??

Also, I was furious when my 21-year-old daughter who, in order to go to grad school, had to have a titer drawn for her MMR immunity. She was found not to be immune and was given a MMR. So in reality, how many of these kids whom we have vaccinated are actually immune in the first place?

TPC #10: You wrote, “As a school nurse against immunizations, you can imagine the war I am in right now.” What do you believe is the solution to this war? Is it simply for informed nurses and other professionals to quit and leave altogether so they can perhaps join an effort more focused on the SOLUTION (rather than the war)? Or keep fighting the war?

Joanne: This is a tough question. We have the medical community at large that still believes in vaccinating children. The guidelines are written so as to make sure children have received their vaccines as a part of a routine well child visit.

Somehow we have to change the mindset against vaccination as a part of the “health” equation. These people honestly feel they are doing the greater good for society.

We need to start doing more critical thinking in order to make informed choices. As a parent, I would much rather see my child have a normal illness than develop lupus, cancer, MS, or sterility. As a nurse, I feel we need to start educating and developing a whole culture of health professionals who argue against vaccines.

There are doctors out there such as at this website:

I think we could start by offering community gatherings discussing vaccines, where people could come and find out more.

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TPC #11: If you had the power to change the entire vaccine situation in schools, what would you like to see happening and why?

Joanne: If I had the power, I would stop mandating vaccines. This would, however, cause massive pandemonium. Too many people have been convinced that vaccines are saving our children’s lives. I think parents need to make informed decisions. They need be told the whole the truth behind children’s vaccines, and nothing but the truth when it comes to vaccines. If they still choose them after that, at least they can’t say they weren’t informed.

As a parent, I wish I had been given this information before I vaccinated my own kids, because it would have led me to not vaccinate.

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