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  • What to Do When Your Doctor Tells You Your Triglycerides are Too High
  • Diabetes: How to Avoid it and Live to 100 Years Old!
  • Four Ways to Reduce C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • New Way to Kill Cancer
  • Big Pharma’s Most Sought After Blood Cancer Buster
  • And much more….

Drug Design Chemist Exposes Secret Health Files That Were Forbidden in his Blockbuster Book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures!

Are You Ready to Obtain All The Natural Cure Answers You Need to Live Young, Without Wasting A Single Minute Surfing The Web or Filtering the Myriad of Scams?


Sorry about the alarming, perhaps offensive, nature of the headline, but some things must be said. This isn’t a popularity contest for me. It’s a live young contest and I want you to win! So, I’m just gonna tell you how it really is…

As a former pharmaceutical chemist, I have sat on decades of scientific research that highlights how Mother Nature, lifestyle habits and our own “internal pharmacy” heal and preserve our health – inexpensively – at any age, without the use of a single prescription drug.

Much of it was written in my blockbuster book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. But much of it was WITHHELD. It was either too unbelievable, alarmist or all out scandalous.

Let me give you a quick example…

Deadly Cancer Drug Works No Better Than Exercise But Costs $5,000 Per Month For Treatment!

True Story: Bayer Pharmaceuticals recently developed a chemotherapy drug known as Nexavar.

Research found it provided a mere 2.8 months of increased survival, but the slight benefit was negated with side effects such as pain in the scalp, skin peeling, blisters, bleeding gums, viral and bacterial infection, and slow suffocation due to destruction of oxygen-rich, red blood cells caused by Nexavar.

Bayers own research stated that the drug, “Would not meet the main goal of improving overall survival.”

Comparitavely, The Archives of Internal Medicine showed 150 minutes of intense excerciseper week lowers cancer death rates by up to 53% – vastly better than Nexavar and without humiliating side effects!

“The Exercise Cancer Cure” was ignored by the pharmaceutically compliant physicians and media…

Bayer pushed for Nexavar approval and it’s now raking in $5,000 per month from cancer patients. (The drug was banned in several European countries.)

Many other natural ways to fight cancer and many other pandemic killers have been totally ignored and forgotten (in the name of profit). But, it doesn’t stop there.

“They” have profited long enough…Now it’s YOUR turn…

Shocking Life-Extension Cancer Confession Your Doctor Doesn't Know about and Big Pharma Thinks You're Not Smart Enough to Understand!

Drugs are not invented out of thin air.

The drug industry uses Mother Nature to design synthetic counterfeits. In fact, “69% of anticancer drugs approved between 1940 and 2002 are either natural products or developed based on knowledge gained from natural products,” noted Cancer Treatment Reviews.

This is a shocking life extension confession that went unnanounced to doctors, patients and the media. Millions of cancer patients lost their life dreams without ever being introduced to natural options proven to be safe and effective in the labs of Big Pharma.

One such discovery would be a family of naturally occurring molecules known as “flavones.”

In 2009, 25 years of research finally proved that naturally occuring flavones eradicate cancer cells (are cytotoxic to tumors) while leaving healthy cells unscathed. Here is the direct quote:

cancer-treatment - "...These phytochemicals (flavones) are not only cytostatic but also cytotoxic to various human tumor cell lines in vitro and inhibit tumor growth in vivo [in the body]. Most importantly, they show almost no or minor toxicity to normal epithelial and normal peripheral blood and myeloid cells."
"...These phytochemicals (flavones) are not only cytostatic but also cytotoxic to various human tumor cell lines in vitro and inhibit tumor growth in vivo [in the body]. Most importantly, they show almost no or minor toxicity to normal epithelial and normal peripheral blood and myeloid cells." *
— Cancer Treatment Reviews 35 (2009)


treatmentsThese discoveries are buried in favor of trying to make synthetic counterparts (prescription drugs). Today, cancer doctors are prescribing the counterfit under the chemical name “Baicalein,” and it comes with horrendous side effects, and huge expense! But, I’m going to show you how to get these cancer busting flavones without a prescription.

Below are the molecular isolates (flavones) proven to give cancer cells a “biological smack down.” This was published in a renowned medical journal to help the drug industry design their own counterfeits.

