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Water Toxins Found in Breast Milk and on Organic Veggies


Introduction: Rocket fuel found in breast milk.  A whopping 11- 20 million Americans are exposed to this toxin!

Exposure: mid-western Americans are exposed to approximately 1.7- 6.4 parts per billion based on body weight and recommended quantity of drinking water, milk from cattle raised in the mid west and produce grown in the mid west, especially crops irrigated by the Colorado River.

Deadly amount:  “Daily reference dose” or the maximal acceptable oral dose of this toxic substance is no more than.1.0 parts per billion or .000003 micrograms  per kilogram of body weight as prescribed by the EPA. This for the average adult American male (160 lbs or 72.73 kilos) would come out to roughly .00002 micrograms total.   Perchlorate concentrations in breast milk averaged a whopping 10.5 micrograms per liter!

Source: Since the 1950’s the government has been dissolving this chemical propellant in water and has dumped the pollutant in the ground and drinking water of all 50 states – – excluding Vermont – at military sites and facilities. The most notable pollution is found in the Colorado River (the water source for some 15 million Americans including the major city of Los Angeles).
Why it kills:  Causes adverse neurodevelopment effects, thyroid dysfunction and cancer.

How to avoid: “Organic” doesn’t mean you are safe from perchlorate.  Wash veggies thoroughly with filtered water!  Also, if you use well water, consider having it tested for perchlorate contamination.

Closing: After researching this toxin it all seems like a bad dream; the organizations (the FDA, the AMA, etc.) set up to protect the un-educated people, are getting paid to keep them uninformed. 


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