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Gestational Diabetes: The Worst Test for Expecting Moms

A glucose tolerance test is often pushed on expecting moms. It’s designed to measure their ability to process sugar. Moms drink a heavy dose of sickening sweet liquid. Then, their blood sugar (glucose) is monitored. If their levels can’t be held in check by insulin and the cells it activates to chomp up sugar, then gestational diabetes might be the cause.

This form of diabetes simply means that mom’s glucose is not being regulated properly by her hormones. As an outcome, mom and baby can put on excess fat. This may or may not lead to problems during gestation and birth such as having a larger baby than normal, thereby complicating the birthing process.

But the test itself is ridiculous. Currently pregnant with our 4th child, my wife has always refused it without hesitation, along with so many others as shown in Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded. The process itself forces the body to release massive amounts of insulin (remember, a fat storing hormones), among baby too, depending on the trimester. This rush of insulin can cause the sugar eliminating cells of the body to become desensitized, leaving sugar to float aimlessly in the blood. If mom already has gestational diabetes, then the sweet concoction will of course only make it worse. It’s as stupid as giving a problem drinker multiple shots of whiskey to test his tolerance in order to label him an alcoholic.

A better way to measure the risk of gestational diabetes is to simply look at fasting blood sugar levels, glucose in the urine and body fat percentage. If any single one is too high, then it might be a sign of gestational diabetes. A disease of too much sugar and insulin, moms can simply cut all processed sugar and artificial flavors while supplementing with cinnamon and milk thistle as outlined in my book. Additionally, 3 days of exercise per week (see my 18 Minute Workout) is going to be incredibly beneficial. Pregnant women on the verge of diabetes can see their blood sugar normalize in a matter of weeks. No need for prescription insulin or anything else a myopic drug happy doctor might prescribe.

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