On one side is an image of the plant, the next column an image of the isolates that Big Pharma is trying to counterfeit. The patent rights that come with the subsequent “prescription” allow them to scrape you clean financially, without giving you an ounce of health. And the slight modifications made in the lab can reduce effectiveness and give rise to DEADLY SIDE EFFECTS!


skullcapTo wit, few people are aware of the above cancer busting flavones.Yet, the natural form could be used safely as the first line of defense for about $10 per month – Solaray provides cancer fighting flavones to help you live longer without trading health for wealth!

The drug industry thinks you’re not smart enough to understand the innerworkings of the pharmaceutical scam – which keeps these natural cure findings private, while hoodwinking you into using dangerous prescriptions.

Who are the culprits? How do I know all this?

They are a web of “enablers” that preserve a wildy profitable but deadly business model. They are “Physician Fat Cats” who obey prescribing orders handed down by pretty drug reps. They are government agencies who obey a pharmaceutically compliant congress and use our tax dollars to drug innocent children and elderly. They are the chemists who obey their pharmaceutical masters and design drugs that mask symptoms but don’t treat the cause. And I used to be one of them…

The “Hokey Pokey” effect has taken grip, and no matter how ridiculous the charade, millions are taking part in it at the expense of your health and wealth!

The next few minutes will expose you to highly sensitive information that will make some people mad…

...If you are not dedicated to taking charge of your own health naturally you should NOT read any further, seriously!

I’m about to reveal shocking news which strikes to the heart of those using prescription drugs and flim-flam products pushed as “natural cures.” I’m also unlocking access to the most viable ways of achieving vibrant health, naturally. But this isn’t an all-out endorsement for all natural health products!

The following material is only for those dedicated to a lifetime to learning and making it a point to understand the real methods for living healthier and paying less. This is not for the “health evanglists” who, with fanatical fervor and blind loyalty, stockpile scores of supplements in their cabinets, and at the same time preach that natural is synonymous with safe. This is for those who are willing to invest the time needed to decipher scams from science.

In other words, I don’t want my natural cure teachings to be tangled up with the wacky ways of “alternative medicine” and soft science that fuels natural health scams and shams.

Physicians and Natural Cure Hucksters Will Not Be Happy With Me. ...

How many times have you searched for lifesaving health information only to be slapped with “gurus” who drone on with boring YouTube videos, or knock you out with sleepy writing, or worse, try to sell you yet another trendy pill to:

  • Lose belly fat
  • Stop DNA damage
  • Energize you with an exotic berry juice

I bet it happens daily!

You see, the truest things are never said. The health industry is ripe with ass-puckering authors who dance around the real facts of health and instead give you warm, fuzzy messages designed to swindle you into believing more health hype in the name of profit.

Some poignat examples exist:

Top Natural Cure Lies EXPOSED!

What “they” say: Get omega-3 fish oils to be saved from the inner fires of inflammation, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and hell, UFO Abduction.”

What science says: You don’t need pills to get omega fats. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in generous amounts in servings of grass-fed meat, whole eggs, wild-caught fish and pemmican. And better than their “pill counterparts,” food source omega-3 fats are accompanied with a host of micronutrients and other healthy fats required to increase functional lifespan.


What “they” say: Your entire family is vitamin D deficient – even the family dog – and pills will correct it. The deficiency explains all your ill health…and even your bad haircut.

What science says: Vitamin D pills are hormones made by Big Pharma and disguised as “vitamins.” The University of Colorado, recently showed how synthetic vitamin D was traditonally used as a “rodenticide” due to its “cumulative poisonous nature.” Once mass production was developed by Hoffman La-Roche and BASF pharmaceuticals, it was turned into a “vitamin” courtesy of slick advertising and industry funded studies falsley touting its benefits (checkbook science).

Vitamin D pills can “plug up” the body, causing the synthetic vitamin to hide and tuck away into your fat layers (for up to 60 days!) where it distrupts “hormonal intelligence,” causing excess calcification and dwindling health. In contrast, naturally occurring vitamin D from cod liver oil or sun exposure only lasts for up to 20 minutes, and quickly exerts its benefits before it is quickly broken down and removed from the body.


