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What to do when your doctor tells you that you have high triglycerides

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in life. A great career, family, a good friend or two, a nice house, a slick car and vacations are usually at the top. But gleaming far above any one of these is great health. This fact hit Stan hard when his doctor told him his triglycerides were too high. With high triglycerides, Stan risks obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix that doesn’t require a pharmacy.

Stan has been focusing on work, work and more work. Doing so has left him out of the gym and eating for convenience rather than health. This has caused him to take in more calories than he uses. A high triglyceride (usually anything over 200 mg/dL) level is simply the result of an energy imbalance within your body. Rather than utilize fat and glucose (sugar) to “run on a treadmill,” or “chase your wife around the bedroom,” these molecules run amuck in the blood.

Since metabolism likes to be as tidy as possible, it packages the unused fat and sugar fuel into a storage molecule known as a triglyceride. Once merged, they are stuffed into your belly (adipose tissue), your muscles (makes muscles look soft rather than hard and shredded) and even your liver (fatty liver) as storage.

Triglycerides natural enemy is a hormone known as glucagon. It’s the Loch Ness Monster of hormones because it’s rarely seen. High triglyceride levels are usually accompanied with high insulin (this is the “Oh, please don’t take your shirt off hormone”). Insulin stores fat while smothering glucagon production. Bring it back to the surface (by increasing your hormone intelligence), and glucagon will smash triglycerides, as well as all the medical complications that accompany them.

I told Stan to start following this advice:

First, space your meals out by five hours. This will help insulin simmer down so that your body can produce glucagon. Make sure your meals consist mostly of purified water along with healthy fats like seeds, nuts, grass fed beef, real butter, cod liver oil and avocados as discussed in The AM-PM Fat Loss Discovery Package.

Second, start supplementing with a teaspoon of psyllium husk and about 300mg of alpha-lipoic acid daily. This will slow the absorption of calories and cause your body to speed up sugar metabolism for the overall effect of reversing an energy imbalance.

Finally, start exercising. Either chase your spouse around the bedroom more often, or make it a habit to do my 18-minute total body workout every other day.

Sticking to the plan, Stan’s triglyceride levels dropped from 556 to 172 mg/dL in a matter of 43 days! Side effects included 8 lbs of fat loss (from 173 to 165lbs), a gain in 5 lbs of muscle mass and skyrocketing energy. His wife started looking at him more often too. I suspect there are a few more welcome side effects to come, like increased longevity, which translates into more time with family and friends as well as enjoying an exotic vacation or two.

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