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The Nuclear Effect: How Radiation Studies Highlight Natural Wrinkle Cures and More…

Prior to Fukishima, the worst nuclear accident in history occurred at the Chernobyl Power Plant in 1986. And over the years, an astounding survival mechanism has highlighted what scientists have known for decades: Genetic material, DNA, can adapt to enhance survival, even under the worst conditions.

New biological techniques have allowed scientists to monitor how DNA turns genes on and off, in response to the environment, rather than in response to our parents genetics. And these techniques recently showed how plant life in Chernobyl is able to flourish, despite the catastrophic nuclear explosion that lead to mass radiation exposure. Scientists writing for Environmental Science and Technology stated, “Surprisingly, the local ecosystem has been able to adapt.”

Plant Life Survives with “Internal Pharmacy”

As if tapping into their own “internal pharmacy,” Chernobyl plant life now produces up to 35 unique proteins that, as a whole, act as a radioactive shield, thereby preserving their genetic material from deadly radiation, and allowing them to thrive!

In Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I wrote that tapping into our own internal pharmacy – just like Chernobyl plant life – is vital to living a life free of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. It’s also mandatory for elevating your fitness levels, mental ability and energy. And these highly technical studies, in one of the harshest environments on the planet, highlight how robust and effective this survival mechanism is.

Certain Supplements Paralyze Our Internal Pharmacy

Unfortunately, diets riddled with prescription drugs, toxic drinking water, artificial flavors like high fructose corn syrup and Splenda, synthetic folic acid, vitamin D, E, A and even estrogenic, sugary foods labeled as “organic” are paralyzing this God-given protection mechanism by displacing vital nutrients. While plant life is able to extract and utilize micro-nutrients from the soil – in order to produce the compounds needed to shield their DNA – most people are void of the substrates needed by their body to produce its own protection against premature death. The best example of this at work is how the body avoids wrinkles in response to ultra-violet radiation.

Use These Nutrients to Banish Wrinkles

When consumed, select caratotenoids from our diet allow our DNA to form a shield in response to sun exposure – a form of radiation. An edible sun block of sorts, this crucial component of nutrient logic protects our skin cells from becoming brittle and dry due to sun exposure, while also enabling the body to produce skin-protecting hormones, thereby slowing the wrinkling and aging process – specifically, glutathione and enzymes known as superoxide dismutases.

These internally made “drugs” cause skin to burst with tanning components that allow our layer to adapt to sun exposure and become vibrantly healthy and strong. Without them, skin becomes frail, thin, and even grey. Over time, it can sag too. And the unsightly process occurs only because the body lacks the nutrient logic – carotenoids – required to produce protective and structural compounds made by the skins internal pharmacy.

Best Sources of Anti-Wrinkle Compounds

Leading sources of carotenoids are eggs, spirulina, chlorella, dark-green leafy vegetables (kale, collards, and spinach), and yellow-orange fruits and vegetables (apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, and squash). The recommended daily intake of carotenoids is 100 to 200 grams per day of these foods.

The most potent carotenoid is a red pigment found in algae, salmon, trout, shrimp, and lobsters. It’s known as astaxanthin. Once ingested, astaxanthin is 1,000 times more effective at protecting skin from UV damage than other carotenoids!

Be careful of supplementing with astaxanthin in pill form! In my Secret Health Files, I teach that the drug industry is currently producing “astaxanthin-mimics” and disguising them as the “real thing” on the supplement market. The counterfeits of Mother Nature come with consequences, no matter how pretty the label might be and regardless of who certified it as “organic.”

The Nuclear Effect isn’t limited to igniting a healthy response within skin. Our internal pharmacy is sensitive to many stimuli. The important message here is that you are adhering to nutrient logic so that adaptation can occur that allows you to live young, independent of risky meds and over-hyped, synthetic supplements.

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