What “they” say: Resveratrol is the fountain of youth, except it comes in a pill, usually made by big Pharma, is the next best thing since bacon. Honestly!

What science says: Not a single human clinical trials substantiates longevity claims. In fact, some studies are showing it to be risky.

“Resveratrol, a polyphenol derived from red grapes, berries, and peanuts, has been shown to mediate death of a wide variety of cells. The mechanisms by which resveratrol mediates cell death include necrosis, apoptosis, autophagy, and others. While most studies suggest that resveratrol kills tumor cells selectively, evidence is emerging that certain normal cells such as endothelial cells, lymphocytes, and chondrocytes are vulnerable to resveratrol.” – Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 2009


What “they” say: Choke down folic acid daily and forever escape fear depression, heart disease, cancer or heck, high interest rates and predatory loans as “as long as we get our 400 micrograms daily.” (Cheesey smile here by huckster)

What science says: Folic acid pills are yet another drug disguised as a vitamin. The Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening trial has linked high folic acid intake with a 32% increased risk of breast cancer.

Revealed: How to Live Young and Pay Less, Forever, Without Shameless Product Plugs, Shady Science and Junky Supplements!

…Probably the best natural cure, fat loss education organized in an easy to understand format, that’s loaded with actionable advice!

lea ann before pregnancy
lea ann after pregnancy
"That's my wife with our third child, Skyler. They're at the gym, 90 days from her pregnancy recovery…90 days!" *
— Shane E.
"Lost my belly that I would have never thought I could lose it" *
— BD, California

Feeling cheated and disillusioned by the health compound? You should be! And it’s time you got on with your life!

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but in my opinion today’s natural cure hype and health care initiatives are really a cunning diversion for the masses…a distraction stopping them from discovering what it’s really like to live young!

Start Living Young. Stop Worrying.

Maybe you enjoy a breathtaking sunset with your wife from a Bungalow in Hawaii, as live music plays at a nearby club and your tanned skin brushes with the soothing tropical breeze.

Maybe you finally get on the dance floor in Miami and end the night at 6am – with a sweat soaked t-shirt – to watch the sun rise and listen to the blue, calm water lap up on the warm sand of South Beach.

Maybe you finally take that snowboard vacation with your family; your kids shred in the park while you relax in the salt water jacuzzi with a cold beer and your wife, watching the steam rise.

Maybe you experience the heart pounding, nerve-racking experience of your first, 60-second free fall over the green, humid landscape of Houston, Texas.

Sadly, these won’t be a reality for many.

Very few people are able to live free of pandemic killers or the hype that keeps them from learning about the most valuable health discoveries – the ones that save lives and keep us alive longer in order to collect life’s most revered currency – EXPERIENCE!

In the USA, premature illness and obesity are at ALL TIME HIGH. When most should be living young by making memories with their loved ones, many are slowly wasting away.

I can put an end to all of this by doing for you the same thing I have done for my friends and family behind the scenes: Provide a road map to living young.

Live Free of Poor Health and Rising Health Costs.

I’d like to be your personal ‘chemist’ guiding you right to perfect health with my Secret Health files. I speak from experience when I say if you want REAL security for you and yours in an increasingly uncertain health world, this will be the most important information you ever uncover… information you’ve been denied until now.

Why My Humble Background Has Opened The Door of Opportunity Wide for YOU... ... The Back door into living healthier and paying less.

It’s fair to say I wasn’t born from a family of doctors, nor am I silver-spooned graduate of an Ivy league institution like Harvard or Yale. And it’s probably very clear, that I’m not some boy-scout professor.

I’m a regular guy who happens to have a very strong passion for science, biochemistry, education, and anything adventurous like motorcycles, aviation and brazilian jiu jitsu.

I also worked as a medicinal chemist for Big Pharma…

I’m an award winning chemist and hold a masters degree in organic chemistry from Northern Arizona University and am author of the blockbuster, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures(SourceBooks, October 2009). I’ve been quoted by USA Today, Shape, Woman’s World, as well as Women’s Health and have served as guest speaker for large corporations like BP and recently appeared on Fox News and NBC Good Day New Mexico and Colorado as a natural health advocate.

