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Let’s face it.  Plastic sucks.  In addition to putting a choke hold on planet Earth, it’s harmful to an array of animal life, including humans – directly and indirectly.  But,… read more »

For years, I’ve been preaching about medical ghostwriting – where Big Pharma hooks people on dangerous drugs using false data and blatant lies.  Doctors are the targets and patients are… read more »

In response to a recent controversial blog I posted called “Media Left Out Horrifying Facts about Measles Shot,” Joanne, a nurse, emailed me. She wrote: “As a school nurse against… read more »

The People’s Chemist outlines the truth about thyroid meds and why they aren’t helping women lose the weight.

The media insists that it’s raining measles and everyone should get the MMR vaccine, made by Merck, to protect themselves. Even Obama has publicly stated, “those who don’t get their… read more »

No matter where you click, an ad for the latest fad diet awaits.  There’s the Paleo Diet, hCG, Jenny Craig, High-Protein, Low-Carb and even more outlandish, the Morning Banana Diet,… read more »

Get ready for the big antidepressant push. In 2015, Big Pharma will continue their tireless push to medicate us all with antidepressants. Don’t fall for the hype. When I worked… read more »

My son, Blair, was competing in the Kids Worlds North American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. I had to be straight with him. Held under the beaming, slanted walls of the Walter… read more »

One individual dies about every five minutes from an “approved” drug – almost three hundred deaths every day, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the… read more »

That’s my wife with our third child, Skyler. They’re at the gym, 90 days from her pregnancy recovery…90 days! She isn’t carrying any more baby weight. She isn’t depressed. She… read more »

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