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The average organic shopper is totally clueless about the HARMFUL ingredients contained in so-called “organic” chocolate. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar and zero nutrients…you’re better off eating cardboard!  Real chocolate… read more »

It’s not easy to sue Big Pharma.  But, legal firm Baum Hedlund has been doing it for years.  Unfortunately, as pharmaceutical deceit and side-effects grow, it’s getting exponentially more difficult.… read more »

Sheila* is a registered nurse who reached out to me after reading my blog calling out America’s obsession for prescription drugs. Not only is she living young at 82 years… read more »

Diet Pepsi is as oxymoronic as deafening silence.  How many obese customers does it take for the world to realize this?  Diet Pepsi is not healthy.  And surprisingly, one toxic… read more »

A glucose tolerance test is often pushed on expecting moms. It’s designed to measure their ability to process sugar. Moms drink a heavy dose of sickening sweet liquid. Then, their… read more »

My 9 year old son, Blair, was recently grounded from grocery shopping with mom.  Now, he sits with me for an hour doing math challenges, while Lea-Ann shops. Too harsh?… read more »

With prescription drug deaths at an all time high, the college campus is now making it easier for students to get their meds.  Brilliant bozos at Arizona State University recently installed… read more »

Let’s face it.  Plastic sucks.  In addition to putting a choke hold on planet Earth, it’s harmful to an array of animal life, including humans – directly and indirectly.  But,… read more »

For years, I’ve been preaching about medical ghostwriting – where Big Pharma hooks people on dangerous drugs using false data and blatant lies.  Doctors are the targets and patients are… read more »

In response to a recent controversial blog I posted called “Media Left Out Horrifying Facts about Measles Shot,” Joanne, a nurse, emailed me. She wrote: “As a school nurse against… read more »

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