As a medicinal chemist, I was given the highly regarded full approval by the drug industry to design pharmaceuticals, while being sworn to confidentiality. But that didn’t last.

The limo treatment, a cushy paycheck with stock options and benefits…I had it all; it was my career dream come true after 8 years in academics studying chemistry.

But something didn’t smell right…

Maybe it was my humble origins, but from the inside, it seemed that only the “enablers” were enjoying the party while the patients (you) were tossed risky drugs and raked over the financial coals. Why were the top institutions like the FDA allowing this to happen?

I don’t exaggerate… You’re Going to Love This

Hidden behind all the "enablers," white coats, fancy drug names, drug company research, and mountain of advertising dollars, lies the health facts - ferociously guarded by the enablers!

Now, don’t delude yourself about whether Big Pharma, the FDA and the American Medical Association have hidden agendas. Of course they do; every company protects its own interests. Think about it…

Do you think they want the masses knowing how to add 11- 20 years of functional years to their lifespan, for pennies on the pharmaceutical dollar?

No way! Remember the insiders from the tobacco industry blowing the whistle on how cigarettes were deliberately made to be more addictive? Remember how heroin was beign sold as cough syrup? Hormone replacement therapy drugs?

Anyway, I wanted out. I was working too hard, with too much stress and was becoming disillusioned.

But I still don’t sleep as well as I should… Because I want… no, I need… to blow the whistle to someone who’ll listen!

Not everyone will listen. Most people won’t want to listen.

But I’m hoping you’re not ‘most people’.

“You’re either on the inside or the outside.”

Very true…

Okay, so what exactly is SECRET HEALTH FILES?

I’ll tell you, but first I want you to clear your mind of anything you’ve ever heard about health, fitness, medicine and supplements, because with respect, chances are it’s wrong!

As a medicinal chemist, I want to help you learn how to live young at any age, without wasting time surfing the Internet or having to scour through another lifeless health book. So I’ve used the very latest in scientific research and audio recording to deliver to you my Secret Health Files – A no nonsense teaching tool to help you make better health decisions and live longer better…

Truly, I’ve spent years painstakingly creating what I believe to be the most powerful learning tool on the planet. Yes, years! This wasn’t made from a laptop with a cheap mic…and the information isn’t a rehash of junk you find online. Every track provides actionable advice about today’s biggest health and medicine topics!

Secret Health Files Volume #1

  1. How the Drug Industry Deceives Doctors
  2. The Ancient “Immortality Herb” and How to Use It
  3. What to Do When Your Doctor Tells You Your Triglycerides are Too High
  4. Diabetes: How to Avoid it and Live to 100 Years Old!
  5. How to Put the Brakes on Illness and Aging Today!
  6. Top “Healthy Foods” Are Making You Sick
  7. The Lazy Mans Guide to Reading Labels and Avoiding Belly-Inflating Foods

Secret Health Files Volume #2

  1. How the Wrong Calorie Can Kill You
  2. Defy Aging DNA the Easy Way. Add 10 Years Your Life Your
  3. Hidden Weapons of Belly Fat Destruction
  4. Hidden Danger of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
  5. Cholesterol – What They Are not Telling You
  6. Four Ways to Reduce Threatening Inflammation and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) without Crestor
  7. Save $64k with three AGGRESSIVE Cardiovascular Cures That Cost Next to Nothing
  8. The Athletes Deadly Mistake: Avoid This to Enhance Performance and Smother Age Accelerating Free Radicals

Secret Health Files Volume #3

  1.  Should I Really Eat Meat?
  2. Is Diet Coke Really a Joke?
  3. Digestive Health on a Dollar Budget
  4. Healing Secrets of The Incas: Beat malaria, soothe pain, get your libido back
  5. Best Way to Avoid Cancer. Protect Yourself and Your Family From Hidden Home Toxins
  6. How to Harness Nutrient Logic’s 4-Prong Cancer Attack DAILY
  7. New Way to Kill Cancer: Maximize Your Immune System Cancer RADAR
  8. Big Pharma’s Most Sought After Blood Cancer Buster
  9. The 27-Minute Hangover Cure

