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Prior to Fukishima, the worst nuclear accident in history occurred at the Chernobyl Power Plant in 1986. And over the years, an astounding survival mechanism has highlighted what scientists have… read more »

Reaction time is everything. Whether you’re a mom making quick family decisions, a student looking to ace the next exam, or a busy professional, reaction time and mental aptitude determine… read more »

Select herbal blends can serve as a “metabolic spark” to our fat burning engine, and therefore provide us with a damn good diet pill. Remember ephedra? It worked. But not… read more »

This guest post is courtesy of HIT Woman extraordinaire, Lea-Ann. If you’re currently taking part in Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT), you’ll enjoy this unique recipe for sustaining and building muscle!… read more »

The People’s Chemist visits Zevia to taste new flavors and learn about their proprietary blends, made with all-natural ingredients.

The People’s Chemist and his book “Over-The-Counter Natural Cures” are featured on FOX 31’s Good Day Colorado anchored by Peggy Bunker. Shane outlines inexpensive herbal remedies to avoid the prescription… read more »

Daybreak on the Deuce host Angie Austin talks about Over-The-Counter Natural Cures with author Shane Ellison. The author explains why your best diet should include safe and natural nutritional supplements.… read more »

The People’s Chemist Interviews UVskinz

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The more sun block you slather on, the greater your risk of cancer. Since its widespread use from 1950 to 1990, deaths from skin cancer have doubled in women and tripled among men! To protect from excess sun exposure, stop using sun block! Learn how to protect your whole family and listen to this candid interview about a husband’s fight with Melanoma…..and how his wife responded with this phenomenal, must-have summer product! You’ll also learn:

Use The People’s Chemist Cardiovascular Repair Kit to Restore and Revitalize Cardiovascular Health Forever! Control Blood Pressure Supercharge Heart Health Smother The Scorching Flames of Cardiovascular Inflammation Bust Unruly Blood… read more »

Pain is a multi-billion dollar industry. And not only do big drug companies (Big Pharma) charge you big bucks for a little relief, they also put your health and longevity… read more »