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Weight Loss Lie Your Friends And Family Believe

If you want to lose fat, eating less of it sure makes a lot of sense, at first. But, it’s not that easy. You have to be selective about the fat you’re boycotting, otherwise you risk hijacking your health.

The word fat describes molecules that are made of long chains of carbon atoms, and each one carries a characteristic acid group at the end. Most people know these compounds as just being a high calorie food that they’re supposed to avoid if we want to achieve weight loss. Wrong, mostly.

Yes, you want to avoid inflammation-inducing trans fats and omega-6 fats that come from fried foods, margarin products, fast food joints, vegetable oils and chips. The slight molecular variance in the carbon backbone of these types of fats makes for big changes biologically. As the biological imposters are incorporated into the gelatinous, squishy membranes of our cells, they become dry and brittle. This causes cell function to deteriorate, leading to hormone ignorance, which is characterized by poor hormone output, balance and sensitivity. Belly fat, obesity, heart disease and diabetes soon follows.

The same is not true for naturally occurring fats from seeds, nuts, avocados, eggs, butter, chicken, fish and grass fed beef. All of these should be the mainstay of your diet. They are the anti-inflammation fats that ensure proper cell function and hormone intelligence – perfect hormone output, balance and sensitivity. These fats get you lean, while also curbing your appetite and preserving muscle because the carbon backbone and that characteristic acid group on the end is what your body uses to form the functional membrane for each and every cell.

This same healthy fat is responsible for delivering age-essential nutrients throughout the body and into the fatty skin layer to preserve complexion. Without it, micronutrients have no way of being carried throughout the body, and are instead eliminated.

When you remove all fat from your diet, you’re denying your body the most important carbon compound. Cell function drops because the integrity and function of your membranes will be lost. Over time, skin begins to look frail, energy plummets and muscles sag because you lack micronutrients. Weight loss may occur but only because of a caloric deficiency, health dissipates because you sacrifice muscle and hormone intelligence. Low fat diets are not safe and effective.

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