Secret Health Files Volume #4

  1. 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Filling that Psychiatric Prescription
  2. Most Important Health Habit for the Entire Family
  3. Mother’s Nature’s Edible Sun Block that Helps Skin Glow Vibrantly Young
  4. The Psychiatric Death Threat. Why You Need to Avoid Meds for Mental Health
  5. Total Mental and Physical Health with this All-natural “Detox Magnet”

Secret Health Files CDs

I’ve gone to incredible lengths to make this the best, most easy to understand demonstration you’ve seen about ANYTHING. It really will blow you away with its simplicity and guidance. Plus, when I mention a product, I tell you exactly where to buy it from, and I have no financial ties to them!

Don’t think that when your kit arrives you’ll be overwhelmed with books, manuals, videos etc. etc… I’ve made everything embarrassingly simple; you just play the audio CD’s one after the other and follow my easy-to-follow actionable advice. I’m going to show you in real-time exactly what I do and how I do it so you can copy me.

No dry ‘theory’ to plough through; just relax and listen!

How Much does it cost?

As you’ll clearly see when you receive your Secret Health Files, I pride myself on delivering value for money. After hearing this lecture series, I was urged to charge $50 per CD by other professionals in my field. This is much less than an hourly fee charged by physicians, top speakers or chiropractors, and would have brought the total to $200. This is well worth it.

Don’t Wait: But, I’m not charging that! For a limited time, the price I decided upon is far less than the $200.00 I was urged to charge for the entire audio course, book and MORE!

Become a “People’s Chemist Insider” by obtaining lifesaving education and advice. You only have to pay about $24 per audio CD course, a total of only $97.00 (plus $7.95 for USPS Priority Mail shipping)!

But this price WILL NOT LAST. Why am I doing this?

I’m being completely honest here, ’cause I’ve seen the scams and hype when it comes to natural cure products…I’ve kept the price as low as possible simply because the sales of my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, have supported the studio time, marketing and mass production required to provide this lifesaving course. But, when supply runs out, I won’t be producing it again! It will no longer be available, which is why this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.


Nobody Should Be Left Out! But, That's How They Want It!

This education must be obtained by everyone, therefore it’s priced so that nobody is left out.

Think about it. They don’t teach you about health in school, not even college! And the study of natural medicine was removed from the medical school curriculum about 100 years ago! Why? So that they can have a “knowledge monopoply” on health, and sell you drugs. This is so obvious, that its almost easy to miss. Secret Health Files is changing all of this, and putting the power in your hands!

There’s no gimmicky bonuses to pad it out; what I’ve told you already will hopefully mean you don’t need to be bribed with nonsense like that.

Once you place your order, you will have your own copy of Secret Health Files within 5- 7 days.

I hope you’ll see this as an investment into your future…your life!

See for Yourself at My Risk! Invest in your health and life now, click here to order.

Secret Health Files CDs

Secret Health Files CDs

How to Live Young and Pay Less, Forever. Four Audio CD Set Course

You probably see this educational series as a little different from the ‘norm’. Well, that’s because this is for real! I’ve stood by for years now and watched as all the get-rich-quick garbage and sorry excuses for health products and information have been peddled by people who had no clue. I used to laugh at such ‘offers!’ Remember, I’m an organic chemist who designed drug for a living, so I know what I’m talking about!

No Holds-Barred Complimentary Review Guide Included

This educational series is clearly VERY different from anything you’ve seen, as you probably now realize. To help the learning process, I’m also providing a complimentary review guide,The Best of The People’s Chemist. This is jam-packed with my most popular essays, which reinforce some of the main points found in my Secret Health Files.

30 Day, 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

Scrutinize my course closely. Test it for up to 30 days. You will be thrilled with your results, or I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous 100% refund. (yes – 30 full days) telling me it didn’t work – and you’ll get a full refund, minus 20% for handling. You have nothing to risk, and everything to gain.

On the other hand, if my Secret Health Files helps you live healthier, more vibrant, leaner and happier than ever before, I want you to e-mail me your success story – and tell all your friends about it too.

Invest in your health and life now, click here to order below

Secret Health Files CDs

Secret Health Files CDs

How to Live Young and Pay Less, Forever. Four Audio CD Set Course

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