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Stupid Diet Myth #2: Eat 4-6 Small Meals Per Day

Here is another way to spike your fat storing hormone insulin…and get fat fast; Feed your face 4-6 times daily (graze).  This myth grew from the erroneous idea that eating boosts metabolism.  And it does.  But after three meals per day, this metabolic effect diminishes.  It’s like watering a plant all day rather than once a day.  Eventually it dies.  We’re not that fortunate.  If we eat too often, we are forced to waddle our way through life, just like "eat small meals, all the time, advocate" Dr. Weil; man-boobs fully intact. 

Note:  Dr. Weil states, "I have never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger. I think I am one of the few Americans who can say that.  However, I have, when on the road, gone into a McDonald’s to get a Coca Cola." No doubt he is telling the truth.

Restricting feeding times to three meals per day is crucial because during the five hours between meals, the body produces anti-aging and muscle building hormones courtesy of hormone intelligence.  Disrupt this timing and you produce fat inflating and age-accelerating ones – courtesy of hormone ignorance. 

Grazing is for cows.  If you like mimicking fat farm animals (or Dr. Weil) go for it.

Note: A select few "eat all day" advocates offset the fat building effect with an exercise addiction that takes them to the gym every day.  This isn’t practical for everyone, and excess exercise wrinkles your face fast.

Check back for Stupid diet Myth #3 and #4!

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