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Winning the War on Cancer: Best Home Cleaning Products

To win the war on cancer, you need to avoid those things that cause it. Start with commonly used household cleaning items.

Problem: If you brush your teeth with common toothpaste, you absorb the toxins sodium lauryl sulfate and fluoride.

Solution: Use toothpaste that doesn’t contain either, like Trader Joe’s All Natural, No Fluoride, Antiplaque Toothpaste.

Problem: Eat a non-organic apple or any other fruit and you can potentially poison yourself with the chemical atrazine (an herbicide).

Solution: Eat organic

“Approximately 75 percent of stream water and about 40 percent of all groundwater samples from agricultural areas tested in an extensive U.S. Geological Survey study contained atrazine.” – Natural Resources Defense Council

“New research on birth defects at extremely low concentrations and documentation of widespread ground- and drinking-water contamination has strengthened the case for banning the toxic compound atrazine, the most commonly used herbicide in the United States. Atrazine is a widely used weed killer that chemically castrates male frogs at extremely low concentrations and is linked to significant human and wildlife health concerns, including endocrine disruption, birth defects, fertility problems, and certain cancers.” – Center for Biological Diversity

Problem: Slather on sunscreen and you expose yourself to cancer causing chemicals known as benzophenones. Benzophenones are chemical building blocks, added to compounds, primarily used by the printing industry, in inks and clear coatings. It is also used to prevent ultraviolet light from causing damage to scents and colors in perfumes and soaps. You don’t need it or want it in anything you put on your body and you especially don’t want to cover the largest organ of your body – your skin – with it.

Solution: Don’t use sunscreens. If you’re going to be in the sun longer than an hour, wear light clothing to cover up or wear UV Skinz (, an active-clothing product that will protect you from harmful sun rays.

Problem: Tap water contains dozens of prescription drug and pesticide residues.

Solution: Find a good carbon filter or reverse osmosis system for your house.

This image shows before and after 6 months of filtering tap water! An important note is that
this is filtered drinking water from Shane’s house, which means that this is exactly what would have been consumed
by the family!

Problem: Bleach, Windex, Comet and Pinesol contain volatile organic compounds that when inhaled are proven to cause asthma and cancer.

Nasty things like Benzene, a solvent and contaminant linked to cancer and male reproductive system toxicity float in your house.

Chloroform, a gas that causes cancer and developmental toxicity will invace the lungs of precious children.

Dibutyl phthalate, an emulsifier known to damage developing male and female reproductive systems will harm mom and dad.

Formaldehyde can slowly poison the whole family.

Solution: Use Seventh Generation cleaning supplies. And for aggressive bathroom cleaning, make your own! Here is The People’s Chemist Safe Cleaning Formula:

You need:

Baking soda
All-natural good liquid soap
Glass jar

Simply pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda into a bowl, and add enough liquid soap to make a texture like frosting, add a dash of water as needed. Start scrubbing the bathroom, wash away with water.

Problem: Antibacterial soap in home and schools contain triclosan, a drug that penetrates skin and disrupts hormone function, leading to CANCER!
Solution: Use the all-natural Zum Bar! Google it. Or find it at Whole Foods.

The chemical threat is growing!

All of these replacements sound simple enough. And The People’s Chemist picks the best ones for you and your family in Secret Health Files!

Toxins are tasteless and many times odorless. Most people have no idea how the family is being poisoned. Put these solutions to work, and you are SAFE!

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