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Ten Heart Med Facts Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About

Your doctor finally laid down the gauntlet.

Your ticker is tocking like a race horse and the more your physician talks, the more your blood pressure rises. He wants you to stop eating pulled pork BBQ, southern fried chicken and French fries. Golf might even be too aggravating too, due to your poor putting skills.

After years of living large, it appears you’re doomed to a life of popping meds for the heart, blood clots, blood pressure and to control those pesky cholesterol levels that worry your wife.

…A few weeks of following doctors orders, you’re now asking the doctor if Viagra is right your you.

You thought you did a lot of drugs in college. Now you’re a walking pharmacy!

But, what if you didn’t need all those medications?

As The People’s Chemist, I asked this questions over five years ago. Pushing aside all the advertising fiction and inflated egos, I found some starting facts that I know your doctor doesn’t know about.

Fact #1: Lowering Cholesterol May Cause Man-O-Pause.

Cholesterol is not a poison. The body uses it to manufacture hormones, like testosterone. It also helps break down food into essential nutrients and works with the liver to produce bile acids, essential for digestion of fats and ridding the body of waste. Cholesterol helps stabilize cell membranes, which means its a vital building block of your entire body.

Does that sound like something you want to lower?

Lower your golf score, your waist-size or your cancer risk if you want to lower something. But don’t lower your cholesterol!

Otherwise, men who take cholesterol-lowering drugs, might learn that they, “Aren’t the only chick in their marriage.” Short fits of tears and cuddling may become far too common, and it’s likely that if they keep taking the drugs, husbands might suffer from Man-O-Pause, as seen by frequent pauses throughout the day dedicated to texting and finding old friends they never really liked on FaceBook. Discussions on the benefits of Mini-vans and vasectomies may also occur.

Fact #2: Heart Medications will put you into The Fat Cow Hall of Fame

Common blood pressure meds such as Atenolol (Tenormin) shunt the metabolism by blocking fat burning switches known as beta receptors. Once blocked by heart drugs, energy diminishes and the body burns sugar while storing fat in your gut because it is no longer able to switch on fat burning.

Note: If you’re taking any blood pressure pills, don’t even think about buying those swim trunks that are a little too tight – you’ll grow out of them in a week!

Fact #3: Heart Meds Park Your Sex Drive

As if being put into The Fat Cow Hall of Fame wasn’t bad enough, beta-blockers also artificially cut off the blood supply to the chairman of the board – your penis. It’s as if he locked himself in his own office and can’t get out. By reducing blood pressure, there is nothing allowing him to defy gravity, get up and join the party.

Fact #4: There is No Such thing as High Cholesterol

You don’t need to lower your cholesterol to below 200 with drugs!

According the The Journal of the American Medical Association death rates increase by 14% for every 1 point drop in total cholesterol levels, and most people who die from a heart attack have low cholesterol. Yes, this is the exact opposite of what you are told by the drug ads.

There is simply no association between cholesterol levels and the occurrence of heart disease.

Bring on that pulled pork BBQ!

Note: You can have my pork when you pry it from my cold dead hands after a long life of living young.

Fact #5: Blood Pressure Naturally Rises as We Age

Your blood pressure doesn’t need to be where it was when you were 18 years old!

It’s normal for the top number of blood pressure (systolic) to be 100 plus your age. If you’re 50, then your systolic should be 150. Taking drugs to bring it down to 115 makes about as much sense as trying to fit into the same shoe you wore when you were 10 years old. Your blood needs to pump harder as you age to accommodate for the increased need in oxygen and nutrients; if it didn’t your hands and feet would turn blue and you’d start to die.

Fact #6: Cholesterol Lowering Drugs (Statins) Raise Cancer Rates

Statins mimic a growth factor responsible for cancer proliferation. It’s known as VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and it’s “cancer fertilizer.” You’re lowering something that doesn’t need to be lowered if you want to live longer and increasing the likelihood of being struck down with cancer in the prime of your life at the same time.

Think this can’t possibly be true? Check out Vytorin in the news for its cancer-causing effects. There’s even a relationship between cholesterol-lowering drugs and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). The New York Times warned patients saying that, “Patients taking Vytorin in the Seas trial did have a sharply higher risk of developing and dying from cancer.”

Fact #7: Statins Cause Heart Failure

Cholesterol-lowering drugs decrease an energy producing compound in the heart known as CoQ10. It’s been well publicized, but widely ignored. And talking extra CoQ10 as a supplement won’t help you. This essential nutrient serves as an energy-producing molecule and is crucial for cardiovascular function. Without it, the heart slowly fails. Patients feel it as lethargy and poor exercise ability.

Fact #8: Drugs that Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Dumb You Down

These drugs cause mental fogginess. Hey, you can always blame shaving a few strokes off your golf game on your drugs… If you can remember where you hit the ball. Ever forget where you parked your car when you were ready to go home while on your meds?

Fact #9: Side Effects from Statins Have Remained Hidden

It was hard enough to turn healthy people into patients to begin with, now you think the pharmaceutical companies are going to come clean on the side effects too? The FDA has a very low bar for drug approval and science has been abandoned for profit. The list of drugs proven to be dangerous and ineffective reads longer than Santas naughty list while in Vegas.

for example, Lipitor, under a 3.3 yr study, was found to reduce the rate of heart attack from 3% to a whopping 2%. That means out of 100 people taking Lipitor, 1 person might benefit, but still risk the side effects of cancer and heart failure.

Fact #10: Heart Disease is The Result of Inflammation caused by a Nutrient Deficiency

The entire cycle of premature heart attack and stroke can be prevented – or at least slowed. To do this, you need to reduce or eliminate the “artery butchers” from the blood, as taught in, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures. And most exciting, you can stop the scorching flames of inflammation that lead to heart disease by using Mother Nature’s Heart Cures for about $10 per month.

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