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Stupid Diet Myth #4: Don’t Eat Red Meat

Fat always gets a bad rap. Forgetting chemistry 101, cardiologists insist that all fats are bad. With sweeping generalizations, they tell us to avoid red meat due to its fat content. They fail to distinguish between the fat promoting and heart disease inducing trans-fats and the essential, saturated fats in meat.

Forgetting biochemistry, doctors fail to remember that every single cell in the human body is dependent on saturated fat; making up the cell membrane and even the lump in our skull known as the brain.

Forgetting nutrition, they also fail to remember that most vitamins require healthy, saturated fat to be absorbed by the body.

And forgetting physiology, they fail to remember that meat contains the muscle building compound known as creatine. Take home lesson: Doctors are forgetful and grass fed beef should be a major part of your diet. Abstain from trans-fat like your life depends on it.

Nobody is immune to stupid diet myths. And they are here to stay, with new ones popping up every day. This is a stark reminder that marketing hype always supersedes diet logic. Let your waistline be your guide. If your fat loss efforts aren’t working, try something new. The beach awaits!

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